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Conference to help Qatar companies with business continuity, resilience steps
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Conference to help Qatar companies with business continuity, resilience steps

Companies in Qatar stand to gain from a one-day conference slated later in the year that would focus on integrating capacity building in the country’s business continuity and resilience (BC&R) sector, it was announced yesterday.
The ‘2nd Business Continuity & Resilience Conference’ will kick-off on November 19 in Doha, Qatar Business Continuity Forum chairman and conference president Abdullatif Ali al-Yafei said in a press conference held in the presence of Saud Omar al-Mana and Salah Mohamed al-Jaidah, representing Qatar Businessmen Association (QBA).
According to al-Yafei, this year’s event will delve on the first conference’s recommendations on six areas developed by BC&R specialists: small and medium enterprises (SMEs), cybersecurity, networking, establishing links among BC&R specialists, supply chain, and the role of the governmental sector in supporting business continuity, disaster recovery, and crisis management.
Speaking to Gulf Times on the sidelines of the press conference, al-Yafei said there was a need to integrate a capacity-building component in Qatar’s BC&R sector that focuses on BC&R programmes and risk management plans, as well as the significance of forging relationships and networks among professionals.
“Unlike the first conference, which was dedicated to showcasing current practices and success stories in the Qatari market, the conference’s second edition will focus on integrating international best practices, providing practical methods, and an opportunity to benefit all participants,” he said.
With the theme ‘Towards a Reliable Economy,’ the topics to be discussed during conference’s second edition are based on three main pillars, al-Yafei noted.
“The first pillar relies on providing a real platform for the exchange of experiences and best practices among BC&R specialists. The second pillar revolves around establishing links between BC&R specialists and decision makers in a number of important fields and disciplines based on a ‘Chimney Talk’ format used for the first time in Qatar as a mechanism for discussions and recommendations.
“These fields were selected according to the recommendations made by the participants of the first BC&R conference as vital areas that intersect with, and fall within, several strategic plans to mitigate risks and ensure the continuity of business, namely the supply chain, building and construction materials, and cyber-security.
He added, “The third pillar will focus on building the capacities of BC&R professionals by providing them with training and development opportunities in accordance with the highest international standards, and boosting the number of certified professionals in this field.”