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IMF caution on foreign investment

China’s growing interest in Pakistan is boon or bane is a question that has to be answered by the political and financial experts sooner or later. In its final review of the recently concluded three-year extended facility programme, a report of the International Monetary Fund has warned Islamabad of the repayment obligations which are entailed with the Chinese investment and ... Read More »

Trade with Iran

Smuggling of goods from Iran to Pakistan has been on the rise for the last many years despite the fact that the Pakistan Customs and other law enforcement agencies have stepped up their efforts to stop this menace. Millions of liters Iranian oil and diesel is seized everyday but there is no letup in the activity. Smuggling is the world ... Read More »

Pakistan at 144th in ease of doing business index

  Tax havens and tax relief fascinate investors all over the world and they invest in a place where there is peace and security. As bees know where to find honey, the investors are attracted to safe havens and recent uproar in the country about offshore companies speak of the volume of the truth. The countries which want to attract ... Read More »

How not to become trade hub

The government is apparently refusing to turn the country into a trade hub of the region. The world economists, financial experts and trade bodies have been screaming for the last many years that all the economic indicators are in Pakistan’s favour and it has the potential to become an Asian tiger, but the country’s policymakers are seemingly in no mood ... Read More »

Standard & Poor’s new rating

  It is difficult to understand on what grounds the world rating agency, Standard and Poor’s, has improved Pakistan’s long-term credit rating from B negative (B-) to B with stable outlook. According to Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, improvement in rating is the result of the government’s strong performance in the development of the economy, better fiscal policies, and stability in ... Read More »

Economy matters

A portrait of Dr Meboobul Haq hangs up the wall of Korean parliament as a tribute to the late Pakistani economist who brought that nation from utter poverty to developed nations in the world. Haq is regarded as messiah by Koreans, but he failed to bring any change in his own country thanks to political expediencies and official rigmarole. The ... Read More »

Piling up foreign loans

According to newspaper reports, the government has received fresh loans of over $1.8 billion during the last three months, including $900 million from commercial banks to maintain the foreign exchange reserves at comfortable level. The latest move should remove suspicions from the minds of the people if they have any that the government is tracking the economy in the right ... Read More »

Imran’s showdown and stock exchange woes

As the country is already suffering various kinds of woes, including terrorism and energy crisis, the political showdown between the government and Tehrik-e-Insaf Pakistan chief Imran Khan has further plunged the nation into another chaos. The stock market, which was labeled as best in the region, has started nose diving and $3.35 billion have lost in one day. What happened ... Read More »

Economy in contention

In this age of economic development, it seems the political leadership of the country is foreign to the changing world and all its energies revolve around hackneyed statements and personal interests. Fine words butter no parsnips and that is the case in Pakistan where the current government has completed more than half of its tenure without delivering anything to the ... Read More »

Offer of another loan programme

When the Asian Development Bank renews its resolve to assist Pakistan in various sectors, it also points out many crucial issues facing the nation, including lack of good governance, uncertain security situation, under performed agriculture sector and falling exports. The bank sees infrastructure, roads and railways, ports and energy sectors as potential targets for foreign investment. However, investment is not ... Read More »

IMF meddling in economy

Christine Lagarde, the managing director of International Monetary Fund, has showered her praises on the government for bringing the country out of economic crisis. According to the official, the country has “successfully” completing a three-year extended facility programme and achieving macroeconomic stability during a short period of two years. The high-profile two-day visit of the fund official came two months ... Read More »

Curse of foreign loans

In its early years of independence, Pakistan survived three years without foreign loans. However, a loan deal signed with World Bank gave a new look to the nascent economy and Pakistan started falling into the loan-traps in the later years. The total loan amount has now reached $70 billion and a foreign agency predicts Pakistan risks default as around $50 ... Read More »

Use of water as weapon

According to newspaper reports, the Indian government has started reviewing the Indus Waters Treaty, which gives Pakistan right to use water of three rivers flowing through its territory. The agricultural sector of Pakistan fully depends on water from the Indus River system that passes through the Indian-occupied Kashmir before reaching Pakistan. India is determined to continue hostility with Pakistan on ... Read More »

State of economy

While economies of the world are progressing at fast rates, the Pakistani policymakers are still trying to make progress by carrying the burden of failed policies and hackneyed methods on their shoulders. The exports of the country are declining because of the high cost of doing business and low production. The country still relies on the export of tradition commodities ... Read More »

Administrative failure should not be an option

  The country is shockingly experiencing administrative and management problems in every field of life and capacity building of the government hierarchy is the only answer. When political leadership is visionary, it will better know how to regulate the bureaucracy and when it is not, the bureaucracy will actually rule the affairs. The implementation machinery only works when its performance ... Read More »

Declining carpet exports

    According to newspaper reports, Pakistan’s exports of handmade carpet have declined by 50 percent in one decade –from $278million in 2005-06 to $97.7million in 2015-16. In 70s and 80s, carpet was the dominant product of the cottage industry and a major source of foreign exchange earnings, but the industry gradually lost its potential on the allegation of child ... Read More »

IMF and electricity woes

  As Pakistan has said goodbye to the International Monetary Fund after receiving over $100 million of the last tranche and does not want another loan programme, the IMF has endorsed the government efforts to improve electricity supply in the country. Though the endorsement is regarded as a positive development, it also indicates that the fund still has leverage on ... Read More »

Challenges before economy

    The economy of Pakistan is facing a number of challenges, including falling exports, declining local and foreign investment and piling up public debts. The velour with which the present government had started its journey has been evaporated and positive indicators, which appeared in the first two years, are on downward trajectory. It seems the government has lost its ... Read More »

New economic forum

The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation was founded in Dhaka in 1985 to enhance economic and political cooperation between the countries in South Asia. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, the Maldives and India are its founding members and Afghanistan was included into the fold in later years. The countries launched South Asian Free Trade Area in 2006, but the organization ... Read More »

Increase in gas prices

  According to newspaper reports, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority has given another shock to the gas consumers by suggesting increase in the tariff by 36 percent across the country. As a result, the Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited will increase its tariff by Rs 57.89 per mmbtu to collect Rs 341 billion or $3.26 billion additional revenues from ... Read More »