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Opportunities for foreign investors

According to officials of the Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pakistan is visible on the radar of international investors but still there is long way to go to attract foreign investment. The country is facing political uncertainty, inconsistent economic policies and irrational tax rates. Pakistan is one of the heaviest taxed countries in the world and most of ... Read More »

Economy amid political chaos

The economy of Pakistan is facing various challenges — some of which are self-made and some of the others are inherent. There are external challenges such has constant conspiracies and threats from hostile neighbours on the west and east sides of the country while others are internal, including political brawls within the so-called democratic parties. However, no procedural attempt has ... Read More »

Potentials of Pakistani economy

According to the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, financial and investment conditions are favourable in most of the South Asian economies, including Pakistan, due to accommodative monetary policies, low inflation and rising business confidence in recent years. Pakistan has the potentials to become leading economy of the world, but it has been under-performing since inception. The UN report ... Read More »

Threat of food scarcity

Pakistan is predominantly an agricultural economy with best canal irrigation system in the world and fertile lands, but has been appearing as a major importer of food products in recent years. The international media reports suggest Pakistan is one of the countries which could face food shortage in near future. Pakistan has imported vegetables worth $1.37 billion from China during ... Read More »

Possible risks to economy

As the general elections are approaching fast, the economy of Pakistan could experience a significant decline in its growth rate as, usually; no one in the interim government takes responsibility of the economic affairs. On another note, the International Monetary has expressed concern over widening external and fiscal imbalances, reduction in foreign currency reserves and emerging risks to the financial ... Read More »

Seeking investment from Arab states

The other day, official of the Board of Investment invited Kuwaiti businessmen and entrepreneurs to take full advantages of liberal investment opportunities in Pakistan. The government has enacted laws to protect foreign investment and investors are allowed to repatriate their capital and profits under various schemes. There is no doubt in the notion that the present government is trying to ... Read More »

IMF advice

  A recent advice from the International Monetary Fund for the political parties in Pakistan to develop a broader political consensus among them could be termed interference in the internal affairs of the country, but fact of the matter is that the structural reforms to rationalize tax rates, improve collection system and support public sector enterprises are indispensible in the ... Read More »

Another Chinese loan of $1 billion

In its recent report, the International Monetary Fund has projected the debt servicing requirements of the country at $31.3 billion until 2022-23. After the apprehensions that Pakistan would be listed in the terror financing countries, the government is looking toward Chinese financial institutions to get further loans after mortgaging the national economy to the international financial institutions. A major cause ... Read More »

Rising trade deficit

According to newspaper reports, trade deficit has crossed $18 billion in six months of the current fiscal year due to increase in imports, showing a bitter fact that depreciation of rupee has left no better impact on the national economy. The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics suggests imports remained more than 25 percent higher in rupee terms in January 2018 than ... Read More »

Grey list’ dilemma

Miftah Ismail, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance, has claimed that the decision of the Financial Action Task Force to put Pakistan on ‘grey list’ will have little impact on the national economy, but the organization has violated its own rules and procedures under the pressure of the United States. The adviser confirmed Pakistan would be placed on the ... Read More »

Current outlook of economy

According to Moody’s Investors Service, the outlook Pakistan’s financial sector will remain B3 (stable) for the next one and half years due to accelerated economic progress, stable funding, large holdings of low-rated government bonds by banks, modest capital levels and high asset risks. However, despite positive indicators from various sectors, the economy will remains susceptible to political instability while risk ... Read More »

Investment facilities need of hour

Pakistan’s real estate sector has the potential to push the country into the list of first world nations. The country not only can become the Asian economic tiger within a few years but also the world economic power. The government only has to bring a paradigm shift in its economic policies, especially its policies with regard to the real estate ... Read More »

Another amnesty scheme

The financial system of the country is on uneven trajectory as the process of making and breaking is going on unabated since inception. If a scheme is introduced for one term, it is rejected in another term by another team of financial managers. As a result, a practical system to fix taxes and duties as well as a mechanism of ... Read More »

WTO moot in New Delhi

At a time the Indian army is committing daily violations of the peace agreement by continuous shelling on the Line of Control, New Delhi has invited Pakistan to attend a ministerial conference of the World Trade Organization scheduled to be held in March to iron out disagreements on subsidies and duties on fisheries and other commercial goods. Since the Bhartiya ... Read More »

Politicians should focus on economy

  Economic woes of the country are growing, but three major political parties are sparring with one another on every non-issue rather than spelling out their respective programmes and manifestoes ahead of the general elections. The next general elections are round the corner and the political parties should have been busy in homework and should have informed the people about ... Read More »

Investment in real estate sector

The government has been apparently fighting tooth to nail for the last few years to discourage investment in the real estate sector. According to official circles, involvement of corrupt money in the real estate sector has not only provided a safe passage to the crook and dishonest elements to avoid the law but also disturbed the balance of property prices ... Read More »

Poor ranking of Pakistan in CPI

Transparency International has ranked Pakistan at 117th on the global Corruption Perceptions Index 2017 out of 180 nations. The worldwide ranking is based on the level of perceived public sector corruption in Pakistan and the government’s failure to curb financial misconduct. The country showed no improvement in its ranking of 2016 when it was placed at 116th out of 176 ... Read More »

Challenges to economy

According to Country Director of the World Bank, Pakistan could face serious challenges to its economy in next decade due to lack of consensus on political issues. The official also praised the government for depreciation of rupee against dollar and recommended more flexibility in the exchange rate to move in the desired direction. Unfortunately, the policymakers in this country are ... Read More »

Corruption in provincial departments

The Auditor General of Pakistan has detected irregularities of around Rs 300 billion in financial record of the Punjab government for the year 2015-16, smashing all the hopes of transparency in the official business and narratives and rhetoric of the chief minister that corruption has been banished from the province. In its report on the accounts of the Punjab government ... Read More »

Rising economic problems

As the Financial Action Task Force, a world anti-money-laundering watchdog, has started discussing proposals to put Pakistan on a list of countries which have failed to prevent terrorist financing, the economy of the country has already been showing bleak performance during the last four years of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government. The watchdog was founded in 1989 to combat money ... Read More »