Saturday , July 11 2020
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Customs Court approves charge sheet against M/s Hamdan Trading

Customs Court approves charge sheet against M/s Hamdan Trading

KARACHI: The Customs Court approved interim charge sheet against Hayatullah, proprietor of M/s Hamdan Trading who violated the import policy and imported restricted goods comprising used auto parts, EDU toilet perfume, used petrol/diesel engine, etc.

On 12 November 2019, investigation officer of Customs Appraisement West submitted interim charge sheet and informed the court that on an actionable information the consignment of above-mentioned importer was kept under vigilance, since neither any goods declaration was filed nor the container moved to dry port, therefore, examination was conducted by customs officials.

He submitted that during the examination, customs officials found old and 13 used Suzuki pick-up vehicles having engine capacity 660CC in dismantled condition, IO Japan, 66 used 3,4 cylinders petrol/diesel engine with and without gear box, used auto parts comprising self-starter, alternator, shock absorbers and arms, 2351.16 kilograms EDU toilet perfume and body spray of various brand and origin total valuing of Rs18.53 million. Investigation officer stated that the presence of goods not importable/banned under the law of land in such a huge quantity creates question on the intention of the people involved in the import, subsequently, en-route replacement/pilferage of consignments is a known phenomenon and there are a number of prosecution cases filed regarding en-route replacement/ pilferage of transshipment goods.

Considering the nature of the goods found in the consignment, it is evident that the presence of banned, high value and restricted items leads to a strong indication of mensrea on part of the persons involved in importing the goods, so there is a strong to believe that the intentions of the people involved were to replace the goods en-route to its destination i-e Islamabad. He further submitted that above-mentioned suspect is still absconder and will be produced when arrested. After the hearing, court approved charge sheet and issued non-bail able warrants against absconding suspect.