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Trade within D-8 countries

According to newspaper reports, a group of eight developing nations, which include Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh and Egypt, is ready to implement preferential trade agreement from July 1 this year to give impetus to intra-trade activities. The group, formed in 1997, is officially named as D-8 and the proposed treaty will not only increase intra-trade within the ... Read More »

PM’s initiatives to increase exports

According to newspaper reports, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has declared zero-rated tax regime for the export sector from July 1 to help overcome liquidity crunch and bring transparency to the payment procedure of refund claims. The Federal Board of Revenue currently charges tax on raw material whether it is imported or local made. However, once it is established that the ... Read More »

Challenges to national economy

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has depicted a rosy picture of the economy and expressed the government’s resolve to confront the challenges facing the nation. He claims that 22 world financial institutions have projected the country’s economy as stable and the government has brought down the budget deficit from 8.8 percent to 4.3 percent of the gross domestic product. However, many ... Read More »

$50 billion debt bill

According to a report released by Bloomberg, about 42 percent of Pakistan’s outstanding debt is due to mature in 2016. The volume of the debt in dollar terms is roughly $50 billion and this amount is equivalent to the size of Slovenia’s economy. Experts fear the country could default on its debt as the credit default swaps have surged 56 ... Read More »

Business with Iran

There is a huge potential of bilateral trade between Pakistan and Iran as both the countries not only share common history, religion and geography, but also economy and business interests. Iran has endured years of sanctions from the United States and European nations, but now it is ready to join the international community and is opening up a host of ... Read More »

Persistent energy crisis

The country has been in grip of severe energy crisis for the last over three decades, but the successive governments in the office have failed to find real time solution to the problem. As a result, the large-scale manufacturing sector could not be expanded according to its potentials and the entire country is still facing the pinch of load shedding. ... Read More »

Bright prospects of regional trade

A peaceful Afghanistan is in the best interest of Pakistan and the rest of the countries in the region. Trade is correlative with peace but chaotic situation in Afghanistan has not only jeopardized peace in the region, but also in the world. It is unfortunate that Pakistan is always blamed for the situation in Afghanistan whereas in fact foreign powers, ... Read More »

LNG deal with Qatar

  After inordinate indifference and aloofness impassively stretching over the years without any apparent reasons, Pakistan and Qatar have finally warmed up their relations by signing up multi-billion dollar liquefied natural gas deal. The $16 billion deal covers the import of LNG from Qatar for 16 years to meet domestic energy requirements. The presence of the top brass of Pakistan ... Read More »

Investment in people

‘Invest in education and health sectors’ is the message World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim has conveyed to the Pakistani leadership in Islamabad.  According to him, investment in people will make Pakistan a success story in the comity of nations. Pakistan has one of the youngest populations in the world and investment in education and healthcare will enable them ... Read More »

Next tranche of IMF loan

The International Monetary Fund is set to release $497 million to Pakistan as part of a three-year economic bailout package approved in 2013.The donor agency expected the country to introduce reforms in energy sector and get rid of the loss-making public sector organizations. The government had approached the donor agency soon after coming to power for a $6.6 billion bailout ... Read More »

Taxes and economy

According to a report issued by the International Monitory Fund, the country is incurring heavy annual losses due to low tax compliance and under-reporting. As a matter of fact the system of tax collections is based on official decrees whereas an effective implementation on standard operating system is missing. No effort has been made so far to devise a tax ... Read More »

Perils of emerging debt trap

According to newspaper reports, the economic managers of the country are unprepared to face the emerging situation in next few months as the external debts would be touching $70.2 billion mark by the end of the current fiscal year from $66.457 billion in September last year. The International Monitory Fund has warned that Pakistan’s debt-to-GDP ratio will reach 65 percent ... Read More »

Potentials of regional economy

After suffering years of isolation, lifting of sanctions has heralded a new era of economic opportunities in Iran. Despite pressure from Zionists lobbies in the United States and pro-Israel stance of the European nations, Iran is emerging as a new economic power in the region having close economic relations with Russia and the south American countries. China, which is fast ... Read More »

PIA affairs

Like other state-owned organizations, the Pakistan International Airlines has become a white elephant, which is constantly devouring the hard-earned public money and the situation is going from bad to worse with every passing day. The national carrier is technically bankrupt as its liabilities have reportedly crossed Rs 190 billion in 2016 from Rs 42 billion in 2008 while its outstanding ... Read More »

Difficult road to economic development

According to the available data, Pakistan has the fifth largest coal and copper reserves in the world and has the potential to produce 60,000 megawatts of electricity through the Indus River flow alone, but the nation has been facing acute shortage of electricity for the last many years. The government had promised to end energy shortage when it came to ... Read More »

Impact of human rights violations on economy

The terms of good or bad governance only apply when the government has the will and power to implement its writ across the board without giving least consideration to political expediencies. However, every government in the country seems to be marred by conflicts and confusions on every subject matter whether it is the economy, security or even the administrative affairs. ... Read More »

Declining trends in export sector

  The Pakistani exports are falling and the euphoria which gripped officials and business circles of the country two years ago after gaining duty-free access to the EU market has evaporated. The business community blames the government for increasing cost of production as the countries in the region offer the same quality products at low prices. The government holds the ... Read More »

Need to develop soft image

  Mr Carlos Morales, the Spanish ambassador, has correctly analyzed the economic situation of Pakistan and its tarnished image in the comity of nations. He says that Pakistan has all the positive indicators, including young population, big consumers market of 190 million people and vast natural resources, but foreign investors are shy of investing in this country due to its ... Read More »

Corruption – the mother of all evils

According to the latest report of the Transparency International, Pakistan is the only country in the South Asian region that has improved its rank by three points on the Corruption Perceptions Index. At least four countries in the region scored the same or less points as compared to their scores in 2014. There is not point to be proud of ... Read More »

Banking on foreign loans

According to newspaper reports, the International Monetary Fund has told the government to cut its development budget by 27 percent to contain fiscal deficit within limits and even off the revenue shortfall during the current fiscal year. In fiscal terms, the government will have to cut the development budget by Rs1.111 trillion against Rs1.513trillion approved by parliament and four provinces ... Read More »