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Amended rules for real estate sector

Laws are frequently enacted and amended in Pakistan. No sooner the government makes a law than a needs arises to amend it. The laws are amended to the extent that they not only lose basic objectives but also add new complexities to them at implementation stages. The ultimate decision on a specific law is taken by the authorities on their ... Read More »

Praise for equity market

At a time the country’s economy is facing multiple challenges, an international magazine has declaredthe Pakistan’s equity market as the best in Asia as it has been showing better performance than China and India for the last one year. According to Forbes, the trade fund of the Pakistan’s Stock Exchange increased by 16 percent in one year whereas the fund ... Read More »

Keeping policy rate unchanged

The State Bank has kept the policy rate unchanged at 5.75 percent for the next two months despite the fact that inflation has been increased during the last several months. The bank kept the interest rate unchanged in a bid to project economic stability in the country. Less interest paid by the consumers gives them extra money to spend. As ... Read More »

Russia’s desire to join CPEC

According to newspaper reports, a big chunk of the $46 billion Chinese investment will be implemented by next year which will give practical shape to the regional connectivity plan of the second largest economy of the world. It is also good omen that after Iran, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, Russia is desiring to become part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor ... Read More »

At cost of economy

  According to news reporters quoting the central bank of the country, the war on terror has cost the nation $118 billion. The direct and indirect losses are equivalent to one third of the gross domestic product of the country which the economy incurred from 2002 to 2016. The decision to enter the war not only hampered economic growth, but ... Read More »

Want of economic stability

The economic stability is elusive in Pakistan as reports from national and international organizations are filled with controversies and disparities. The economy should be immune to political implications as policies are devised and implemented after thorough deliberations in many organs of the government. In Pakistan, policies are devised, revised and implemented without any apparent reviews, and the result proves a ... Read More »

Rising trade deficit

The trade deficit of the country crossed 8.4 percent during the financial year 2015-16 as exports have been declining drastically for the last three years. According to the latest trade data, the trade deficit increased to $9.3 billion during the first four months of the current financial year as imports grew by six percent during the period. The major items ... Read More »

New Saudi visa regime for businessmen

  According to newspaper reports, the Saudi Arabian government has decided to offer new visa regime for Pakistani businessmen, showing a clear shift of its vision about the country from a major labour supplier to a major business investor. A big chunk of the Pakistani investors is already focusing on new investment opportunities in various parts of the world, including ... Read More »

Indian hostility to mar regional peace

An increasingly hostile posture by the Indian government has not only been putting a question mark on the future of Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project,but also giving a severe blow to efforts to achieve the regional integration and meet the growing demands of energy for the countries in the region. The project involves many countries, including Malaysia and China which are ... Read More »

State Bank report be taken seriously

In its report, the State of Economy 2015-16, the State Bank of Pakistan has expressed serious concerns over the increasing deterioration of the country’s economy. According to the report, the economy is facing challenges of falling exports, poor spending on the social sector and structural anomalies in the tax systems which has distorted the shape of the economy. The report, ... Read More »

No lesson learned

There has not been business as usual after the government levied heavy taxes on the real estate sector in the federal budget to fill its coffers. Whiz kids in the finance ministry adopt novel ways in every budget to enhance revenue collections, but every attempt falls flat in the midway. In its earlier budget, the government slapped 0.6 percent withholding ... Read More »

Sorry state of economy

  In this age of science and technology where distances are reducing and connectivity has increased, it is difficult for any country to live in isolation and claim prosperity. The geographical location of Pakistan is a blessing which can create money and resources for the nation. But unfortunately, every successive government in Pakistan has ignored this aspect of the country ... Read More »

Case of another ADP loan

According to newspaper reports, Pakistan is expected to receive $700 million from the Asian Development Bank next week to cover half of the cost of clean energy, disaster risk management, canal extension and public-private partnership investment projects. At least $325 million will be spent on the access to clean energy investment programme to provide electricity to vulnerable communities in Khyber ... Read More »

Accumulation of foreign loans

  According to experts, Pakistan will have to spend $22 billion a year on debt servicing as the foreign loans are likely to pile up to $110 billion in the next four years. The government has said goodbye to the International Monetary Fund, but will have to revert to it keeping in view the pace of heavy borrowings from foreign ... Read More »

CPEC: A dream comes true

The dream of China Pakistan Economic Corridor has finally come true as the first trade caravan of 50 trucks carrying Chinese goods travelled through the Khunjerab Pass and has reached Gwadar amid strict security by the Pakistan Army.The caravan,which left China on 31 October,completed its journey in 11 days to reach Gwadar otherwise it would have taken 45 days to ... Read More »

World Bank projection of Pak economy

According to news reports, a new rating of the World Bank has projected the growth of Pakistan’s economy at 5 percent for the fiscal year 2016-17. The government had set a promising target of 5.4 percent for the year which the bank believes is unlikely to be achieved. In its report on ‘Pakistan Development Update – Making growth matter’, the ... Read More »

India’s bid to affect Pak economy

  India leaves no chance to demonize Pakistan whether it is its film industry, foreign relations, political chaos or economy. When there is any trouble in any discipline in India, it squarely blames Pakistan for it. The Indian government has now started demonetizing Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes as a political masterstroke to stop the use of counterfeit money ... Read More »

Another amnesty scheme?

According to newspaper reports, the government is going to launch a tax amnesty scheme for the real estate sector which has been enduring severe recession since the government updated different advance tax rates for filers and non-filers in the federal budget for 20-2017on the sale or transfer of immovable property. The rate of tax is 1 percent of the gross ... Read More »

Package to boost exports

  According to Commerce Minister Khurram Dastgir Khan, a proposed export package is on the prime minister’s table awaiting approval. The package with a total outlay of Rs170 billion is worked out to encourage the export-oriented sectors which have been showing bleak performance for the last three years. The minister has also involved the National Tariff Commission, an autonomous investigation ... Read More »

Exports of textile products

  Bangladesh is travelling fast to become the world’s leading garments exporter in a decade exceeding China which is shifting its focus from low-end manufacturing to heavy industries. The country had been reeling under persistent political and economic crises since its separation from Pakistan, vindicating Islamabad of the blame of its economic exploitation. However, the new government of that country ... Read More »

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