Thursday , December 3 2020
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Chinese inventors unveil unnervingly human-like robot ‘Jia Jia’

BEIJING: A team of Chinese investors have unveiled an eerily human-like robot that not only closely resembles a living woman, but can also replicate tiny facial expressions to add to the uncanny effect.

The interactive humanoid robot, named Jia Jia, was unveiled at China’s University of Science and Technology last Friday, state news agency Xinhuanet reported.

“Hello everyone, I’m Jia Jia. Welcome,” it told attendees.

Jia Jia also showed off its convincing micro facial expressions, which including nodding, opening and closing its eyes, and glimpsing from side to side.

Inventors spent three years developing Jia Jia’s technology, director Chen Xiaoping told Xinhuanet.

Chen said he hoped further developments would allow Jia Jia to become a “robot goddess”.

In the future, Jia Jia will hopefully be able to cry and laugh, and will also have facial expression recognition to allow for deeper interaction, he said.

The robot will be displayed at China’s International Technology Fair at the end of the week.




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