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Customs Court issues NBWs against owner of M/s Accentuate Trading

KARACHI: The Customs Court admitted complaint and issued non-bail able warrants against suspects namely Muhammad Atif Pardesi son of Haji Farooq and Muhammad Faizan Basheer, who were nominated in filing false statement and money laundering involving of Rs1,090,083,647.

On 20 October 2020, during the hearing, court passed an order and observed that “Muhammad Faizan Basheer has been mandate holder in one of the business accounts of the main accused and thus helped and assisted him in his business, and also tax evasion and money laundering, concealment of income & evasion of taxes are predicate offence of this complaint and within the jurisdiction of this court.

The amendment in AML, 1997 whereby two provisions of income tax ordinance are incorporated dated May 14, 2016.

Since, the inquiry has resulted in detection of tax evasion of more than Rs10 million in terms of section 111(1) read with section 192 and 192A, thus prima facie case is made out compliant be registered under section 192, 192A, of the income tax ordinance , read with section 3, 4, 8, 20 & 21 of the AML Act, 2010. The perusal of section of AML Act, 2010 mentions the offence under the act is non-bail able, therefore, the office is directed to issue NBWs against the respondents”.

Earlier, investigation officer submitted complaint and informed the court that during scrutiny of taxpayer registration profile available at FBR-e portal revealed that the above mentioned suspect is registered with corporate tax office (CRTO) Karachi, FBR as a proprietor doing business of M/s Accentuate Trading and also director Karwan e Farzame Ashrafi Pvt Ltd.

He further submitted that suspect did not filed income tax returns for tax year 2013 to 2018 and neither wealth statement under section 116 of the income tax ordinance 2001, and hence no tax has been paid during said tax years, despite huge transactions worth billions in 11 bank accounts.

He argued that in view of facts, this complaint is hereby lodged/filed under section 8, 20 and 21 (1) (2) of the anti-money laundering act, 2010 read with section 155 of the criminal procedure code, 1898 read with section 192, 192A and 203 of the income tax ordinance 2001, in order to protect the public exchequer, the investment of his properties and the above referred bank accounts at para XI as well as properties and bank accounts, if any found during investigation may graciously be ordered by this court for 90  days in terms of section 8 (1) of the anti money laundering act, 2010.

He requested the court to grant permission to investigation in the matter under section 21 (1) &(2) and 22 of the anti-money laundering act, 2010 read with section 155 of the Cr PC, 1898.

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