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Customs Court awards jail term to suspect involved in smuggling case

Customs Court awards jail term to suspect involved in smuggling case

KARACHI: The Customs Court awarded imprisonment for 5 years and Rs10,00,000 fine to suspect namely Nisar Ahmed son of Qadir Bakhsh on plead guilty, who was absconder for a long time in a case of attempting to smuggle non-duty paid huge quantity of foreign origin wine, whisky and beer etc.

On 7 December  2019, court announced verdict on plead guilty application and observed in its order that “sentence should be proportionate to the nature and gravity of crime and it should not be lenient as to make crimes of this nature still lucrative on pleading guilty charge stands proved, I therefore, for forgoing reasons convict him being owner/ beneficiary of smuggled contraband goods for 5 years and fine of Rs10,00,000, if the fine amount is not paid the accused shall suffer for two years more”.

On last date of hearing, above mentioned absconding suspect appeared before the court along with his counsel who moved an application and argued that he was booked in a crime along with other co-accused and all other accused persons accepted their guilt before this court, therefore, he has also appeared for plead guilty, court may be pleased to take lenient view at the time of passing of order upon instant application.

After the hearing, court issued notices to investigation officer of this case and special prosecutor of customs department and directed them to file their comments.

According to the prosecution, Pakistan Maritime Security Agency and officers of customs department intercepted a load laden with 7 crew members and during the physical possession recovered 5,468 bottles wine assorted brand valuing of Rs14,492,000. 23,436 bottles whisky assorted brand and 35,580 cans of beer assorted brand and packing foreign origin valuing of Rs17,790,000.

Failing lawful documents, customs officials had seized all goods along with boat and 7 suspects also were arrested and after the hearing all suspects plead guilty, however, owner of the said launch Nisar Ahmed was absconder.

According to the prosecution, case was registered for violation of under section 2(s) 157 (2) of customs act, 1969 punishable under clause (89) of section 156 (i) ibid read with section 156 (2) of the customs act, 1969 further read with section 3 (1) of imports & export control act, 1950.