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Collector Saleem issues SOPs for vehicles clearance thru WeBOC

Collector Saleem issues SOPs for vehicles clearance thru WeBOC

KARACHI: The Collector of Model Customs Collectorate of Appraisement (West) Muhammad Saleem has issued Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) for clearance of vehicles through WeBOC system.

The details of SOPs is given as: a dedicated “Document Endorsement and Scanning Cell (DEC) has been established in order to ensure correct implementation of the Trade Policy provisions and to facilitate the importers.

The functions include in clearance the vehicles through WeBOC system are documents called by the AO assessment will be presented in original by the importer and clearing agent for scrutiny by the DEC. AO (DEC) will see the original documents particularly passport, export certificate and undertaking on stamp paper.

After ensuring their correctness, he will endorse the passport and export certificate mentioning thereon the manufacture month and year of the vehicle through the help of manufacturer’s authentic and reliable website. Authentication of the documents will be done with full signatures with name and stamp. Scanned copies of the authenticated documents will be uploaded in the system.

Relevant pages of the passport, showing photo ID of the importer, data of issue and expiry of the passport.  Pages of the passport indicating departure and arrival dates of the passenger are stamped by the immigration authorities.

Original Export Certificate would be duly endorsed with manufacture month andyear applicable ITP/VR and due extent of depreciation. Once the GD has been filed, the Risk Management System (RMS) will decide further course of action whether the GD will go through Red, Yellow or Green channel. Assessing Officer (AO) will constantly monitor his inbox to see the GDs appearing therein for assessment, the AO will immediately undertake initial scrutiny of the declaration and will call the documents (as listed above) through the system from the importer and clearing agent. This document calling message will be flashed to DEC as well to alert the officials for instant action as soon as the importer and clearing agent approaches the cell.

In case an examination of vehicle is required then that will immediately be sent to the Examining Officers (EOs) for examination and report. The AO while checking the declaration made by the importer and clearing agent and to ensure that correct self-assessment of payable duty/taxes has been made, will review the following documents in particular as uploaded and available on the system: passport of the passenger, export certificate to ensure that there is no contravention of Trade Policy and an undertaking on already prescribed format on stamp paper of Rs50/100.

The AO Assessment will prepare an assessment sheet on MS Excel Format for vehicles falling outside fixed duty/taxes regime to ensure that leviable duty/taxes are correctly calculated and paid. This sheet will be handed over to AO (DEC) for uploading in the system with the relevant GD for subsequent audit and review that proper working was done for ensuring correct levy of duty and taxes etc. Once the assessment is completed by the AO/PA/AC/DC, the GD will be transmitted to the importer/clearing for acceptance or otherwise of the assessment done.

In case of acceptance of the assessment finalized by the assessing officers and payment of leviable duty/taxes thereon, the GD shall be marked to the Form-A issuance office (PA shed) and to the Gate Officer for gate-out/release of the vehicle from Customs control. PA (shed) will fill in the Form-A as available on the given template in the system and issue a hard copy in shape of computer printout for release of vehicle from the port/terminal.

Hard copy of Form-A will be produced by the importer/clearing agent to the gate officer for exiting the vehicle from t he port or off-dock terminal, as the case may be. Since a new automated module has been launched for processing and clearance of vehicle through WeBOC, therefore a printout/hardcopy of each processed GD will be taken on daily basis which shall be audited manually by the PA of the Assessment Group to ensure that the assessments made through the system are correct and without any compromise either on revenue leakage or on Trade Policy provision. If required, the PA Group may avail assistance of an assessing officer of the group while doing this desk audit.

This process will continue without an exception for 90days and thereafter it will be done on random basis. Extent of selection of random basis will be determined by the ADC/ Incharge of the Assessment Group. Post Release Verification (PRV) Section shall do the audit on random basis. This process shall be a permanent feature irrespective of the fact whether any post release audit is being done by the concerned group or not.