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Customs collects less revenue in 3rd & 4th quarter of FY2019-20 due to Covid-19 : Collector Seema Bokhari

ISLAMABAD: Collectorate of Customs Collector Seema Raza Bokhari has said that the Collectorate is excepting revenue from telecommunication companies due to roll out of 5G during the first quarter of financial year 2020-21.

Talking with Customs Today Seema Raza Bokhari explained reasons for decline of revenue during third (January to March) and fourth quarters (April to June) of financial year 2019-20 adding that Covid-19 was the main reason during January and after the FY2019-20 (3rd and 4th quarters) which caused 17 percent and 39 percent decline in import value while suspension of foreign airlines from major trading countries due to pandemic was also effect on revenue collection.

Answering to a query the Collector said that the main revenue spinners of Collectorate of Customs are telecommunication equipments, pharmaceutical raw material, computer hardware, computer software equipments, cosmetics, auto parts, Pepsi concentrate and food stuff.

ASO Islamabad showed 205 percent increase during FY2019-20 against same correspondence period, to providing details of anti smuggling comparison between FY2019-20 and 2018-19, she said that ASO (anti smuggling organization) seized smuggled goods worth Rs1104.9 million during FY2019-20 while it seized smuggled goods in value of Rs370.3 million during same correspondence period.

During the FY2019-20 the ASO seized 117 offending vehicles (vehicles use for carrying smuggled goods) worth Rs325 million whereas seized 174 numbers of NDP (non duty paid vehicles) in value of Rs936 million adding that total value of smuggled goods was showed 205 percent increase during FY2019-20 against same previous period, the ASO Islamabad chased all the monthly assigned target by FBR (federal board of revenue) during the FY2019-20.

The Collector said that cases run in multiple courts while during FY2019-20 cases were dispose worth Rs55.39 million by Supreme Court while 9 number of cases in value of Rs.93.5 million were disposed in High court.

75 cases worth R.428.58 million were disposed by Appellate Tribunal during the period whereas 51 numbers of cases worth Rs20.97 million  were disposed by the Customs Collector Appeals as well as 584 cases worth Rs2819.39 million cases were disposed by the Collector Adjudication Islamabad.

The Collector MCC Islamabad concluded that the 731 numbers of disposed court cases were decided by different courts during FY 2019-20 adding that those cases provided Rs3417 million of revenue to the national exchequers.



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