Tuesday , December 10 2019
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CBCM head Waheed Marwat participates in FATF’s important workshop

CBCM head Waheed Marwat participates in FATF’s important workshop

ISLAMABAD: The CBCM head Waheed Marwat along with other LEAs officials participated in a workshop conducted by the international consultants and experts on FATF.

According to details, Waheed Marwat, who is Director of Directorate of Cross Border Currency Movement (CBCM) and focal person from Customs side on FATF (Financial Action Task Force), attended a two day workshop which was conducted by Miss Joe of Canada and Mr. Neick from Australia. Both of presenters had been providing same type of workshops to the Mercious and the Sri Lanka.

The sources added that various officials from different departments comprising NACTA (National Counter Terrorism Authority Pakistan), SBP (State bank of Pakistan), CTD (Counter Terrorism Department), MOF (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Ajlal Khattak Director of IRS (Inland Revenue Service) along with few other governmental officers attended the workshop on subject of “preparing the grey report”.

The outline of this workshop was to decide that how the report of FATF regarding grey list of Pakistan could prepare, adding that the next meeting of FATF will be held in November 2019. In this regard a draft report is under process and will be completed soon. This draft report of said workshop will help present the case of grey listing of Pakistan in FTAF’s next convention.

Talking about CBCM performance, sources told that in its initial 2 months the newly established Directorate has formed a strategy to prevent cash smuggling on airports while proposed installation of scanners on border entrances whereas it has conducted different trainings for Customs staff to understand the importance and functionality of CBCM and the Directorate also trained the staff that how the Customs could follow the new technology to cope up with new trends of smuggling.

The official sources also informed the correspondent that during its initial period the CBCM provided assistance for FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) and Pakistan Customs to coordinate with each other to build a better working environment. The CBCM also worked that how Pakistan could get help from other countries and institutions for enhancement of performance of Customs.