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Man buys 99 iPhones with 2-yr salary to propose girlfriend

BEIJING: With “Singles’ Day” looming in China, one man thought the time was right to tie the knot with his girlfriend, preventing them both from having to participate in any future 11/11 festivities. As a keystone of the young programmer’s marriage proposal were 99 iPhones 6’s placed on the ground and arranged in the form of a heart. The setup ... Read More »

Walmart offers one-day cut price $199 on iPade Mini first generation

NEW YORK: Walmart is offering a one-day deal on the first-generation iPad mini, the company said Friday. For Friday only, online customers who order the iPad mini 16 GB in black/space gray or white/silver can get it for $199 shipped or to be picked up in store. The version is not the latest iPad mini, but rather the non-Retina display ... Read More »

iPhones, iPads and iPod prone to hacking: Researcher

SAN FRANCISCO: The cybersecurity researcher has claimed that hackers could install applications in any Apple gadgets to steal personal information. US-based FireEye maintained that “masque attacks” made possible by a vulnerability in software running iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices posed “much bigger threats” than a recently disclosed WireLurker flaw patched by Apple. “Masque attacks can replace authentic apps, such ... Read More »

China hacker runs Windows 98 on his iPhone 6 Plus

BEIJING: A hacker has successfully installed Microsoft’s Windows 98 on his iPhone 6 Plus, using a game emulator available in the App Store. If you’re an iPhone owner already fed up of iOS 8, the most advanced version of Apple’s mobile operating system yet, there may now be an unlikely alternative. A pro-active member has successfully installed Windows 98 onto ... Read More »

Xiamoi sells record 720,000 Mi Phones in 12 hours on China Singles’ Day

BEIJING: China’s Singles’ Day shopping bonanza kicked off selling worth $2 billion of goods in the first hour of the sale, and passing the $6 billion mark a few hours later. Now, Xiaomi has claimed some impressive numbers that it received halfway through the Singles’ Day sale. Hugo Barra, Vice President, Xiaomi Global in a Google+ post has claimed that ... Read More »

HTC Tablet to be introduced next year

HONG KONG: Taiwanese manufacturer, HTC, after introducing the Google Nexus 9 tablet, is going  to launch another tablet under its own brand next year. According to a Focus Taiwan report, HTC’s CFO, Chang Chia-lin, at an earnings conference call last week revealed company’s plan about HTC brand tablet for next year. Chang also added that company is not shutting doors ... Read More »

Microsoft Lumia 535 to hit shelves in China, Hong Kong, Bangladesh

NEW YORK: Microsoft has launched the first Lumia smart phone called the Microsoft Lumia 535. The new Lumia will be available in two variants – single SIM (with the same name) and dual-SIM, called the Lumia 535 Dual SIM. The handset will be available starting November at an estimated recommended retail price of EUR 110 before taxes and subsidies. The ... Read More »

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 winner Rockstar to promote new game GTA 5 on TV

TOKYO: Rockstar will show the trailer on TV in coming days to promote the new game’s better quality and new additions. Rockstar has sold more than 34 million copies on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 making it the best-selling game since its release and the company plans to capitalize on the success by offering a new version to new-gen console ... Read More »

Samsung to launch Galaxy Note Edge with Super AMOLED display in 22 countries

NEW YORK: The Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung’s ‘limited edition concept’ smartphone will be launched in 22 countries. However, currently it is only available in three markets- Japan, South Korea and the US. According to Sammobile, Samsung will release the Galaxy Note Edge to 22 countries – Australia, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Nepal, Norway, Poland, ... Read More »

Acer introduces first 4K Display , Switch 12 Hybrid laptops

NEW YORK: Acer has launched two new laptops, its first to feature a 4K display – the Aspire V Nitro Black Edition – and the successor to the convertible Aspire Switch 11 laptop – the Aspire Switch 12. The Aspire V Nitro Black Edition with a 15.6-inch 4K display resolution will be available from Amazon, Microsoft, NewEgg and other online ... Read More »

Assassin’s Creed allows players to experience French Revolution

TOKYO: Assassin’s Creed makes its worldwide debut on Nov 11 in the US, allowing players to exercise deadly skills on the streets of Paris during the French Revolution. Assassin’s Creed: Unity is the latest installment of the annual, history-based action franchise from French gaming developer Ubisoft. “I was surprised how realistic it could be,” Ubisoft chief and co-founder Yves Guillemot ... Read More »

Halo 5: Guardians makes debut with Halo: Nightfall

NEW YOKR: “Halo” fans toasted the sci-fi video game franchise, which centers on super-soldier protagonist Master Chief, during a Monday celebration at the Avalon nightclub and theater. The event featured the debut of the “Halo: Nightfall” live-action series and a preview of the multiplayer mode from the upcoming “Halo 5: Guardians” game. “We’re super-excited about tonight,” said Kiki Wolfkill, executive ... Read More »

Facebook Messenger tops 500 million users

NEW YORK: Facebook messenger app has doubled its used to more than 500 million worldwide. Users of the separate Messenger app have more than doubled from 200 million in April, the company said. Facebook had faced a backlash after it announced it would be forcing users to download the app to send private messages to friends over the main Facebook ... Read More »

World of War craft developer Blizzard to come up with Overwatch

TOKYO: Blizzard the best known game developer for the World of War craft, has declared an entirely new game called Overwatch. The game is a team-based shooter that pits squads of six players against each other for control of various maps. The characters that players control all has different superpowers that let them fulfil different roles, such as medic or ... Read More »

world’s first cyborg hears colors across the globe & space through ‘human third eye’ in skull

London: Neil Harbisson has recently revealed that he hears colours with the help of an antenna called “cyborg” fused onto his skull. The implant read colours, including dozens of shades imperceptible to the human eye, and turns them into sound waves that vibrate in his skull. Harbisson was born with a condition that meant he could not see any colours ... Read More »

Microsoft Black Friday deals offer 21 titles for Xbox One

NEW YORK: The first thing on our list today is the Microsoft Black Friday deals. They currently have three offers for Xbox One, two for Xbox 360 and around 21 titles spread across both the platforms: Consoles: Xbox One with Kinect Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle Xbox One Limited Edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Bundle Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Unity ... Read More »

Now, free call is only from Vibers to Viber

NEW YORK: Viber one of the top rated apps of all times on the android play store provides its latest update for free download. In fact the free calling of viber is limited to the extent of users being allowed to make only viber to viber free calls. It has gathered immense popularity over time and has become a mainstream ... Read More »

Apple decides to change controller chip to address iPhone 6 issues

SEOUL: After continuous complaints by the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users, Apple has decided to stop using triple level cell NAND (TLC NAND), which is causing functionality issues with 64GB and 128GB variants of both the handsets. The problem has been cited with the controller IC of the TLC NAND chip. Though TLC can store higher capacity (3 ... Read More »

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 dubbed Project Zero

SEOUL:  Samsung’s next flagship smart phone will be dubbed Galaxy S6 with code named ‘Project Zero’. Now, the latest in the series of leaks suggest that the rumoured Galaxy S6 will feature ‘dual-edged’ display that will be curved on the both (right and left) sides. Notably, Samsung’s first smart phone to feature an ‘edge display’ is the Galaxy Note Edge. ... Read More »

Google offers $25 per person service to store your genetic info

WASHINGTON: Google is offering £25 per person package to store your genetic information online. The firm hopes the service will be popular with hospitals, drug firms and researchers will use the service, taking advantage of Google’s vast servers to compare information and find the cause of disease. ‘We saw biologists moving from studying one genome at a time to studying ... Read More »