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Moody’s new positive rating of Pakistan’s economy

In its latest report, Moody’s Investors Service hopes the Pakistani banks will continue to benefit from a stable deposit base, high liquidity buffers and an accelerating economic growth under the extended facility program of the International Monetary Fund within the next one and half years. The rating agency, maintaining its stable outlook of the Pakistani banking system, expects the economy ... Read More »

Investors deserve encouragement

Only investment is the answer to the sagging economy of the country, but it is only possible when Pakistan is turned into a tax haven rather than a tax hell. The country ranks 138th in the ease doing business index and 122nd difficult country to start a business. Taxes play major role in attracting local or foreign investment and only ... Read More »

Kashmir to affect Pak-Indian economies

  At a time the South Asia economies are struggling to cope with chaos and crisis, the Indian government has started war hysteria in the region, causing disappointment for the potential investors as well as for the international community. There are 466 million people in India who are living below the poverty line and over 600 million do not have ... Read More »

Economy in isolation

According to newspaper reports, two international lending agencies, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, have projected mixed and probably confusing forecast about the economy of Pakistan. The country’s economy has recently suddenly lost its tempo, hindering not only its industrial growth, but also business, trade and investment. The lending agencies hope the rate of the country’s gross domestic ... Read More »

Specter of debt servicing

As Pakistan has completed its $6.64 billion extended facility programme after receiving last tranche of around $100 billion from the International Monetary Fund, the total foreign debts have reached $73 billion mark. With signs of economic recovery fading out, rising trade deficit and declining exports, the country is braving for the crisis of debt servicing. According to experts, the rising ... Read More »

Real estate and housing sector woes

Is there any hope that the property prices will return to normal in coming days is big question facing the real estate sector nowadays. The real estate market was plunged into recession after the government introduced withholding and capital gain taxes in the federal budget on the sale and purchase of land in major cities of the country. The real ... Read More »

Potentials of textile sector

The share of textile sector is 55 percent in the gross domestic product even its potentials are not fully utilized. According to economists, Pakistan has the potential to exploit human and natural resources in the country, but little attention has been given to stimulate the economy. An ordinary citizen has the knowledge and knowhow about the direction and progress of ... Read More »

Myth of surgical strike and economy

India is passing through a national psychological disorder as it has claimed a surgical strike on Pakistani territory adding fuel to fire in an already tense situation in the South Asian region. Indian stock market has crashed and billions of dollars have been washed away from its economy in one day. Despite having vast human and natural resources, South Asia ... Read More »

Real state of economy

According to newspaper reports,the Asian Development Bank has project that the economy of Pakistan will grow by 5.2 percent during 2016-17 as the government will be able to further improve energy supply as well as the law and order in the country.The bank, in its ‘Asian Development Outlook 2016 Update’, also warns about the challenges the country is facing in ... Read More »

Poor record at global competitiveness

Pakistan’s exports are falling and the organizations, especially Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, which is responsible to improve exports,stands at 135th among 138 countries of the world in the Global Competitiveness Report 2016-17. According to newspaper reports, the Global Competitiveness Report issued by the World Economic Forum shows that Pakistan’s rank has risen by four places up at 122nd, but ... Read More »

Need to exploit mining sector

  It is very strange that foreign donor agencies are taking interest in the mining sector of the country which has so failed to exploit huge mineral deposits in its soil. According to newspaper reports, the Asian Development Bank is going to offer Pakistan a roadmap to attract local and foreign investment in the mining sector. The bank is in ... Read More »

Free fall of exports

The time has come the government should seriously consider the causes of the declining exports. Pakistan’s exports stood at $25.11 billion in 2014 and $23.9 billion in 2015, but have reached $20.8 billion in 2016, showing constant decline during the last three years. According to newspaper reports, the country suffered an 8.2 percent decline in the first two months of ... Read More »

New loan offer from World Bank

According to newspaper reports, the World Bank has earmarked $410 million for Pakistan to support its economic reforms programme under the development policy credit. The government, however, is looking for $500 million to carry out its programme. The people are watching the political and economic developments and are dismayed over the current state of affairs. It seems the government has ... Read More »

Dilemma of financial inclusion

The government has launched an ambitious project to achieve financial inclusion goals and move towards universal financial access, involving women and youth engaged in micro, small and medium enterprises. The National Financial Inclusion Strategy will be launched in collaboration with World Bank across the country and will share risks with small entrepreneurs in the form of credit facility. The International ... Read More »

What ail thee real estate sector?

  The real estate developers have started turning their investments to other countries since the government announced new rules for the revaluation of properties across the country. The capital flight is already going on due to unfavourable business conditions in the country, pushing businessmen and investors to look for other options. The dust of Panama leaks has still not settled ... Read More »

Rising trade deficits

As trade deficits are rising, the government has failed to find a way out to increase exports. The cost of doing business has been increasing in the country for the last three years with announcement of federal budget and a trail of mini budgets, putting more pressure on the beleaguered industry. Unfortunately, there is no one to find the reasons ... Read More »

Trade within Saarc

According to newspaper reports, trade volume within the member states of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperationis only 5 percent of the total regional trade after around three decades of the establishment of this forum. The figure also shows the member states have miserably failed to overcome their political differences and are still hostages to their bitter past. At ... Read More »

Pathetic ratio of direct taxes

According to newspaper reports, the tax authorities collected Rs 1,191 billion on account of direct taxes during fiscal year 2015-16, which is 38.27 percent of the total revenue collection of Rs 3,112 billion. The ratio of direct tax collection remained 39.91 percent of the total revenue collection of Rs 2,589.9 billion during the fiscal year 2014-15.The ratio of the federal ... Read More »

Investment in auto sector

The Pakistani government, in its official auto policy, has offered generous import duties to foreign car makers to ease the grip of the renowned Japanese brands already dominating the local market. The brands like Honda, Toyota and Suzuki are available at high prices, but are low in standards and specifications as compared to imported brands. Most of the incentives in ... Read More »

Potentials of industrial sector

  Economists believe the potentials of the industrial sector are not fully utilized by the successive governments in the country despite positive indicators. As a result, the industrialists stopped local production and adopted a shortcut to manufacture their products in China and import the same into the country with their own brand names. As a result, the domestic markets are ... Read More »