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CRTO starts proceedings for recovery of reward amount from 42 officials
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CRTO starts proceedings for recovery of reward amount from 42 officials

KARACHI: The Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue of Corporate Regional Tax Office (CRTO) initiated recovery of reward amount that was sanctioned to the officials beyond authorized approval.

In an official notices issued by Mushtaque Ali Wagan, Additional Commissioner (HQs) asked 42 officers and officials of the CRTO Karachi to deposit the sanctioned amount in government treasury through State Bank of Pakistan or National Bank of Pakistan within two days from the issuance of the letter i.e. June 24, 2020.

The recovery has been initiated after detection that the then Chief Commissioner-IR, CRTO Karachi sanctioned stipend, incentives, awards and allied to the following officers of the CRTO without consultation of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR):

  1. Imran Ali Sheikh, Additional Commissioner-IR, CRTO Karachi
  2. M. Masood Ahmed Gorsi-IR, Additional Commissioner-IR, CRTO, Karachi.
  3. Kashif Hafeez, Additional Commissioner-IR, CRTO, Karachi.
  4. Naseer Ahmed, Additional Commissioner-IR, CRTO, Karachi.
  5. Karim Bukhsh Bughio, Additional Commissioner-IR, CRTO, Karachi.
  6. Ms. Maryam Habib, Additional Commissioner-IR, CRTO, Karachi.
  7. Ms. Uzma Saqib, Additional Commissioner-IR (now CIR), CRTO, Karachi.
  8. Mushtaque Ali, Additional Commissioner-IR, CRTO, Karachi.
  9. Sardar Temur Khan Durrani, Additional Commissioner, IR, CRTO, Karachi.
  10. Mamoon Moazam Khuhwar, Additional Commissioner-IR, CRTO, Karachi.
  11. Muhammad Babar Chohan, Additional Commissioner-IR, CRTO, Karachi.
  12. Tariq Hussain Maitlo, Deputy Commissioner-IR, CRTO, Karachi.
  13. Tarique Aziz, Deputy Commissioner-IR (now ADC), CRTO, Karachi.
  14. Gobind Kumar, Deputy Commissioner-IR, CRTO Karachi.
  15. Mansoor Wisal, Deputy Commissioner-IR, CRTO Karachi.
  16. Ms. Kalpana, Deputy Commissioner-IR, CRTO, Karachi.
  17. Ms. Laila Malik Sher, Deputy Commissioner-IR, CRTO Karachi.
  18. Aminullah Kakar, Deputy Commissioner-IR, CRTO Karachi.
  19. Ms. Rashida Khalil, Deputy Commissioner-IR, CRTO Karachi.
  20. Muhammad Haider, Assistant Commissioner-IR, CRTO Karachi.
  21. Usama Amin, Assistant Commissioner-IR, CRTO Karachi.
  22. Muhammad Naveed, Assistant Commissioner-IR, CRTO Karachi.
  23. Sajid Khan, Assistant Commissioner-IR, CRTO Karachi.
  24. Shahid Nawaz, Assistant Commissioner-IR, CRTO Karachi.
  25. Baqar Ali, Assistant Commissioner-IR, CRTO Karachi.
  26. Masroor Ahmed, Assistant Commissioner-IR, CRTO Karachi.
  27. Darshan Lal, Assistant Commissioner-IR, CRTO Karachi.
  28. Abbas Jan Muhammad, IRO, CRTO Karachi.
  29. Zulfiqar Ali Khokhar, Assistant Director (Audit), CRTO Karachi.
  30. Yousuf Bashir, IRO, CRTO Karachi.
  31. Muhammad Arshad, IRO, CRTO Karachi.
  32. Mukesh Kumar, IRO, CRTO Karachi.
  33. Muhammad Shahid Rehan, Senior Auditor, CRTO Karachi.
  34. Qadeer Ahmed, MIS Officer, CRTO Karachi.
  35. Ahsan Ali Bhutto, APS, CRTO Karachi.
  36. Syed Salman Shah, Inspector-IR, CRTO Karachi.
  37. Muhammad Raza, Inspector-IR, CRTO Karachi.
  38. Ms. Khalida Begum, APS, CRTO Karachi.
  39. Ali Muhammad, Inspector-IR, CRTO Karachi.
  40. Sajid Anwar, Inspector-IR, CRTO Karachi.
  41. Muhammad Daniyal Pervez, Inspector-IR, CRTO Karachi.
  42. Muhammad Amin, Inspector-IR, CRTO Karachi.

The Chief Commissioner of CRTO through a notice issued June 16, 2020 notified that the then chief commissioner sanctioned reward to following officers of CRTO Karachi exceeding value of six salaries:

  1. M. Masood Ahmed Gorsi, Additional Commissioner, Rs2.57 million
  2. Imran Ali Shaikh, Additional Commissioner, Rs930,120
  3. Tarique Aziz, Deputy Commissioner, Rs2.83 million
  4. Ms. Kalpana, Deputy Commissioner, Rs388,900
  5. Mansoor Wisal, Deputy Commissioner, Rs527,000
  6. Zulfiqar Ali Khokhar, Assistant Director (Audit), Rs521.730