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Problem of falling exports

The Pakistani exports have been on downward trajectory for the last four years of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government. Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif had announced an export package of Rs 180 billion to revive the export sector but it has yet to reach an implementation stage. Meanwhile, the replacement of Nawaz with Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has turned the tables ... Read More »

Future of investment in Pakistan

According to a group of local and foreign experts, Pakistan has improved macroeconomic performance in the wake of large-scale investment under China’s belt and road projects and it is hoped the initiative will spur growth in various sectors of the economy. The recent rhetoric by US President Donald Trump will not affect foreign investors and companies have entered the Pakistani ... Read More »

Economic cost of Trump’s remarks

After opening various fronts on home ground, US President Donald Trump has finally turned his guns towards Pakistan, accusing it of ‘harbouring’ terrorists in the country. The person, who claimed he will shrink US role in Afghanistan during his election campaign, is sending more troops to fight Taliban and has adopted a hostile posture toward Pakistan under the influence of ... Read More »

Potentials of cottage industry

Pakistan could not fully reap the benefits of its strong industrial base which is available in the shape of homegrown cottage industry. Various industrial cities have sprung up across the country without planning and the government support. However, the self-made entrepreneurs do feel the heat of official presence when they are harassed by different government agencies on one pretext or ... Read More »

Pressure on spinning, weaving sectors

According to All Pakistan Textile Mills Association, the cost of doing business has increased and has adversely affected the spinning and weaving sectors in the country.The high cost of electricity and gas has raised the cost of production, making it difficult for the local textile industry to compete in the international market. The cost of both gas and electricity is ... Read More »

Matter of low tax returns

According to newspaper reports, at least 15,116 companies have paid no tax in financial year 2016-17 due to various valid or invalid reasons. A total of 1.2 million taxpayers are registered with the Federal Board of Revenue and regularly file their returns, among which 30,875 are from the corporate sector. The total number of companies registered with the Securities and ... Read More »

Trump exposed himself

The recent tumultuous events within and outside the country could leave serious implications on the national economy. The announcement by US President Donald Trump has not only jeopardized the chances of peace in Afghanistan but also in the region. It is always said that little knowledge is dangerous thing and that is what Mr Trump as exposed in himself by ... Read More »

FTAs and business as usual

Free trade agreements are signed to boost bilateral trade with partner countries but in Pakistan’s case most of the agreements have adversely affected the local business and industry. According to newspaper reports, Pakistan’s imports have jumped by 300 percent during the last three years thanks to blind signing of FTAs. In a situation where exports have constantly been declining, the ... Read More »

Initiatives by State Bank governor

According to newly appointed State Bank Governor Tariq Bajwa, there is a need to establish strong coordination between the central bank and the business community for the promotion of trade and industry. The State Bank’s role in regulating the economy and maintaining financial stability is crucial as it is the guard of the national wealth. However, until now this vital ... Read More »

Call for structural reforms

An official of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific has said that fast-track structural reforms are critical for investment and realise the potentials of regional trade in Pakistan. She also stressed the need for sustainable development pathways, regulatory and policy frameworks, as prerequisite to maximise the benefits of regional cooperation and integration. However, Pakistan ... Read More »

How not to improve economy

After 70 years of independence, the country is still struggling to move its economy toward any identified direction. Many countries started their economic voyage after Pakistan, but left it behind in the race long ago. Whether under the military government or so-called democratic rule, no one could change the lot of the nation. Despite having all the economic indicators in ... Read More »

Economy as low priority

Economy always remained a low priority in the country thanks to politics of vested interests and inherent flaws in the administrative system. During the last 70 years, small and extremely backward nations like Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea entered the first world category and we as a nation proudly took a back seat in every economic order. It will be ... Read More »

Minister’s resolve to boost exports

According to newspaper reports, the new commerce and textile minister has expressed the resolve to achieve exports targets set for the current financial year by stimulating business and trade activities in the country. In his views, trade and economy are the key components of diplomacy in today’s world which also help maintain political relations with the nations. Pakistan has tremendous ... Read More »

Chinese investment abroad

  According to newspaper reports, China’s National Development and Reform Commission has decided to curb ‘irrational’ investment on its various overseas mega development projects, including Belt and Road initiative, and restrict the local companies from investing abroad. However, the new guidelines would not affect the Chinese investment plans in Pakistan. Reports also suggest that Beijing would enhance healthy trade cooperation ... Read More »

PM’s message of hope

In his first message of hope to the nation, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has expressed the desire to introduce major policy reforms to facilitate business community. According to him, laws are being formulated to attract investment in Special Economic Zones where investors will not only be free to transfer their dividends but will also have complete freedom of choice ... Read More »

Not all is well with economy

As the spell of politically charged atmosphere continues, all the politicians from the government and the opposition parties are speaking different languages to further confuse the nation. The defiance of the former prime minister, who had once vigorously supported the independence of the judiciary, has been adding insult to injury. Even if for arguments sake the ouster was a result ... Read More »

Not all is well with economy

According to newspaper reports, Pakistan may not be eligible to get the World Bank loans in near future due to its inability to resist the speedy fall of foreign exchange reserves.The bank has reportedly declined a government request for a policy loan to adjust the exchange rates. However, a spokesman of the Finance Division has out rightly rejected the notion ... Read More »

Danger of financial shocks

Former State Bank governor Dr Ishrat Husain, in a statement sometime earlier, warned the government to beware of the external and internal shocks to ward off any possible interruption in the way of smooth economic growth. The next year is the election year and could pose risks in many ways. The ruling political parties could be forced to accept unwritten ... Read More »

Steps against corruption

At a time former prime minister Nawaz Sharif is holding power show on Lahore-Rawalpindi road, the National Accountability Bureau has dropped investigations into 14 high profile cases. Earlier, NAB had informed the Supreme Court that it was investigating into 175 mega corruption cases which also involved top public representatives of the country. However, the new understanding will vindicate them of ... Read More »

Economic policies must continue

After his disqualification as prime minister by the judiciary, Nawaz Sharif embarked on a long march from Islamabad to his hometown Lahore to mark a show of power and public support. However, political analysts have raised eyebrows over his ‘innocent’ move and deem it as an act of defiance against judiciary which can plunge the country into further crisis. The ... Read More »