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Economy under pressure

At a time the world is expecting progressive view of Pakistan, the recent unfortunate events have marred the credibility and goodwill of the country’s economic affairs. The Morgan Stanley Capital International’s (MSCI) had recently reclassified Pakistan as the emerging markets after picking it up from the list of frontier markets. It was also expected that the flow of money will ... Read More »

Investment in oil and gas sectors

After years of media hypes, half-hearted efforts and meagre investment, the country is finally able to produce 90,000 barrel crude oil per day. The Pakistani coastline falls in the same geographical region as are the oil rich Arab states and Iran, but it could not brought its oil production to a hundred thousand barrel a day in 70 years. There ... Read More »

Failure of economic policies

Pervaiz Malik,the newly inducted commerce minister, has expressed the hope that the joint efforts of the government and the private sector would make it possible to achieve the export target of $35 billion by 2018. The export target was set by the government in its three-year Strategic Trade Policy Framework under former prime minister Nawaz Sharif in 2015. However, after ... Read More »

Truth about Chinese domination

According to newspaper reports, Pakistan’s imports from China increased by 30 percent last year. Most of the imports consisted of material for electricity-generation projects, construction equipment and agricultural machinery but it disturbed the trade balance between the two countries. The country’s current account deficits recorded over 121 percent increase between July last year and February and are coming as a ... Read More »

Dilemma of textile city project

After spending more than Rs2.5 billion public money on the Pakistan Textile City project, the government has decided to wind it up in the national interest. The ambitious project, factually an industrial zone dedicated to the textile processing and related industries, was launched in 2009 over an area of 1250 acres in Karachi. The city was made public‐private joint venture ... Read More »

Question of real growth rate

Researchers at the Center for International Development of the Harvard University, in a study, have predicted Pakistan’s annual growth rate at 6 percent for the next 10 years, revising an earlier projection of five percent for the period. However, the largest economic partner of Pakistan, China with current GDP of $12 trillion will achieve a growth rate of 4.41 percent. ... Read More »

Economy after Sharif

According to New York-based credit rating agency Moody’s, Nawaz Sharif’s ouster as a prime minister by the judiciary in the Panama corruption case could not only lower the rating of the economic growth, but also adversely affect the ongoing projects and policies in the country. The agency fears that political uncertainty and strife could lead to disruption in the economic ... Read More »

Economy under interim PM

After enduring months of political chaos on Panamagate issue, the country is heading toward economic crisis due to rising trade deficit, slow industrial output and possible meltdown of, until now, growing stock market. The current account deficit has reached $12.1 billion in the fiscal year 2017, exports are continue to fall and the Pakistani rupee has closed at 108 a ... Read More »

Cash and economy

Pakistan is generally regarded as a cash-starved country in the international media, but the fact of the matter is that neither the country nor its people are in such a condition. There are over 80 million people, more than the total population of Britain, Turkey, Germany, France, Iran and Turkey, who have nearly $30,000 per capital income. Overall on the ... Read More »

PM’s ouster not to affect economy

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has written a new chapter of history by disqualifying Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif under Article 62(1)(f) of the Constitution.The court believed the prime minister had failed to defend himself in corruption charges and held him disqualified for life. With the disqualification, a phase of political turmoil has ended, but the decision has raised many questions ... Read More »

Safety standards for oil tankers

The Oil Tankers Association has resumed fuel supplies after getting relaxation from the government that they will upgrade and improve the safety standards of the vehicles carrying oil in 15 days. However, the three-day strike not only washed away millions of man-hours but also caused millions of rupees losses to the national economy. The situation has clearly exposed the frailty ... Read More »

Economy in political mess

The political atmosphere of the country is charged. The government and the opposition parties are trying to settle scores in courts, roads and elsewhere. The biggest casualty of the political showdown is the economy. It appears the political elite in cahoots with hidden hands is bent upon spoiling the peaceful atmosphere of the country whether it is law and order ... Read More »

Latest IMF review

In its latest critical review of the economy, the International Monetary Fund has assessed the gross external financing requirements of Pakistan at $16.2 billion for the current fiscal year. However, the review also indicates external vulnerabilities and fundamental contradictions in the external sectors as the economy is not only facing rising current account deficits, but also pressure on the foreign ... Read More »

Lack of national brands

The chief of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry has pointed out that lack of awareness about importance of branding and value addition has come as a big hurdle in the way of business and trade in the country. Despite having strong agriculture and industrial bases, the Pakistani business community could not introduce a significant value added product in ... Read More »

Business, trade with UK

Pakistan’s gross domestic product has crossed $300billion mark after achieving 5.3 percent economic growth in 2017, the highest in a decade. However, when foreign direct investment has reached $2.41 billion during the fiscal year 2016-17, up 5 percent compared to the previous year, the country’s exports have continuously been on a downward trajectory for the last four years and have ... Read More »

Pak trade with US

According to Commercial Counsellor of the United States Stephen P Knode, the small and medium enterprises of his country are willing to launch joint ventures with Pakistani entrepreneurs. In his views, this is the best opportunity for the local businessmen to get new technology, capital and a huge export market in his country. Despite having close political and defense relations, ... Read More »

Case of GDP growth

According to economic survey released by the Ministry of Finance, Pakistan’s growth rate has reached 5.28 percent which is not only the nine-year high, but also more than the estimated rate of 5.2 percent projected by the Asian Development Bank for 2016-17. In a report earlier appeared in April, the Asian Development Outlook had projected the growth rate at 5.2 ... Read More »

Arab investors

According to media reports, Qatari and Emeriti investors own three times more properties in London than the British Queen. Saudi princes have also invested billions of dollars in the United States, Britain, France, Germany and other countries of Europe. Only a single Saudi prince has invested over $35 billion in US and the list of investors goes on. Reports suggest ... Read More »

Potentials of construction industry

The construction industry is the fastest growing sector in the country and has received a whopping sum of $468 million Foreign Direct Investment during the fiscal year 2016-17.Though the figure shows 10 times increase from the previous year’s investment of $46 million, the industry needs special government attention as it has the potential to act as an engine of growth ... Read More »

Economy after political chaos

A report issued by the joint investigation team has shacked the political atmosphere of the country by pointing finger at Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s business interests at home and abroad.The emerging situation has not only damaged the personal reputation of Mr Sharif, but also severely affected the performance of the overall economy. The Pakistan Stock Exchange has shed over 17 ... Read More »