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Projects of regional connectivity

According to newspaper reports, the Asian Development Bank has approved $800 million multi-tranche financing facility to enhance regional connectivity and boost trade in the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation corridors in Pakistan. Under the programme, the National Highway Authority will rehabilitate and upgrade 747 kilometer roads across the country, including Sindh, Punjab, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The programme will expand the ... Read More »

Economy in global perspective

  According to the latest Global Competitiveness Report of the World Economic Forum, Pakistan’s competitiveness has gained seven places to reach 115th position, showing improvement in various sectors of the economy in one year.The report also suggests improvement in competitiveness in many countries in South Asia. Bhutan rose up by 15 places to secure 82th position and Nepal by 10 ... Read More »

Need to encourage local investment

There was chest thumping euphoria during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure that the economy had been on a growth trajectory since his returned to power in 2013. The government also claimed that the gross domestic product registered an increase of 5.3 percent during the financial year 2016-17, but the bubble of claims burst after a few weeks of Nawaz’s ouster. There was ... Read More »

Financial indiscipline

Financial discipline is the fulcrum of economy and when it is ignored, the economy goes into disarray. It is still debatable why the country could not devise a mechanism to manage its finances, trade, investment and the overall economy. Why the official machinery is unable to establish coordination among its various wings and who the people responsible for economic policies ... Read More »

Issue of Chinese investment

The best offer from China is to relocate its small and medium manufacturing units to Pakistan, but the hinge side of the offer is that we are not prepared for it. Despite close economic and political relations, the two countries are far apart by distance, cultural and language barriers. The long journey of goods transactions is covered by the highest ... Read More »

Question of external debts

According to the latest data released by the State Bank of Pakistan, the total external debts and liabilities of the country have shockingly increased to $83 billion a t the end of fiscal year 2016-17. A sum of $9.1 billion was added to the debt in June this year alone, indicating the imminent danger of financial crisis where debt servicing ... Read More »

Export of value added goods

  According to a report issued by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics,the exports of value-added textile products have recorded an increase of 16.5 percent during the first two months of the fiscal year 2017-18. The exports of readymade garments have grown by 15.65 percent year-on-year to $418.63 million in July-August, making the value added products a driving force to boost ... Read More »

Potentials of global trade

When Chinese share in global trade is four percent and India’s 0.6 percent, Pakistan is nowhere in sight in the radar of international business, trade and investment. The country registered a record trade deficit of $32.6 billion during the last fiscal year in the wake of falling exports and increasing imports without a minutest stir in the official circles who ... Read More »

Loans for development

According to experts, it is still debatable if the government should continue to accept foreign loans in a situation where the country is heading fast toward debt crisis. In the absence of real economic growth and ever-growing population, the cash-starve government has to look toward international lending agencies to launch public welfare projects. The people need houses, cloths, food, water ... Read More »

Performance of banking sector

The State Bank of Pakistan has released its quarterly performance review of the banking sector for the last quarter of the financial year ended on June 30, hoping a robust growth in private sector. It labels key development in the quarter as broad based which is a prime reason behind 8.3 percent in the asset base growth. The review also ... Read More »

Case of availing economic opportunities

The national and world media is buzzed with news reports that Pakistan is expected to become 25th largest economy of the world, but the question is how much the nation is prepared to hold this position in next eight years. In the current scenario, China is appearing as the largest business and trade partner of Pakistan and is investing billions ... Read More »

New global economic order

In its Trade and Development Report 2017, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development has stressed the need for concerted efforts to crowd in private investment to rev up the engines of growth and help rebalance economies and societies across the world.The report adds that no country can do this on its own without risking capital flight, a currency ... Read More »

Stable rupee, stable economy

According to newspaper reports, pressure is mounting on the government to slash the value of Pakistani rupee against dollar. Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi are braving all internal and external pressures to save the currency from depreciation. Rupee is already a weak denomination as compared to various other currencies of the world and has been ... Read More »

Loans as usual

Instead of relying on domestic resources, Pakistan has signed two agreements with the Asian Development Bank to get $453 million loan for development projects in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh. The bank will provide $335 million loan for a Bus Rapid Transport system in Peshawar and $100 million for delivery of public-private partnership projects in Sindh. The two provincial governments are ... Read More »

Economy in trouble

Though the gross domestic product of Pakistan has crossed $300 billion mark by achieving 5.3 percent growth in 2016-17, its macro-economic outlook has deteriorated.The government policy-makers fear they may have to sign another bailout programme with the International Monetary Fund to avert the balance of payment crisis. According to the latest reports, the country’s foreign currency reserves have dwindled by ... Read More »

Looming economic challenges

  According to a report appearing in Bloomberg, the government was struggling to repair the economic damages caused by disqualification of prime minister Nawaz Sharif when US President Donald Trump’s comments came as bolt from the blue, accusing Pakistan of harboring groups which are allegedly involved in terrorist activities in Afghanistan. The current account deficit tripled the size in the ... Read More »

Pak-Chinese cooperation

  Pakistan China friendly relations are the best example of cooperation and diplomacy between the two countries which are not only different by culture, religion and ethnicity, but also by race. The two countries have been enjoying cordial relations for the last more than half a century and still heading towards closer cooperation in various fields of the economy. The ... Read More »

Need to enhance regional cooperation

As SAARC has been rendered ineffective due to state policy of India, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has turned his attention toward Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation to accelerate cooperation in various fields, including aviation, capital markets and capacity development. According to the minister, Pakistan wants to enhance cooperation with central Asian states in business, trade and investment. There is a ... Read More »

Lethargy in private sector

According to economists, the Pakistani entrepreneurs lack marketing techniques to promote their products in overseas markets. They still use old methods of production and could not update their products to come up with changing trends and compete their peers in the region. The small entrepreneurs have no access to the European market and they rely on the forces of local ... Read More »

War and economy

Pakistan has been caught up between two extremes in recent days. On one side, it is the United States which wants to instigate war in Afghanistan and on the other it is China which has total concentration on trade, business and investment. The United States has so far dumped billions of dollars in Afghanistan without gaining anything except coffins and ... Read More »