Thursday , October 29 2020
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CDA asked to focus on better development of G-7 sector markets

ISLAMABAD: A delegation of Traders Welfare Association, G-7/1, Islamabad led by its President Raja Safeer visited Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry and met with Ahmed Hassan Moughal President and Rafat Farid Senior Vice President ICCI to highlight the key issues of the traders of their market. Sheikh Amir Waheed, M. Naveed Malik, Khalid Chaudhry, Muhammad Hussain, Kishwar Sultan, Qamar Shehzad, Ch. Saleem, Waqas Tanveer, Abbasi Hashmi, Umar Farooq and others were also present at the occasion.

Addressing the delegation, Ahmed Hassan Moughal, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry said that G-7 was one of the oldest business sectors of Islamabad, but CDA was not paying due attention to its development. He stressed that CDA should take urgent measures to develop better infrastructure in markets of G-7 sector to facilitate the growth of business activities. He said despite making promises, CDA has not installed filtration plant in G-7/1 Market due to which the traders were deprived of the clean drinking water.

Rafat Farid, Senior Vice President ICCI said G-7/1 market badly needed a public toilet, improved sewerage system and repair of roads & footpaths. He urged that CDA should resolve all these issues in G-7/1 market so that traders could feel facilitated in promoting business activities.

Speaking at the occasion, Raja Safeer, President, Traders Welfare Association, G-7/1, Islamabad said that CDA in collaboration with ICCI had allotted 337 plots in I-10 in 1995 through restricted auction for various trades including auto workshops and steel fabricators in order to shift these businesses from other areas at one place. He stressed that CDA in consultation with ICCI should take measures to shift auto workshops from all other markets of Islamabad to I-10 sector by allotting them plots so that auto workshops could be located at one place. He said that the condition of sanitation work in G-7 Sector was very unsatisfactory and demanded that CDA should focus on improving sanitation arrangements in G-7/1 to keep the market in neat and clean condition.

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