Sunday , March 29 2020
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Customs allows children to carry $1000 only

Customs allows children to carry $1000 only

LAHORE: Pakistan Customs has implemented new strict rules on airports on carrying currency from Pakistan to any other country under export policy and procedure orders of Pakistan.

According to details available to Customs Today Pakistan customs has implemented export policy and procedure order on carrying 11 different things from Pakistan to other countries.

Now after this implementation of rules a child under the age of 5 years call be allowed to carry one thousand dollars while travelling abroad.

During one year that child is allowed to carry 6 thousand dollars. A passenger from age six years to 18 years will be allowed to carry 5 thousand dollars at one time mean he is allowed to carry 30 thousand dollars in one year. Passenger above 18 years can carry 10 thousand dollars one time and he can carry this amount of currency which equaling to 10 thousand dollars 6 times in one year.

It is necessary to mention here that Chief Collector Zeba Hai Azhar has directed all anti-smuggling squads to adopt zero tolerance policy towards smuggling. She directed that anyone who found involved in smuggling should be dealt as per law.