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Pak-China business cooperation

A Chinese government official has urged Pakistani businessmen to benefit from the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone which, according to him, will usher in a new era of business growth and development in the country. China has already opened its industry to the US and European entrepreneurs who have invested billions of dollars in that country. Pakistanis are one of ... Read More »

Depreciation of Pak rupee

According to the media reports, the State Bank of Pakistan is weighing options to ‘adjust’ the currency exchange rate with current market conditions. The government financial managers, including Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, had been resisting the devaluation of the Pakistani rupees for the last four years on the ground that it would pressure the already subdued economy and would open ... Read More »

PM’s unrealistic promises

According to newspaper reports, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has expressed the hope that his government will resolve the issues faced by the industrial sector in the country. He says that being a businessman, he understands there are problems in tax collection system which needs to be resolved to spur industrial growth. The prime minister is right in pointing out ... Read More »

Moody’s new rating for Pakistan

Moody’s Investors Service, a US credit rating agency, has assigned B3 rating to dollar-denominated international bonds issued by the government last month to raise $2.5 billion revenues and bolster the falling foreign exchange reserves of the country. An international bond is considered investment grade if its credit rating is B3 and is likely enough to meet payment obligations. In that ... Read More »

Growing risk of debt trap

According to newspaper reports, Pakistan has been placed in the list of countries which could default on the repayment of external loans. This is the condition of the economy of which Finance Minister Ishaq Dar was bragged of all the way during his term in the office that his financial policies lead to achieving macroeconomic stability in the country. The ... Read More »

Pakistan as trade hub

At a time Pakistan is trying to improve political and business relations with Afghanistan and India, the Asian Development Bank has suggested that Pakistan has the potentials to become a trade hub in the region in the wake of rapid development in several European and Asian countries. On east side of Pakistan, there is a permanent enemy which has been ... Read More »

State of Future Index

A non-governmental organization has conducted a study, covering 30 variables to ascertain the future prospects of the country in next 10 years. The study discusses 30 years trends of improvement and decline, forecasting each variable on the basis of 20 years of past data to again assessed the best possible and the worst possible values in 10 years. The study, ... Read More »

PM’s narrative on economy

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has correctly expressed his apprehensions over political turmoil in the country which he said could cost the nation of foreign investment. However, he said that Pakistan still has the potential to achieve six month growth to its gross domestic product during the current fiscal year until June. The government has already floated international bonds of ... Read More »

Creating bonds market bubble

The government has entered the foreign capital market again this year by floating a five-year Sukuk and a 10-year Euro bond, raising $2.5 billion in one go –at least $1 billion through the Sukuk and $1.5 billion through the Eurobond. The bids received in New York for the two bonds stood at $8 billion though the yields were lower as ... Read More »

Issue of financial management

When a nation mortgages itself to a foreign lender,it will definitely have to be ready to bow to its dictations and that is what is happening in Pakistan’s case. The International Monetary Fund has taken exception to the failure of Islamabad to release a report on the debt management, terming that a regular assessment of the debt structure is important ... Read More »

Economic cost of sit-in

General strikes, protest demonstrations and sit-ins — all bring a host of troubles for the national economy. If the protestors are incognizant of the economic cost of their actions, the government is equally responsible for mishandling the situation at every stage of a protest movement. If the government has the power to kill, it should not necessarily apply it on ... Read More »

Issue of rising trade deficit

According to newspaper reports, the trade deficit has reached $32.6 billion during the current fiscal year, showing an increase of over 36 percent as compared to the last year’s figures. In one year, export volume remained $21 billion whereas imports increased to more than $53 billion.There is no denying the fact that the country lost 20 percent of its exports ... Read More »

Importance of microfinance

Keeping in view the slow industrial activities and rising unemployment among youth, there is a need to highlight the importance of the micro-finance banking in the country.The micro-finance banks have grown their reach in the country but there is also need to grow their capacities and capitalisation to act as partners in business ventures rather than playing the role as ... Read More »

Matter of bad governance

According to newspaper reports, various electricity generation, water, agriculture, transport and social sector projects, which were funded by the Asian Development Bank, have either been placed on watch list or became problematic, revealing a not-so-undisclosed secret of bad governance in Pakistan.Out of $6.7 billion projects, at least $3.6 billion of them are facing problems, maintained the officials who attended one-month-long ... Read More »

Another loan of $500 million

According to newspaper reports, the government is again looking for more loans from international financial institutions and has recently obtained a $500 million loan from the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to stop the foreign currency reserves from slipping to a dangerous level.With acquiring the fresh foreign loan,the total foreign borrowings in the first four months of the current ... Read More »

Managing current account deficit

In a bid to control widening trade and current account deficits, the government has decided to give tax break to the exporters not only to arrest the falling exports, but also increase the export volume by 10 percent by exploring new markets this year. Pakistan exported over $25 billion worth of goods and services abroad during the Pakistan People’s Party ... Read More »

State of economy

According to newspaper reports, Pakistan has been caught in a deadly debt trap as its internal debt has crossed Rs 22trillion mark in the first quarter of the current fiscal year while the external debt have soared up to Rs 6.1 trillion. It is also feared that the budget deficit would cross 6.1 percent of the gross domestic product to ... Read More »

Economy in disarray

As foreign exchange reserves are declining due to rising gap between imports and exports, the total debt liabilities of the country have reached 78.7 percent and gross public debt at 68.1 percent of the gross domestic product. In contrast, the number of taxpayers has decreased significantly as 40 percent companies failed to file their tax returns this year, as a ... Read More »

Increase in FDI

  According to a report issued by the State Bank, the foreign direct investment in the country remained $288 million in October 2017as compared to $115 million in the same month of the previous year. The Chinese share in the investment was $202 million, which came as part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Malaysia came as the second highest investor ... Read More »

Potentials of e-commerce in Pakistan

  According to a report issued by a section of the United Nations, Pakistan is one of the top 10 economies in terms of mobile phone and internet users in the world. The Information Economy Report 2017’ released by the UN Conference on Trade and Development reveals frenzy in the people to go online at a time when many countries ... Read More »