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Collectorate of Adjudication-I seizes vehicle through ONO

Collectorate of Adjudication-I seizes vehicle through ONO

KARACHI: Collectorate of Adjudication-I Collector Syed Shahanshah Hasnain has issued Order-in-Original (ONO) No. 551/2013-14 through which Pakistan Customs has out rightly confiscated a tampered, non-duty paid, smuggled vehicle (Wrangler Jeep) bearing registration No. BF-1339 recovering an amount of Rs 1,961,146 for national exchequer.

The case was constituted by the Regional Office of Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigation-Customs, on 16-12-2013 while the hearing of the case was conducted on 27-03-2014, 18-04-2014 and 22-04-2014.

A team of the Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation, on credible information, intercepted a vehicle Wrangler Jeep, bearing registration No. BF-1339 near National Stadium, at Dalmiya Road on December 12, 2013.

The person driving the vehicle was asked to produce legal import documents regarding lawful possession/import of the said vehicle. In response, he produced a page of Registration Book No. B0274541, issued by the Excise & Taxation Officer Mate Receipt Wing Karachi, showing therein Registration of M-825 Jeep, registered in the name of different person.

As no legal import documents were produced by the person, the Wrangler Jeep bearing Registration No. BF-1339, Chassis No.1J4FY49S0WP721895, Model 1997, was detained for verification of its legitimate importation and payment of duty and taxes.

Subsequently, the staff of the directorate, in order to confirm the legitimate importation of the vehicle, has checked the import status through online access to PRAL, database. Resultantly, it transpired that the particulars of the vehicle were not available in the data of imported vehicles and as such, the said vehicle was not imported into Pakistan, but was smuggled.

In the light of above reported facts, the Collectorate of Adjudication called upon both persons, one driving the vehicle and the one named by him, to show cause as to why seized vehicle may not be confiscated and penal action taken against them under the provision of law.

The hearings of the case were conducted afterwards in the office of the Collector of Adjudication-I.

The Collector in his judgment stated that after examination of the record it was confirmed that the seized vehicle was tempered and there were no import documents showing its legal import and that it was brought into country without duty and taxes in violation of the import policy.

“Charges made in seizure report/show-cause notice stand established. The vehicle in question is, therefore, confiscated out rightly under the provision of laws as mentioned in para-9 above. Department may proceed according to the contravention report. The case is disposed of accordingly,” said Collector Shahnshah Husnain in his statement.