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Need to exercise prudence in implementation of law

When law takes its course, it doesn’t see who is the suspect and tries to bring everything to its logical end. A law is always tough and the authorities need to exercise prudence at every stage of its implementation. But this aspect of law is hardly taken into consideration when it comes to Pakistan. You cannot implement and enforce a ... Read More »

Need to boost Pak-Iran trade

  The world is exploring new business opportunities in Iran after lifting of decades old sanctions on that country. However, the Pakistani government and businessmen are still groping in the dark as if it is possible to revive and strengthen business and trade relations with Tehran or not. Iran has advanced cottage industry and Iranian oil is cheap and accessible ... Read More »

Slump in real estate sector

Out of 18,000 real estate developers, at least 16,000 of them have reportedly packed up their businesses in posh localities and have flown to other countries of the world to explore new investment opportunities. A journey of investment which started over a decade ago with real estate bubble has turned into a real estate disaster. There is no doubt the ... Read More »

Bumpy road of interest-free economy

At a time several world economies are considering adopting interest-free banking system to streamline their finances, the Pakistani government is still in a quandary to support a draft bill aimed at doing away with the interest-based economy in the country. There is no place of interest, markup or riba in the Islamic economy, but expediencies always come as impediments to ... Read More »

Shelving textile city

  Once a foreign economist had remarked that Pakistanis are poor by choice and not by destiny and that is true to some extent. The main regulator of any business is the government, but in Pakistan, it is some time on and some time off, leaving the business organizations in a state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do ... Read More »

Making better use of FTAs

  The government is proactive in signing free trade agreements with various countries but without any positive results at the end. There is a long list of FTAs the successive governments in Pakistan have signed with potential trade partners over the years, but the country’s exports could not be picked up at the minimum standard level. So is the case ... Read More »

Capital flight

According to newspaper reports, Pakistanis injected $490 million in the real estate market of the United Arab Emirates during the last two and half years, out of which an amount of around $81 million was spent during the last six months alone. Dubai real estate market has emerged as attractive destination for investors from all over the world, including for ... Read More »

Priority of regional trade

Regional trade is a priority all over the world whether it is the European Union, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations or Commonwealth of Independent States, but unfortunately it is not priority in the SAARC region. India is also the ASEAN member but responsible for rendering the South Asian forum ineffective due to its rigid economic and political policies. The ... Read More »

Issue of economic long march

As the national economy is waiting for urgent steps for the resolution of various pressing issues, Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms Ahsan Iqbal is ready to embark on an economic long march from August 11 to mark the successful completion of the second year of the government’s 10-year Vision 2025 programme. Three major issues are confronting the economy. ... Read More »

Final review of IMF loan

  Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has brushed aside the idea of another loan programme with the International Monetary Fund which has cleared a final payment of $102 million tranche to Pakistan as part of a $6.4 billion three-year extended facility plan started in 2013. According to the prime minister, the country is ready to move forward without any further support. ... Read More »

Meagre trade share in global market

According to newspaper reports, the share of Pakistan’s trade in the global market has increased by 5.48 percent during the last five years and it will further increase after completion of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and stimulation of economic activities due to regional trade arrangements. However, given the situation in which the exports are falling, industry is under pressure and ... Read More »

Threat to construction industry

If the Federal Board of Revenue is entrusted with authority to make property valuation rates across 16 cities of the country, an independent entity appointed by the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan will now decide how a project launched by a builder will progress. The new property evaluation rules will provide a new base for the collection of withholding ... Read More »

Manufacturing of mobile phones

  According to newspaper reports, the country’s mobile phone imports have registered an increase of 4.23 percent to $753 million during 2015-16 as compared to $722million during the same period of the previous year. However, the overall telecom imports are recorded at $1.365 billion in 2015-16 as compared to $1.377 billion during the same period of the previous year. The ... Read More »

Real estate sector

The government is apparently working in full gear to infringe upon every sector of the economy these days instead of supporting the business and trade activities to enhance its revenue through taxes and duties. The pathetic part of the situation is that it is trying to fix the scheme of things through bureaucratic manners and spoil the broth. As it ... Read More »

Question of debt payment

According to the media reports, out of a total of $120 billion foreign debt, Pakistan has to return around 42 percent of it or $50 billion this year to avoid reaching a stage of default. The foreign exchange reserves have reached $23 billion and $8.5 billion will go in debt servicing between July and September this year. To overcome the ... Read More »

Investment in telecom sector

Pakistan is one of the leading countries in the world with highest per capital mobile phones and its telecom and mobile phone market is growing with the passage of time. The country offers great opportunities for investment and telecom remained the leading sector which attracted billions of dollars investment over the years in the past. This earning sector had been ... Read More »

Leather sector woes

  According to the Pakistan Tanners Association, leather exports have dropped by 26 percent during the fiscal year 2015-16 while exports of apparel and clothing fell by 12.36 percent, leather gloves by 11.44 percent and footwear by 18.84 percent during the period. The statistics show that the output of leather industry dropped by 1.02 percent during the first three months ... Read More »

Challenges to real estate sector

The real estate sector has been under pressure since the government changed the rules of business earlier this month. Pakistan has vibrant real estate market, especially in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad but sudden decision of the government to ascertain property prices through the valuers appointed by the State Bank of Pakistan has faltered the rally half way. The government had ... Read More »

Need to woo foreign investors

The government is trying its best to woo foreign investors as tremendous opportunities are available in business, trade and industrial sectors. The stock market of the country is robust and various international organizations have labeled Pakistan as emerging market. The Pakistani stock market has been showing one of the best performance in South Asia and even better than China. The ... Read More »

A case of missed priorities

According to newspaper reports, the government could not meet most of its targets which the ruling party, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, had set in its election manifesto and it has even ignored the agenda of its reforms for economic development of the country. Some experts believe the party has lost its tempo and changed its priorities a few months after taking ... Read More »