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Black seadevil anglerfish shown on a breathtaking video of 2,000ft under sea

LONDON: Recently a black seadevil anglerfish exposed on a wonderful new video that is a extraordinary as it is attractive. This menacing creature found live on tape has been worryingly portrayed in such movies as “Finding Nemo,” but this newest footage of 2,000 feet under the ocean is really a sight to see. News Max reveals that the anglerfish is ... Read More »

Nintendo lists its games including ‘Cyber Deals’ on eShop with 30% discount

NEW YORK: Nintendo has also announced a little sale of its own. On the eShop platforms from Thursday, November 27th at 9 am PT until Tuesday, December 2nd at 8:59 am PT, select first party games and Virtual Console titles will be discounted up to 30% off. The list includes: Wii U The Wonderful 101 Wii Party U Mario & ... Read More »

iPhone 7 to hit market before next Christmas with $849 price tag

NEW YORK: Though the iPhone users have not bored of the Apple’s latest gadget iPhone 6 so far, yet this one of the biggest IT companies is going to release new model of iPhone series. Hopefully, iPhone 7 would hit the limelight across the world before the next Christmas by third quarter of 2015. Having powerful processor, additional features, better ... Read More »

Black Friday deals: Blizzard fans to get ‘World of War Craft’ in just $5

NEW YORK: Blizzard Entertainment is going to offer impressing discounts on its games like “World of War craft,” “Diablo,” and “Star Craft” this Black Friday. First on the list is the multiplayer role playing game “World of War craft.” It is now being sold for $4.99 from its original price of $19.99. The game is only being offered in the ... Read More »

Galaxy Note Edge challenges Galaxy Note 4, gives tough time to iPhone 6 Plus, Nexus 6

NEW YORK: The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge have hit the US market and look at both the models shows Galaxy Note Edge has taken the lead. Samsung is taking a two-pronged approach in its effort to maintain its longstanding title of being the king of phablets. The Galaxy Note 4 and curved display Galaxy Note Edge ... Read More »

Amazon offers HTC One M8, LG G3 in just $0.01 on Black Friday

NEW YORK: Amazon offers  HTC One M8 and the LG G3  in cost just $0.01 with 2-year contract, and the best part is that shoppers will not even have to wait to take advantage of the deal As the company will be offering their Black Friday deals, which started on Friday. Overall, it is by far the best deal on ... Read More »

Advanced Warfare fans experience freezes after installing Patch 1.4 on PlayStation 3

TOKYO: Many of the Advanced Warfare fans have been experiencing horrible freezes on the game after installing Patch 1.4 on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 3. The update, Patch 1.4, was released on November 20 and it claimed to fix the bug that spawned players in spectator mode. That was among other things like proper updating of Ping Bar, adjustments to ... Read More »

Selfie stick made it to Time mag’s list of 25 best inventions of 2014

NEW YORK: The selfie stick that facilitates users capturing a selfie from an angle of their choice by positioning smart phone beyond the arms’ reach has made it to the Time magazine’s list of 25 best inventions of 2014. “Look no further than a recent Pew report, which found that at least a quarter of Americans have shared a selfie ... Read More »

Samsung introduces eye-controlled ‘computer’ for the disabled

SEOUL: Now the disabled people can use computer as one of the biggest IT companies, Samsung, has unveiled a new eye-tracking gadget that can replace a mouse and keyboard. Called EyeCan+, the portable box allows disabled people to write documents or browse the internet by blinking and moving their eyes. Samsung has made the design free and hopes people will ... Read More »

Black Friday deals: Galaxy S5 in $150 & Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in $100

NEW YORK: Users have the scoop on the best T-Mobile Thanksgiving week through Black Friday, weekend and Cyber Monday deals. Where T-Mobile gives great deals is not by the phone price but they offer international data roaming to many countries, free music streaming and free international texting to select countries. Samsung Galaxy S5 $150 Discount Deal The best deal so ... Read More »

Android Lollipop 5.0 SMS bug irritates Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6 users

NEW YORK:  Users running the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop build on the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 handsets complaints that SMS bug is preventing them from sending messages. Notably, Google has now confirmed that the SMS bug is also affecting the new Nexus 6 while a user has claimed that the new Moto X is also having problems with sending ... Read More »

Sour Lollipop – bugs, problems, issues and regressions in Android 5.0

BANGALORE: Early adopters of Google’s latest Android operating system are warning others of problems with the software. Adobe said it had not been aware of this “critical” bug before Tuesday and had escalated it with Google. Android 5.0 – also known as Lollipop – is described as a “quantum leap forward” by Google. It revamps the system’s user interface, offers greater control over ... Read More »

iPhone 6 camera battle with Galaxy Note 4, LG G3, Xperia Z3

LONDON: Battle is on among world’s top smartphones to win against each other with respect to their camera result. Many iPhone 6 enthusiasts believe Apple’s latest handsets are on top of the list but others have some opposite opinion. Apple fans are talking about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus’s cameras, boasting of the excellent shots thanks to their ... Read More »

Grey Goo going to release on Jan 2015

LONDON: New RTS game Grey Goo has announced its release date. The game will be coming on 23rd January 2015. In the meantime, we can be expecting game play videos and live streams. Grey Goo is a real time strategy game in which three factions fight each other in a battle for survival. The game takes place on a planet ... Read More »

Major rivalry between Apple, Samsung firing up in Australia

FRANCE: The massive tech company carries on its rule in the smartphone field due to brand loyalty. The Korean powerhouse, on the other hand, has its own battalion of users in Australia who all remain loyal to its products. Australia is a country divided by politics, sports and even divided by smartphone brand loyalty. Based on the report from Deloitte, ... Read More »

iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: World’s biggest phone war

NEW YORK: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is facing it biggest ever competitor in shape of Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. Smartphone battles won’t get bigger than this. At least for now! Samsung’s Galaxy Note series always ruled the market but now it is challenged by mighty big-screen iPhone 6 Plus. As we said, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is shorter than iPhone ... Read More »

Tangle headphones are easy to carry

LONDON: British designers solve the problem of knot headphone cables with an iPhone case. Designer Josh Shires and James Griffith said that the cases, which produce in Manchester, will be shipped internationally before Christmas As first world problems go, the daily practice of untangling headphone cables is impair on many a music lovers. Designers claim to be able to put ... Read More »

WeChat and Viber face tough competitors MSN and Skype

BEIJING: This is the generation of ‘smartphone holders. Yes we are talking about you. If you are reading this, chances are your smartphone is no further than 3 feet from you and you sometimes hear custom notification alerts for your email, messages and updates even when nothing new came in. In the field of VoIP apps and internet messaging, WeChat and Viber have ... Read More »

iPhone users to get $600 to switch to BlackBerry

TORONTO: BlackBerry is trying a new tactic to lure customers back — by paying them to switch phones. The Waterloo, Ont.-based smartphone maker says it will pay iPhone users as much as $600 to switch to a BlackBerry Passport phone. Canadian iPhone users with iPhone 4s or later makes are eligible for up to $400 in trade-in value, depending on the model of the iPhone, plus a ... Read More »

5G wireless internet to be future of mobile networks

Beijing: The 5G wireless internet is the 5th generation of the mobile networks. It is the successor of the 4G mobile networks that is taking place nowadays. Be aware that 5G networks are not present yet. Researchers are now tighten to anticipating how software-defined mobile networking competence be used to give smartphone users a subsequent era of super-super-fast broadband – 5G. ... Read More »