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CPEC to become lifeline of national economy: Collector Saeed Akram

KARACHI: Collector, Model Customs Collectorate MCC Gwadar Saeed Akram says China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is fast becoming life line of Pakistan. The size of the CPEC has been increased to more than $55 billion after China agreed to upgrade the main railway line from Karachi to Peshawar at a cost of $8bn. Major portion of CPEC program will be spent on energy projects to ensure Pakistan enters new era in a bright and enlightened environment.

In his message on World Customs Day, the Collector said though the whole of Pakistan and each and every individual of this country will benefit from CPEC many major and less developed areas of Pakistan will be direct beneficiaries of the economic activity generated by this project.

From Khanjerab to Gwadar three main routes will connect the whole of Pakistan to CPEC. These corridors are Western Route, Eastern Route and Central Route. Western route among others may pass through Sust-Gilgit-Batagram-Mansehra-Abbotabad-Kala Bagh Hassn Abdal-D.I.Khan-Zhob-Qilla Saifullah-Quetta-Sorab-Bisma-Hosab-Turbat- and Gwadar. Eastern Route among others is likely to cover Sust-Gilgit-Bataagram-Mansehra-Abbotabad-M2 to Hassan Abdal-Faisalabad-Multan-Sukkar-Shadad Kot-Khuzdar-Basima-Hosab-Turbat- and Gwadar. Multan to Lahore and then M2 is also included in Eastern route. Central Route may find its way, inter alia, from Sust-Gilgit-Batagram-Mansehra-Abbotabad-Hassan Abdal-Mianwali-Layyah-D G Khan-Jacob Abad-Ratho dero-Khuzdar-Basima-Hosab-Turbat- to Gwadar.

These routes are not mere roads linking different cities to the Gwadar Free Zone and deep sea port, they will open new vista of economic opportunities to the locals and others in the region. Many Special Economic Zones and Tax Free Zones can be set up on these routes which will create a number of jobs and give impetus to the much awaited double digit GDP growth of Pakistan. Unfolding of CPEC benefits can reverse the brain drainage of Pakistan i.e., not only those who left Pakistan due to non-availability of job opportunities may return to find this country more lucrative,but also many highly qualified foreigners will reap economic incentives of CPEC.

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