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Custom Adjudication DC issued ONO In favour of customs ASO Faisalabad

FAISALABAD: Customs adjudication Faisalabad Deputy Collector Asma Hameed has issued an Order in Original (ONO) in favour of the Customs Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) Faisalabad.

As per details, ASO Faisalabad has confiscated imported Art silk cloth weighing 590 kilograms which was loaded in a bus. The seizing agency confiscated the smuggled Art silk cloth according to section 16, 18 of the Customs Act 1969 and section of import and export control act 1950 punishable under section 156(1)89 of the Custom Act 1969.

Ajmal khan son of Mera jan appeared before the Deputy Collector and submitted an affidavit to deal this case on behalf of the respondents and submitted a written request to release the seized smuggled cloth on payments of duty and taxes and also submitted written application for summary adjudication. While no one appeared by the seizing agency has no objection on Release. Meanwhile, as the respondents has shown his willingness to pay leviable duty and taxes on the seized items which amount to confession.

Whereas, The adjudication Deputy collector Asmaa Hameed issued ONO in favour of the federal Government under section 156(1)90 of the customs act 1969. The CIF Value as by the seizing agency is less than the bench mark of Rs 1,50,000. However, The option is given under SRO-499(1)/2009 to redeem the cloth in lieu of confiscation on payment of duty taxes leiviable on the cloth plus a redemption fine 20% of the customs value to be appraised by the MCC Faisalabad under relevant customs Law and Rules.

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