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Business unusual

  A positive decree by a government can spur economic activities with no time and a negative directive can shut down businesses across the country, causing billions of rupees losses to the national exchequer just in one day. In Pakistan, a businessman starts his struggle from the beginning and fights on many fronts to the end to protect himself not ... Read More »

Implications of foreign loans

Pakistan has recently signed a $1billion economic package with World Bank, got over $500 million tranche from the International Monetary Fund and received $ 600 million from Asian Development Bank under a loan programme. The total amount received only from these three institutions is over $2 billion, but there is no detail of spending is available with the government or ... Read More »

Beware of threats to CPEC

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a project of vital importance and is probably the last hope for the nation to achieve the cherished goal of prosperity, but concerns are raised by some quarters on the slow pace of development work and on rumours that energy projects worth $7 billion will be cancelled. However, Ahsan Iqbal, the minister for planning and ... Read More »

Govt needs to resolve three issues

In its latest report on the market shocks in Asia-Pacific region due to Britain’s exit from the European Union, the Asian Development Bank has highlighted three main issues confronting the Pakistani economy. The report says that stability will prevail during 2016-17 in the developing economies of the Asia and Pacific region but Pakistan will have to improve energy supply, attract ... Read More »

Real estate conundrum

The change of rules for property valuation has severely affected the real estate sector in the country since July 1. All the activities in the property business have come to a grinding halt and prices of real estate have started falling in major cities, including Lahore and Karachi. In his budget speech, the finance minister had announced that the valuers ... Read More »

Problem of declining exports

According to newspaper reports, Pakistan’s exports have dropped by 12.11 percent in three years from $24.5 billion in 2012-13 to $20.8 billion in 2015-16. Unfortunately, the process of decline started since the new government took over in 2012. The exports stood at around $23.6 billion during the second year of the government in the office. In March this year, the ... Read More »

Potentials of Pak, Iran trade

  The current volume of trade between Pakistan and Iran, which had once crossed $1 billion mark, has come down to $270 million due to unclear government policies, unavoidable regional irritants and international sanctions on Tehran due to its alleged nuclear programme. Iran is Pakistan’s immediate neighbour with robust industry and vibrant economy despite sanctions. Iran is also one of ... Read More »

Piling up loans

  According to newspaper reports, the volume of domestic and foreign loan has reached Rs 21,550 billion with foreign debts standing at Rs 7,000 billion since the present government took up the reins of the country. According to newspaper reports, the volume of debt reached Rs 14,318 billion in 2013 which has now soured to Rs 21,550 billion. The State ... Read More »

Crumbling real estate business

The United Arab Emirates sold property worth $6.81 to foreign buyers during the first five months of the current year and Pakistanis are among the top five nationals who heavily invested in the Dubai property market. On another note, the new rules of the State Bank have allegedly made the real estate business dead in Pakistan. The dust of offshore ... Read More »

Inequality and economic growth

As many nations of the world are racing against time to achieve economic development, the specter of poverty still haunts many of them, including Pakistan. According to a report published by the World Bank showing the poverty and inequality statistics, the Gini coefficient for Pakistan has fallen. The Gini coefficient, Gini ratio or a normalized Gini index is a measure ... Read More »

Pakistan and global economic recovery

According to news reports, ministers from top 20 economies of the world have decided to work in coordination to boost sluggish global trade, fearing that anti-dumping policies adopted by many governments have come as hurdle in the global economic recovery. The G20 is a group of 19 individual countries, including China, France, Germany and India along with the European Union. ... Read More »

Electricity shortage and reforms

The clamorous rhetoric by the government ministers that energy crisis will be resolved within specified time could not provide fuel to electricity generation efforts. But a recent report by International Monetary Fund has revived the hopes that energy situation will improve provided the government continues to maintain the current pace of reforms. Before endorsing the 11th review of a three-year ... Read More »

Brexit effects on economy

Britain is one of the largest source of foreign remittances for Pakistan after Middle East. Thousands of individuals are dual nationals of Pakistan and Britain and they send millions of dollars remittances to support their families back home while hundreds of British firms are engaged in business in Pakistan. The British exit from the European Union after referendum will definitely ... Read More »

Pakistani wealth in Swiss banks

According to the latest data released by the Swiss National Bank, Pakistanis have stashed 1.5 billion francs in Swiss banks which shows a 16 percent rise in the deposits since 2015. However, the total Pakistan related funds stood at a record high level of 3.43 billion francs in 2001, which has now come down by half since then. On another ... Read More »

Issue of WHT still haunts banking sector

The negative effects of the government decision to impose withholding tax on financial transactions have started appearing on the banking industry as the process of bank deposits have been slowing down since the scheme started during the previous financial year. The business community also resisted the scheme and started using other mods of payment when failed to convince the government ... Read More »

Tax exemptions for IT industry

The government has extended tax exemptions for another three years to boost information technology sector in the country. The step is taken at a time when every sector of the economy is under pressure due to various reasons. Pakistan has robust IT industry. Hundreds of thousands of young professionals are engaged in the business and earning billions of dollars foreign ... Read More »

Need to improve logistics performance

  According to the latest World Bank report, Pakistan is one of the lower-middle income countries in the list of global Logistics Performance Index (LPI) which does not spend much to improve infrastructure. The bi-annual report places Pakistan at 68 against India at 35, showing slow improvement in logistic performance. Against Pakistan’s ranking at 68 in the report ‘Connecting to ... Read More »

Business with Iran

Iran is emerging as new economic power in the region and is expecting foreign investments of up to $185 billion in its oil and gas sector in coming years. Pakistan has signed gas pipeline dealt with Iran, India is investing in Chabahar port and China wants its share of business in that country by connecting with new Silk Road. Wary ... Read More »

New world economic order

The world economic orders is gradually taking a new shape after British exit from the European Union and Iran’s entry into the international market. As the second half of the current decade has started, politico-economic changes are inevitable, creating new business opportunities for some nations and posing grave challenges for the others. According to newspaper reports, the banks in various ... Read More »

Impact of Britain’s exit from EU

The shock wave of Britain’s exit from the European Union has been felt across the globe, as stock markets in various countries, including Pakistan and the United States, have tumbled, British pound has reached its lowest values in 31 years and fear of political uncertainty has rattled the financial capital of many countries around the world. According to experts, the ... Read More »