Wednesday , September 23 2020
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Customs ASO surpasses assigned revenue target despite lockdown: Collector Seema Bokhari

Customs ASO surpasses assigned revenue target despite lockdown: Collector Seema Bokhari

ISLAMABAD: Collectorate of Customs Collector Seema Raza Bokhari t has said that due to COVID19 the FBR has revised revenue collection target under head of customs duty.

While talking exclusively with Customs Today she said that due to prevailing pandemic of COVID19 situation there is no economic activity shown at Islamabad dry port nor at AFU (Air Freight Unit) situated at NIIA (New Islamabad International Airport), following the current business activity scenario the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) has decided to revised revenue collection target under heads of CD customs duty downward.

Telling the revised revenue target details of CD she said that for the month of May 2020 the Collectorate was previously allocated revenue collection target in worth of Rs939 millions which revised due to COVID19 amounting Rs651.30 million as well as the MCC Islamabad was previously assigned revenue collection target for month of June 2020 under same head above Rs1000 million which revised with amount of Rs859.89 million.

The Collector said that the Anti Smuggling Organization surpassed allocated anti smuggling target for month of April 2020, she added that due to COVID19 situation roads are almost out of activity while lock down is going on, it was hard to meet the assigned anti smuggling revenue target in worth of Rs115 million but the Collectorate surpassed the allocated target with amounting Rs135.438 million.

She said that the ASO (Anti Smuggling Organization) Islamabad under guidance of Chief Collector (North) Asif Jah showed satisfactory performance by seizing NDP vehicles, offending (vehicles use for carrying smuggled goods) and foreign origin cigarettes, Afghan transit hardware goods and many other smuggled goods, she added that the during the month the ASO Islamabad also made a crackdown against gadown located at Rawalpindi and recovered huge quantity of smuggled goods in worth Rs22 million.

Answering to a query she said that ASO Islamabad have use its all available resources to cope with the notorious elements who use their illegal means during likewise circumstances, regarding to ensure safely of ASO squads, she added that the ASO has ordered to ensure all safety measures to make themselves safe by the pandemic COVID-19 during anti smuggling operations, the ASO squads used gloves, masks and sanitizers during interaction with the public..

Telling the performance of the month of April 2020 she said that during month the ASO Islamabad showed good performance, the ASO Islamabad seized 9 number of offending vehicles in worth of Rs.19 million while intercepted and seized 7 numbers of NDP (non duty paid) vehicles in worth of Rs.39 millions, while seized goods and vehicles in total value of Rs.135 million.

Telling the details of seizures and revenue during first 10 month comprises July to April 2020 she said that the ASO Islamabad seized 96 numbers of offending vehicles in worth of Rs.246 million as well as it seized 142 numbers of NDP vehicles in value of Rs.830 million, the Customs Collector MCC Islamabad concluded that the Collectorate will try its level best to perform in better way under any circumstances for purpose to discourage illegal smuggling activities and earning of revenue.