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New ADB loan

According to newspaper reports, the Asian Development Bank has unveiled a three-year business plan for Pakistan to improve energy, transport, agriculture, water, public sector management, finance and social sectors.With a total outlay of $4.673 billion, at least $3.39billion will be given from regular ordinary capital resources and $1.28 billion from concessional lending. Reports suggest, Pakistan will avail its group ‘B’ ... Read More »

Rising trade deficit

  According to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Pakistan’s trade deficit has increased to $12.1 billion in first four months of the current fiscal year, showing that the government still has to go a long way to keep a balance between exports and imports. The government introduced heavy regulatory duties on a host of goods in October, apparently, to curb imports, ... Read More »

Real state of economy

In a report, the World Bank has depicted bleak picture of the economy of Pakistan, putting the gross external financing requirements of the country at 9 percent of the gross domestic product or $31 billion for the current fiscal year. However, the Ministry of Finance has rejected the report, saying the country’s gross external financing needs are $18 billion during ... Read More »

Trade with partner countries

It is not the first time that trade delegations from various countries are visiting Pakistan and seeking to enhance business to business cooperation with their local counterparts. However, a significant improvement in the trade activities could not be achieved in any form other than that the visiting delegations leave the country with tall claims that they would avail the opportunities ... Read More »

World Bank report on economy

In its a biannual publication on the state of the economy and its future prospects, the World Bank has projected Pakistan’s gross domestic growth rate at 5.5 percent for 2017-18 and 5.8 percent for 2018-19, on the ground that the government will be able to handle political and security risks in the coming years. The bank has projected the growth ... Read More »

Potentials of regional trade

Pakistan has been maintaining its trade relations with India and Afghanistan despite border tension and poor diplomatic relations for the last many years. Kabul is the great beneficiary of Pakistani products which are available in every market of that country. The trade balance is overwhelmingly in favour of Pakistan and the bilateral trade has the potential to bring the volume ... Read More »

Arrival of the Bank of China

According to newspaper reports, the Bank of China has formally begun its operations in Pakistan, which is seen as a step to further speed up the process of trade and economic cooperation between the two countries. Inaugurating the bank, President Mamnoon Hussain expressed the hope that the opening of the bank will not only improve national growth rate, but will ... Read More »

Chinese offer for joint ventures

According to newspaper reports, a visiting Chinese delegation has expressed the desire to launch joint ventures with their Pakistani counter parts to manufacture auto parts and accessories in the country. With increase in the per capita income of individuals and increased purchasing power, the burgeoning auto industry is already doing overtime to meet the growing demand for vehicles in the ... Read More »

Banking on manufacturing sector

According to a report of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the large-scale manufacturing sector has improved its performance during the first two months of the current fiscal year.The growth of the sector shot up to 11.3 percent in two months after posting a 5.7 percent growth last year which was the highest in a decade.The growth in the last fiscal ... Read More »

Potentials of furniture industry

According to an official of the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the local furniture industry has great potential to become one of the best earning sectors in the country. Pakistan has artisans, craftsmen and host of other skilled force to produce best handmade furniture and it has a huge demand in international market. Shortage of cash and ... Read More »

Economic outlook of Pakistan

  In its annual Middle East and Central Asia Regional Economic Outlook report, the International Monetary Fund has suggested the government to boost its exports and economic growth by taking full advantage of the global economic recovery. The report also suggests that bilateral and multilateral trade agreements with partner countries can play an important role in fostering more open trade ... Read More »

Meeting tax collection target

According to the provisional figures compiled by the Federal Board of Revenue, only 580,000 individuals and companies have filed their annual income tax returns by the expiry of an extended deadline. In a situation where tax to GDP ratio in Pakistan is already the lowest in the region, the shrinking tax base should be a matter of concern for the ... Read More »

New World Bank report

In its ‘Doing Business 2018’ report, the World Bank has ranked Pakistan at 147th out of 190 countries, clearly showing the fact that the country lags far behind its regional competitors in attracting foreign direct investment. The government introduced four business reforms in 2017, which are to facilitate the registration of new businesses, transfer of commercial property and promotion of ... Read More »

New rating by Standard & Poor’s

The New York-based rating agency, Standard & Poor’s, has maintained the long and short-term rating of Pakistan at B, with a downward expectation on the external-sector performance. In its latest dossier, the company believes the stable outlook reflects that external and fiscal metrics of the country will not materially deteriorate from their current level. The country’s economic prospects will remain ... Read More »

Issue of budget deficit

The government is confronting the issue of budget deficit which has risen to 5.8 percent of the gross domestic product, indicating that the financial health of the country is returning to the same position as it was in 2013 when the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz took over the office. The budget deficit indicates the financial condition of a country where expenditures ... Read More »

Economy of heavy loans

According to news reports, the debt volume is piling up and has reached an alarming stage. The government has already added new debt of $796.8 million to its portfolio during the first quarter of the current fiscal year while it is ready to borrow another $2 billion to finance the development projects.The government is planning to generate this money by ... Read More »

Rising debt obligations

As foreign debt obligations have reached 162 percent of the annual foreign exchange earnings, the debt servicing capacity of the country has significantly weakened during the last four years. According to former State Bank governor Dr Ishrat Husain, the ratio of liabilities have reached the highest level in one decade, which was equal to 124 percent of the foreign exchange ... Read More »

Issue of food insecurity

As all is not well with the economy, the danger of food insecurity is another pressing issue which is looming large in Pakistan. The country is facing food shortage despite the fact that Pakistan has started producing bumper crops of all major food products and commodities after years of gap. However, economists believe there is a need to invest in ... Read More »

US threats to Pakistan

The tough talks of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson during his brief visit to Pakistan should be an eye-opener for Islamabad which has so far meticulously handled its relations with that country. The threats emanating from Washington since Donald Trump took over as the president has further drifted apart the two countries and in the words of Foreign Minister ... Read More »

Potentials of construction industry

  The construction industry is regarded as the engine of growth for any economy and it plays a significant role in the development of a country. Economists believe the construction industry could have a share of up to 60 percent in gross fixed capital formation if it is fully managed on modern lines. At least 80 industries are directly or ... Read More »