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Pakistan as 20th powerful economy

In a survey conducted by Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and global brand consultants BAV Consulting to assess the best countries in 2017, Pakistan has been projected as the 20th most powerful economy in the world and 74th in the category of overall top countries. The new global ranking of the best countries puts India at the 16th ... Read More »

Matter of real GDP

The international media depicts Pakistan as a terror-ridden country and its rival India as a rising economic power, but certain indicators show economic performance of Pakistan better than all the other countries in the region. Pakistan has robust economy but it is marred by mismanagement and corruption. However, even then in certain conditions the economic variables independently move and find ... Read More »

Implications of money laundering

According to a report released by International Narcotics Control Strategy of the US State Department, money laundering is a global phenomenon in which corrupt elements are involved not only from developed but also developing countries. It says that hundreds of billions of dollars are sneaked out of various countries every year through trade-based money laundering schemes and the illicit practice ... Read More »

Perils of increasing loans

The government is going on the path of previous Pakistan People’s Party government with regard to the economic policies as one loan programmes ends, it starts a new one. Every government of the world takes loans for development projects but the Pakistani government gets loans for debt servicing or to maintain foreign exchange reserves at a certain level. According to ... Read More »

ECO: Path to regional integration

The delegates at the Economic Cooperation Organisation Summit, including five heads of state and three heads of government, have expressed the resolve to work together for the collective benefit of the people in the ECO region. All the member states of the organizations are facing various economic challenges and the high profile get together provides an opportunity to enhance mutual ... Read More »

Problems of leather industry

According to a senior official of the Pakistan Tannery Association, at least 95 percent entrepreneurs will not be able to avail benefit of the incentives announced by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the export package. The government has so far failed to provide infrastructure to protect and process hides and scientifically dispose of the effluents to protect environment. The tannery ... Read More »

Disparity in household income

According to the findings of a survey released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the benefits of economic growth have not reached the lower stratum of society during the three year rule of the current Pakistan Muslim League government. It says that economic disparity between different groups not only continued but also further deepened during the present political setup. The salaried ... Read More »

Industrial park at PSM

According to newspaper reports, the government has decided to allocate 1,500 acres of Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) land to set up an industrial park as part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The steel mills, set up with the help of former USSR, is the jewel of the nation and an asset, but it has become a victim of political expediencies. ... Read More »

Moody’s report on Pakistan economy

According to a report issued by international ratings agency, Moody’s Corporation, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will spur economic activities in Pakistan and has projected the economic growth at 4.9 percent during the current fiscal year. However, the report also cautions the worsening law and order situation in the country as suicide bombing suddenly increased in recent weeks. The country ... Read More »

Falling exports of textile products

According to newspaper reports, the country’s textile and clothing exports has fallen by 1.30 percent to $1.064 billion in January this year despite the prime minister’s initiatives to boost exports. Pakistan is struggling to regain its status as one of the leading textile exporters in the world but it seems it has lost the potentials to compete with other economies ... Read More »

Question of money laundering

The State Bank governor has told a panel of the National Assembly the other day that the central bank has never allowed citizens to transfer money abroad through legal or illegal means and buy offshore properties. He also clarified that the state agencies are responsible for the investigation of illegal financial transactions and the central bank has no mandate to ... Read More »

Growing acceptance of Islamic banking

A study paper issued by the International Monetary Fund has devised guidelines for the government to promote financial stability and develop Islamic banking system in the country by establishing a policy framework and environment. The fund is apparently interested in seeking a role in the Islamic banking in various Muslim countries. The Islamic banking system has a growing acceptance in ... Read More »

Opportunities for Chinese investors

According to newspaper reports, Pakistan Ambassador to China Masood Khalid has told a group of 76 Chinese entrepreneurs to take advantage of business opportunities in Pakistan, especially in the textile and garments sectors.There is no doubt that Pakistan has a huge and developed textile and garments industry, but it could not fully utilize its potentials. Pakistan is a safe destination ... Read More »

Living between hope and despair

The nation is oscillating between hope and despair. The international media has predicted that Pakistan has the potential to become one of the economic giants in a few decades but the current wave of terrorism has shattered all the dreams of this nation. The country is already facing mismanagement, energy crisis, corruption and repeated incidents of money laundering and capital ... Read More »

Dilemma of trade deficit

The government is doing all the lip-service according to its capacity to ensure the nation that it is ready to burn midnight oil to increase the export of value-added goods and besides exploring new markets, it is also signing free trade agreements with various countries of the world for the purpose.  However, in the wake of double-digit growth in imports ... Read More »

Real challenges to economy

The good news is that the economy of Pakistan is picking up, but bad news is that we as a nation are not prepared for it. The government is apparently unprepared to focus on economic growth and has no interest in internalizing the aspects of inclusive growth and sustainable development. Rather it is focusing on revenue generation from taxes, duties, ... Read More »

Matter of economic cooperation with China

  As Beijing is expanding its economic cooperation with various countries in the region, including Pakistan, the time has come the government should make every effort to attract the private sector of China to invest in the country. China has already signed over $20 billion investment package with Bangladesh and is shifting its small industry there. The Pakistani government and ... Read More »

Problem of fiscal deficit

Pakistan’s exports have experienced a free fall during the first half of the current fiscal year, belying the government’s claim that it has maintained fiscal stability. The fiscal deficit have reached 2.4 percent of the gross domestic product during the period in review, revealing a hard fact that the government has failed to control the situation. Since the completion of ... Read More »

Terrorism: threat to peace and economy

  At a time when the government is struggling to overcome economic issues, terrorism has reared its ugly head again in the country, taking the lives of dozens of innocent people and injuring over 100 others. A suicide bomber exploded himself in the middle of a rally on the Mall Road Lahore where the police officials were trying to open ... Read More »

Let corporate sector work

According to newspaper reports, Pakistan’s exports remain $11.685 billion in seven months of the current fiscal year and economists doubt the export package announced by the prime minister will work in the present not conducive business environment in the country. When Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif took the reign of the government in 2013, the country’s exports reached over $25 billion, ... Read More »

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