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Need to curb illegal transfer of money

Rampant incidents of money laundering have come as a serious challenge for the economy these days and even thecentral bank of the country has to clarify its position on this pressing issue. To control the rising incidents of money laundering, the State Bank of Pakistan has decided to establish a high-tech data centerto help the Financial Monitoring Unit in tracking ... Read More »

Challenge of rising trade deficit

Exports are continuously falling since the current government took over the office three and half years ago, but it could not do anything better than lip service to control the situation. The ground reality is that, falling exports and rising trade deficit could be a matter of concern for the nation, but it is not necessarily a matter of concern ... Read More »

Economy in 2050

PricewaterhouseCoopers, a multinational professional services network headquartered in London, has projected that Pakistan’s economy will become the 16th largest by 2050 based on its gross domestic product at purchasing power parity. A report ‘The Long View — How Will the Global Economic Order Change by 2050’, released by the service earlier this month, also projected a number of emerging economies ... Read More »

Praising Pakistan’ economy

According to a report by a US news and analysis organization, the progress of Pakistan is vital for the entire region due to various reasons. A nation of 200 million, Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world and a nuclear power. A recent development in Pakistan in the form of an economic corridor has changed the dynamics ... Read More »

Fear of real estate bubble

A National Assembly committee has expressed the apprehensions that a huge amount of black money is being injected into the property market and possibility of another real estate bubble cannot be ruled out. It happened in Lahore a decade ago when prices of lands were disproportionately increased but soon the bubble burst and recession griped the real estate sector for ... Read More »

Rising Chinese investment

According to media reports, Chinese companies are taking keen interest in snapping up businesses opportunities in Pakistan after signing two major deals in the recent months. The firms are interested in cement, steel, energy and textile sectors, as part of global trade network under Beijing’s One Belt, One Road project. Pakistan has emerged the key player of the Chinese government’s ... Read More »

Prospects of Tapi gas pipeline project

According to newspaper reports, a detailed survey and feasibility study of the Pakistani portion of Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline will start this month as a German company has been engaged in the project. Official sources claim a Turkmen delegation of experts are visiting next week to prepare a feasibility report and conduct the route survey to officially start the gas pipeline ... Read More »

New Infrastructure Finance Policy

According to newspaper reports, the government has approved a summary on Infrastructure Finance Policy 2017 through a premier federal government institution and a consultative forum, the Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet.The policy envisages a long-term infrastructure finance framework to attract foreign direct investment and mobilise private financing within the country for infrastructure projects. The policy will also cover demand ... Read More »

Case of political beneficiaries

  The World Bank, in its World Development Report 2017, has revealed a not very secret fact that there is a nexus between politics and business in Pakistan as politically connected organizations received 45 percent more loans than the rest of others from 1996 to 2002. Another fact is that more than 50 percent of the politically active beneficiaries of ... Read More »

Averting doomsday scenario

It is good omen that Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has clarified the government’s position on the country’s debt profile and dispelled the impression that Pakistan is heading toward any doomsday scenario. However, he has presented a fictional comparison on the issue of taking foreign loans between his and the previous government tenures. In his opinion, the previous government took around ... Read More »

Loans not panacea to economic woes

According to newspaper reports, the total public debts of the country stood at Rs17.5trillion in June 2015, but reached Rs20.6trillion in September 2016, showing an increase of around Rs3trillion in one year. In terms of percentage, the government has crossed the threshold of public debt-to-government ratio of 350 percent which has reached 442 percent.The hard fact is that the government ... Read More »

Financial secrecy must be retained

  According to newspaper reports, the State Bank of Pakistan has signed a technical cooperation agreement with the World Bank to achieve six strategic goals which the bank has set for 2020. With signing of the agreement, nothing has been said about the possible leakage of financial information of the country. In a situation when the successive governments in Islamabad ... Read More »

Pace of economic development

According to newspaper reports, a World Bank official has predicted that the economy of Pakistan will further improve this year as conditions here are conducive for investment. Visiting the Tarbela hydropower extension project, Kristalina I. Georgieva, a senior bank official, said that the country has made progress in energy and infrastructure sectors and conditions are conducive for foreign investment. As ... Read More »

Journey towards emerging market

The economy of Pakistan is likely to turn around this year due to various positive indicators in business, trade and industrial sectors. The Chinese investment is pouring in, the Export and Import Bank has been set up to arrest the falling exports and incentives for the industrial sector are expected to augur well for overall performance of the economy. However, ... Read More »

Institute for development of infrastructure

  Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has sought financial help from the International Finance Corporation and various other organizations for the establishment of a new institution in Pakistan to mobilize its long-term financial requirements for infrastructure projects which it wants to launch with the assistance of the private sector. No doubt development of infrastructure is the basic requirement for the business, ... Read More »

Corruption in Pakistan

According to news reports, the Transparency International has improved Pakistan’s ranking in the Corruption Perceptions Index from 30 points last year to 32 points in 2016.The international watchdog compiles the data of public sector corruption from various sources, including the World Bank, the African Development Bank and International Institute for Management Development before issuing the report of its ranking. The ... Read More »

Border management a biggest challenge facing customs dept: Collector Saifuddin Junejo

KARACHI: The border management is one of the biggest challenges of our times and customs administrations all around the world are facing it with appropriate response. While talking to Customs Today exclusively, the collector said that the efficient and effective border management ensures security and smooth trade flow – import, export and transit of goods. The generally accepted mission of ... Read More »

Potentials of economic zones

The federal government is planning to establish 29 Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in all of the four provinces of the country as part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The zones are expected to expand volume of the economy and give impetus to the industrial growth in the country. The corridor project is being seen as the game changer not only ... Read More »

Need to clinch foreign investment

According to the perception survey conducted by the American Business Council, at least 78 percent of members have planned to invest in Pakistan over the next year. The results show 13 percent increase in the survey conducted last year due to satisfactory economic situation of the country. Various world forums are expressing their optimism about the economy of Pakistan, including ... Read More »

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