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Collector Najeeb outlines vehicles clearance process through WeBOC

Collector Najeeb outlines vehicles clearance process through WeBOC

KARACHI: The Model Customs Collectorate of Appraisement-East Collector Najeeb-ur Rehman Abbasi issued an office order notifying the procedure, to be strictly adhered by all those concerned, for the clearance of used vehicles through WeBOC.

The office order dated September 10 directs the online GD should be filed by the clearing agent in the WeBOC system with the complete description of vehicle including any goods stuffed in the vehicle. The assessment of duty/taxes has to be made by on behalf of the importer’s agent under WeBOC system followed by payment prior to filing of the GD. At the time of GD filing the clearing agent is required to color scan and upload the following documents: original bill of lading or in case of surrendered B/L, a copy of delivery order; VIN information from manufacturer/authentic websites indicating Chassis No. and its date of manufacturing; purchase receipt/invoice and any other document which the importer wants to exhibit.

After this, the system will assign the GD to the examining officer to examine the vehicle, verify the Chassis, upload the pictures/images mentioned below and transmit the examination port, containing following information: the pictures/images to be uploaded including make, model and engine capacity; chassis plate indicating type/code and chassis number; odometer showing actual mileage of the vehicle; front/back images of the vehicle; interior images of the vehicle; seat belt stickers; trunk; image of vehicle in full view and images of additional items found during examination.

The vehicles falling outside the regime of fixed duty/taxes will be jointly examined by EO and PA. However, random examination of this category of vehicles will be conducted by AC/DC as well. After uploading the examination report/images, the GD shall be assigned to the assessing officer.

Once the GD is assigned, the assessing officer will call the documents and the GDs will be marked to the Documents Endorsement Cell (DEC) and at the same time the message will also be transmitted to the clearing agent through the WeBOC system.

The clearing agent will bring all the original documents including passport, export registration certificate etc. to the DEC. The AO (DEC) will receive these documents and after due scrutiny will endorse the passport and export certificate mentioning thereon the production date along with applicable depreciation while putting his name, stamp and signatures thereon followed by scanning original passport; front page of passport indicating particulars /photo ID of passport holder (notarized); passport pages indicating departure/arrival stamps by Immigration authorities; passport page showing endorsement by AO-(DEC) regarding clearance of vehicle; original export registration certificate duly endorsed with production date applicable ITP/VR and due depreciation by the AO-(DEC); prescribed undertaking on bond paper on letter head of the clearing agent (notarized).

Once the documents are scrutinized and scanned by the AO (DEC) through his user-ID, the GD will be assigned to the assessing officer who will complete the assessment in the light of declaration and the scanned documents duly endorsed by the AO DCE. While concluding the assessment, the AO will ensure correctness of production date, importability, application of correct value/Valuation Ruling/ITP and admissibility of due depreciation.

All the GDs completed by the AO shall be marked to the Principal Appraiser (PA) for final assessment and out of charge till further orders.

Once the assessment is completed by the PA, the GD will be marked to clearing agent for acceptance or otherwise. If accepted, the GD will simultaneously be marked to the “Form-A Issuance Office (Examining Officer) for issuance of Form-A as well as to “Gate Officer” for gate out/release from the port.

The “Form-A Issuance Officer” (examining officer), through his user-ID will fill in the Form-A, issue print out and provide it to the clearing agent for release from the port.

In case the Off Dock Terminal and KPT, after assessment is completed by the PA, the GD will be marked to the terminal operator for allowing release from out gate and once release is allowed by the terminal operator the GD will be marked to the Gate Officer (PO/SPO, EO as the case may be) for delivery against Form-A issued by the respective examining officer.

In case of PICT, once the GD assessment is completed by the PA, the GD will be marked to the terminal staff at “out gate” for release through EDI message as the delivery of vehicle is containerized and therefore, no Form-A is required.