Tuesday , January 26 2021
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Customs Appellate Tribunal orders to release goods after payment of duty & taxes

LAHORE: Customs Appellate Tribunal on Friday settled the appeal filed by Syed Rashid Ali, a resident of Karachi against Collector of Customs Adjudication Customs House Lahore.

Muhammad Shabbir Gujjar, member judicial bench-I heard the arguments and examined the record produced by the parties. The judgment passed on the grounds the appellant will pay the duties and taxes with redemption fine and goods also released to lawful owner.

As per details of case, FIA Gujranwala was detained five passengers along with their luggage and hand carry bags and request the customs to take over the goods recovered from passengers. Goods were seized under the Customs Act 1969.

Adjudication proceeding were culminated and Order-in-Original (ONO) was passed against the importer that importer should pay short paid amount and also penalty.

Being aggrieved with the order, appellant filed the appeal in the Customs Appellate Tribunal on the grounds that order in appeal passed in mechanical fashion and without consideration of facts of case and liable to set aside. On the other side, respondent denied all allegations.

After hearing appeals, Customs Appellate Tribunal has decided the appeal with remarks that appellant should pay duties and taxes with penalty and customs department should release seized laptops, mobile box, eye lenses, eye lenses cleaner, radiators, tabs, bags and other things to its lawful owner.


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