Saturday , December 5 2020
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Consignments facing delays at AFU

Consignments facing delays at AFU

KARACHI: Long procedure and insufficient number of appraisers are causing delays in clearance of consignments at Pakistan Customs’ Air Freight Unit (AFU).

Former Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA) president Tariq Siddiqui said that the purpose to clear imported consignments at AFU was nothing but speedy clearance just to avoid demurrages that escalated the cost of business.
Tariq Siddiqui said if quick clearance was not done, the product cost would increase and the importers would face huge financial losses in case of cancellation of orders. He stated that there was no obstacle in green channel at AFU but the GDs (Goods Declarations) filed at yellow and red channels faced long delay in clearance owing to an additional procedure.
Former KCAA president urged WeBOC Project Director to adopt previous procedure, adding that all the GDs should directly be marked to examiner instead of appraisers as there were only 13 appraisers at AFU.