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Customs Court acquits 4 suspects booked in liquor smuggling case

KARACHI: The Customs Court acquitted suspects namely Riaz Badar, Muhammad Aqeel Khan, Bakar Ali Khan and Shaikh Sajjad Ahmed from charges attempting to smuggle foreign origin liquor and beer into the country under the garb of fruit juices & mineral water by replacing seal and manifest record.

On 2 December 2020, “Customs Today” received a judgment released by customs court, according to the court judgment that in view of findings and after evaluation of evidence adduced by the prosecution, as discussed in arguments, it has been established that the prosecution has miserably failed to prove its case against the theses accused persons beyond and shadow of doubt, therefore, court acquitted abovementioned suspects, however, case be kept on dormant file till the arrest of absconding accused persons.

According the prosecution, a consignment had been imported dated Feb 29, 2012, however, the contrabands have been cross-stuffed container lying in M/s Badarddin Yard since 2007 and during the examination, customs officials found fruit juice & mineral water, Heineken Lager Beers of huge quantity.

After usual investigation callan was submitted before this court against the above mentioend suspects, however, court declared proclaimed offenders to absconding suspects namely Muhamad Safdar, AMal Ismail, Muhammad Younus and Tariq Nadeem.

According to the prosecution, case was registered for violation of section 2 (s) read with sections 156 (2), 157 (2) and 178 of the customs act, 1969 punishable under clause (89) of the section 156 (1) ibid read with section 3 (1) of the import and export control act, 1969.


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