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Customs Adjudication decides 46 seizure cases worth Rs51.011m

Customs Adjudication decides 46 seizure cases worth Rs51.011m

MULTAN,: Customs Adjudication Multan Camp Office decided 46 seizure cases of worth Rs51.011 million during April 2019-20.

According to the details, Customs Adjudication has carried out hearing of different seizure cases for their trial during April 2019-20. Collector adjudication, additional collector and deputy collector conducted trial of these seizure cases according to their authorized power to adjudicate cases as per their rank and amount of duties and taxes involved against in seized goods or vehicles.

These seizure cases were detected by Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation and Multan Anti-Smuggling Organization in their different actions in the jurisdiction.

Deputy Collector Customs Adjudication Abdul Mueed Kanjoo has finalized 31 different seizure cases of worth Rs14.661 million during April.

Deputy Collector decided all seizure case in the favour of Customs after completion of hearing. As many as 24 fresh seizure cases of valuing Rs.14.715 million have been added for trial in the period of April of the on-going economic year 2019-20.

Additional Collector Customs Adjudication Sumaira Umer decided 14 seizure cases which involved revenue of Rs27.350 million for the period of April. The decided case of additional Collector Customs Adjudication includes different smuggled cases of vehicles and other miscellaneous seized goods.

Additional Collector has decided all seizure cases in favour of Customs department after conclusion of trial on the basis of existing evidences. As many as 25 fresh seizure cases of Rs.43 million were added in the court of Additional Collector Customs Adjudication in April for trial.

Collector Customs Adjudication Dr. Ahtar Hussain has finalized only one seizure cases of worth Rs.9 million in the favour of department after completion of trial during April.

As many as 11 various seizure cases of Rs.69.438 million detected by Customs Anti-Smuggling and Customs Intelligence were added for trial in the month of April .