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Pakistan’s first in-depth newspaper that presents balanced news reports, analysis and reviews regarding Customs, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and Sales/Income Tax Departments beside covering import and export sectors comprehensively. Up-to-the-minute news bulletins regarding Customs and FBR departments are also displayed regularly on both website and face book for the interest of common people

Corruption, corruption and corruption

It has always been a big question before scholars, intellectual and economists of the country that what the biggest issue of this nation is. Corruption, mismanagement, illiteracy, poverty, security, energy crisis etc – you name it and every issue is the pressing issue. The question remains what the biggest issue of this nation is. According to newspaper reports, the auditor ... Read More »

Issue of capacity building

The world is heading toward an era of economic development and prosperity. The third countries are changing their policies to keep up pace with the developed economies, but the governments in Pakistan, whether the federal or the provincial, have failed to take revolutionized approaches to deal with emerging situations. The aged-old colonial legacy is dominating in every government department where ... Read More »

Agreement with Russia

After a major breakthrough in the form of China, Pakistan Economic Corridor, the government has successfully persuaded Russia to help build a gas infrastructure project in the country. The Pakistan-Iran Gas Pipeline Project is also in the pipeline and the work on it will be resumed in the near future. The government has also signed a deal with Qatar to ... Read More »

Middle class in Pakistan

Pakistan has long been in the list of lower middle income countries and is in a process to break the barriers of poverty and enter the club of the developed nations. Instead of taking extrovert approach, as most of the developed nations do, the economy of the country is introvert. Pakistan is remarkably an industrial country with strong cottage industry. ... Read More »

Economic reforms in provinces

According to newspaper reports, the provincial governments are ready to introduce Doing Business Reform Plans in their respective jurisdictions in consultation with the Federal Ministry of Finance. Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has formed a committee comprising the representatives from the federal and provincial governments to share policy initiatives and discuss progress on the Doing Business Reform plans to attract foreign ... Read More »

APTMA’s black day

Textile exports from Pakistan have been facing declining trends for the last seven years, shrinking its share in the global market from 2.2 percent to 1.8 percent. However, during the same period, textile exports of the regional competitors have remarkably been increased as Bangladesh has recorded 75 percent growth in its global share, from 1.9 percent to 3.3 percent; China’s ... Read More »

Bids to broaden tax net

A tug-of-war between the government and the business communities, which started with imposition of 0.3 percent withholding tax on bank transactions, has been continuing since the start of the new financial year and the both sides are still not ready to budge from their respective positions. The finance ministry has made it clear that deduction is an attempt to bring ... Read More »

Need to revise customs rules

According to reports appearing in the Customs Today, various branches of the Customs department confiscated goods worth millions of rupees in September across the country. The seized goods included ladies cloth, cumin seeds, cigarettes, juices, chocolates, auto parts and polyester fabric. As a matter of fact, the customs department seizes tonnes of goods every month and confiscation is regarded as ... Read More »

Integration of South Asia

South Asian, which is the home of 1.7 billion people, has been branded as the fast growing region in the world in terms of economic, trade and development, but is also backward as compared to many other parts of the world. A forum in the shape of SAARC was established to enhance close cooperation among the countries in the region, ... Read More »

Power sector reforms

According to newspaper reports, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has apprehended that implementation of structural reforms in power sector are facing political and legal challenges. In its eighth review under the extended arrangement and on Pakistan’s request to waive performance criteria, the two sides focused their topics of discussions on the issues related to the energy sector, including imposition of ... Read More »

Textile parks need of hour

According to the newspaper reports, the textile industry is utilizing only 70 percent of its production capacity as six major sub-sectors have already been closed down and more are in line due to persistent energy crisis, high cost of doing business and inconsistency in government policies. It is to be noted that 30 percent production loss means the country is ... Read More »

Corruption and economy

According to a report issued by the World Bank, Pakistan’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is expected to grow around 4.5 percent in 2015-16. However, other economies in the region are growing much faster than Pakistan like India 7.3 percent, Bangladesh 6.5 percent and Sri Lanka 5.6 percent. In its South Asian Growth report, the World Bank says that the economy ... Read More »

Exporters wait incentive package for textile sector

According to the All PakistanTextileMills Association (APTMA), the country’s textile exports can be doubled in the next five years if the government creates a congenial environment for the industry. Tariq Saud, the newly elected president of the representative body, says that the textile industry is set to receive $1 billion annual investment provided the government comes up with special incentives ... Read More »

Good and bad for economy

A report from the International Monetary Fund says that the economy of Pakistan is gradually picking up after improvement in its fiscal discipline with minimum chances of imminent threat to the economy. The donor agency has projected the country’s real GDP growth at 4.5 percent this fiscal year thanks to macroeconomic stability, low oil prices, planned improvements in the domestic ... Read More »

Business to business ties with India

According to newspaper reports, businessmen from Pakistan and India are trying to find grey areas to enhance cooperation in trade and investment and persuade their respective governments to revise their policies towards their immediate neighbour. The Pakistan India Joint Forum, during its first meeting in June 2013, formed at least 10 task forces to look into trade and investment opportunities ... Read More »

Dilemma of Competitiveness

Though the Global Competitiveness Report 2015 has improved Pakistan’s rating by three points, bringing it to 126th position from 129th last year in the list of 140 countries, it regards corruption as the most problematic factor for doing business in the country. The report says that failure of the government to improve regulatory bodies also remains an area of concern ... Read More »

Need to enhance regional trade

The global value chain is a new concept, covering all aspects of business and trade, and is specifically beneficial for developing economies. The importance of the regional value chain is at par with the global value chain and developing economies in various regions are working in coordination and cooperation with one another to achieve common goals. In a study by ... Read More »

Pakistan 10th least innovative country in world

According to a report issued by the Global Innovation Index (GII), Pakistan stands at 134 among 143 economies which mean it is the 10th least innovative country in the world. The index covers 143 countries and uses a range of themes as well as indicators to scrutinise the entire setup of an economy. Out of 100 indicators, the average score ... Read More »

Tax-free zones need of hour

The government has claimed that the new 10-year bond of $500 million, which the finance ministry has introduced in London, Los Angeles, Boston and New York at coupon rate of 8.25 percent, is twice over subscribed than it was expected. However, the ministry has restricted the bond level at $500 million to cover the maturity of bond in March 2016 ... Read More »

A note of optimism

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has expressed a note of optimism about the economy of Pakistan as security situation is improving due to military operation against terrorists in various parts of the country. In a report on Asian Development Outlook for 2015, the bank says that the rate of gross domestic product is expected to grow by 4.5 percent in ... Read More »