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Proposed package for agriculture sector

The federal government is likely to announce a package for the agriculture sector to reduce the input costs and enhance exports. According to Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal, the agriculture sector is in crisis but the farmers in many other countries, including in India and Thailand, are also facing tough conditions due to crash of commodity prices in ... Read More »

New look of economy

Whether under a democratic government or a military set up, most of the economic policies faltered during the implementation stage or proved to be failure at the end. The pressing question is that who is in charge of the administrative, economic and financial affairs of the country in any government as no one has ever been held responsible for the ... Read More »

Need to manage water economy

A report from the World Bank sees water scarcity as the biggest threat to several countries in the world, including Pakistan and India by 2050. The worst impact of the climate change could appear in the shape of water scarcity, putting various economies in negative zones, slashing six percent growth in the gross domestic product. Experts hold the rising volume ... Read More »

On the path of modest recovery

  According to a World Bank report, Pakistan will continue to travel on a modest recovery path and is expected to raise its gross domestic product by 4.8 percent in 2017. The government has tried to restore economic stability but much of the credit goes to low oil prices in the international market and strong remittances sent by Pakistani diaspora ... Read More »

Looking beyond Central Asia

Pakistan is ready to become part of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a Eurasian political, economic and military organization, during its forthcoming summit in Tashkent next month. Ironically, India is also going to be accepted into its fold after years of deliberations and reluctance by the SCO member states that the two arch rivals will bring their bilateral conflicts to the ... Read More »

Real state of economy

The available data about the state of economy never been reliable in the country and documentation of the economy still remained a far dream. As a whole, business and industry are none issues for the political elite and increase in the gross domestic product is the outcome of independent market forces without any active participation of the government in the ... Read More »

Odyssey towards Corporatisation

  The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan has taken a right steps in the right direction for the documentation of the national economy as it is going to decrease the amount of fee for the formation of a company and filing of returns under the Sixth Schedule to the Companies Ordinance, 1984. According to a statutory regulatory order, the ... Read More »

Long-term goals, short-term failures

The recent drone strike may have political or military successes for the United States, but it has thrown the Pakistani nation into pessimism where economic prosperity is still a dream and foreign direct investment is minimal. No investor in the world will like to put his money in a war zone or in an unstable region. The only hope for ... Read More »

Bleak performance of agriculture sector

As the annual federal budget is due to be announced in the first week of June, a formal outlook of the economy shows that the government has achieved a blend of successes and failures during the year. The economic indicators show that the government has failed to achieve a growth target of 5.5 percent to its gross domestic product during ... Read More »

Attracting foreign investment

The National Assembly has approved new legislation to attract investment and create business friendly environment in the country. The Economic Zones (Amendment), Bill 2016 is aimed at setting up Special Economic Zones across the country, providing industrial infrastructure and facilitating domestic and foreign investors to participate in the manufacturing sector of Pakistan. The offer entails special exemptions and incentives leading ... Read More »

Electricity crisis

There is no letup in the electricity woes of the country despite the present government has consumed over three years of its tenure. The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz come to power on the slogan that it will improve economy and end load shedding.The party leaders have now declared that the menus of load shedding will end in 2018 which is also ... Read More »

What next after tax amnesty scheme

The much-hyped tax amnesty scheme launched by the government to broaden tax net received mixed response from potential taxpayers. The genuine taxpayers criticize the scheme on the ground that it is an attempt to whiten black money and insult to those who regularly file their tax returns. But those who favour the scheme count its success as 9,000 returns have ... Read More »

Potentials of IT sector

  Pakistan has robust IT sector and it is not growing with every passing day, but every passing moment. However, the government brain is not ready to accept it as the future of this nation.The information technology should not be considered mere a science, but economy which can transfigure everything in this part of the land. English so far had ... Read More »

Taxes and economy

According to newspaper reports, the government is determined to raise additional revenues during the next fiscal year by increasing sales tax on the consumer items, including textile, leather, carpets, sports and surgical goods in the country. This proposal is in stark contrast of the vision of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who wants zero-rating tax status to the export sector in ... Read More »

Implications of economic relations with US

  The United States is the classic example of market and corporate economy which has survived shocks and aftershocks in every contour of the bumpy road of capitalism. On the other hand, the communist economy collapsed just in 70 years after its establishment and the countries under its influence have either been disengaged or have adopted capitalism as the only ... Read More »

Textile sector needs attention

Pakistan is one of the leading cotton producing countries in the region, but Bangladesh is leading garment exporter in the world due to its understanding and close liaison with the European Union. When Pakistan could export apparels worth $4.2 billion to European Union with a market share of only 1.2 percent in fiscal year 2014-15, Bangladeshi exports to the European ... Read More »

Matter of industrial zones along CPEC

  The China Pakistan Economic Corridor is the unprecedented gift of modern diplomacy and friendship, a policy which Islamabad had been pursuing for years. However, the government needs to keep balance in relations and should not compromise on honor and dignity of the nation at any stage of its negotiations with Beijing. According to newspaper reports, Pakistan seeks Chinese help ... Read More »

Women and challenges to economy

  Woman make up over half of the country’s population, but their participation in the economic activities is less than 25 percent and that is the point raised by a World Bank official the other day. According to him, Pakistan lags far behind its peers in the region and it will have to bring more women into the services sector ... Read More »

Refusing to reform agriculture economy

Pakistan is agrarian economy by default and major sources of gross domestic product in the country. The exports of value added goods such as textile, leather and sports goods are also have agricultural background, but this vital sector needs structural reforms, modern infrastructure and technological assistance. A vast area of the country still remains untapped and the potentials of fertile ... Read More »

Declining leather exports

The leather sector is the most efficient foreign exchange earner of the country after textile sector, but the government seemed unaware of the fact that the leather exports have been declining for the last three years. The government policymakers often run out of options in quest for bringing positive changes in the economic outlook as they run after myths and ... Read More »