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Features & Analyses

Pakistan’s first in-depth newspaper that presents balanced news reports, analysis and reviews regarding Customs, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and Sales/Income Tax Departments beside covering import and export sectors comprehensively. Up-to-the-minute news bulletins regarding Customs and FBR departments are also displayed regularly on both website and face book for the interest of common people

Utilization of black money

Corruption is a legacy of the colonial era spanning over a couple of centuries in this land and it is one of the major hurdles in the way of development. Unfortunately, every government has tried to curb corruption, but it always took action against corrupt elements rather than corruption. Corruption is a habit, a custom or an illegal system which ... Read More »

Challenges to economy and resilience

The country has been facing various challenges, including threatened security and sagging economy, due to some unavoidable factors at home and conspiracies by external forces, especially by India against the state of Pakistan. There is a need to implement writ of the government in various regions of the country where insurgency is on the rise and smuggling of goods and ... Read More »

Dar’s narratives

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has asked the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry to make a bridge between the government and the traders for better coordination between the two sides help boost economic progress in the country. There is no question to challenge the minister’s words as cooperation and coordination between business community and the government — which ... Read More »

Sales tax enigma

Amid growing resentment among the industrialists on the rising cost of doing business, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is working on a proposal to bring the standard rate of sales tax from 17 percent to a single digit in consultation with international donor agencies. The involvement of the lenders in the financial and policy matters of the country indicates ... Read More »

Cement export

At a time the Pakistani cement industry is facing a declining trend and is losing its competitiveness in the world market, the smuggling of Iranian cement has increased in the country while South Africa has slapped anti-dumping duty — ranging from 15 percent to 68 percent — on the Pakistani cement import. On the home front, the All Pakistan Cement ... Read More »

Need to salvage textile industry

Textile is the prime earning sector of the country, but persistent energy crisis, rising cost of production and absence of an incentive package from the government are adversely affecting the production and export of textile goods. Pakistan is a major cotton producer and has potential to earn $15 billion annual foreign exchange by exporting value added goods, but absence of ... Read More »

Moody’s: Pakistani banking system stable

At a time when traders have withdrawn billions of rupees from banks on the issue of withholding tax, Moody’s Investors Service has changed the outlook for the Pakistan banking system to stable from negative. The positive outlook shows improvement in economic growth. The government and traders are still negotiating to reach an agreement on the bank transactions as the government ... Read More »

Thar Coal Project

The Sindh government successfully generated one megawatt of electricity from the Thar Coal Power Plant in May this year through an underground coal gasification process thanks to the best efforts of Dr Samar Mubarakmand. Dr Mubarakmand had tried to develop a scientific process to tap vast coal reserves, but he was discouraged on occasions by the red-tape to leave the ... Read More »

Tax reforms need of the hour

According to newspaper reports, the country could not meet the tax collection target allegedly set by the International Monetary Fund as the tax authority is facing a shortfall of Rs 40 billion tax in the first quarter of the current fiscal year. The compliance of the IMF conditionalities is one thing but collection and payment of tax as a national ... Read More »

Pakistan as promise land

Pakistan is a promise land for the businessmen and investors as it offers tremendous opportunities in every sector of life. Young, cheap and skilled labour, rail and road infrastructure and geographical location can be exploited to boost economic activities in the country. According to Atif Bajwa, the president of the Overseas Investors Chambers of Commerce and Industry, business, trade and ... Read More »

Challenge to attract foreign investment

According to newspaper reports, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has invited foreign businessmen to exploit huge investment opportunities in Pakistan as there is huge potential for investment in every sector of the economy in the country. The minister should understand that every country welcomes foreign investment with both hands, but the investors want certain conditions to invest their money in new ... Read More »

Islamization of banking system

The banking system in Pakistan is another legacy of the colonial era, which is often in direct conflict with the teaching of Islam. It is a matter of faith to change the prevailing financial system which is based on capitalism and exploitation. Various efforts have been made since the inception of Pakistan to introduce Islamic banking in the country and ... Read More »

Want of stimulation package

The government needs to introduce a stimulation package to spur economic activities in the country as the nation is heading toward financial crisis in a couple years when it will start repayment of loans to the international donor agencies. Besides, the country has been witnessing an education revolution for the last one decade as the government, private and public sector ... Read More »

Myth of strong foreign exchange reserves

The government policymakers are thumping their chestson the increase of foreign exchange reserves from $6.64 billion in June 2013 to nearly$20 billion in October 2015 as the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz has crossed almost half of the term at the helm. The PML-N government had entered a three-year loan programme in the first quarter of fiscal year 2013-14 with the International ... Read More »

Construction sector as driving force

In its latest report, Standard and Poor’s, an international rating agency, has referred to the construction sector of the country as one of the components essential for the growth of the economy. The agency projects the economic growth of the country at 4.5 percent from 2015 to 2018 provided the flow of remittances continues at the current rate, electricity supply ... Read More »

Why CPEC is important

A World Bank report projects the expected increase in the foreign investment in Pakistan to 15.4 percent of the gross domestic products by 2017 after the completion of the projects related to the energy and infrastructure development under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). According to the report, various businessmen in Canada, the United States, Australia and European Union have shown ... Read More »

Latest World Bank report

Pakistan has been facing very odd situations since its inception – most of the time self-made and self-inflicted. The present government claims the credit of all the positive signs appearing in the country’s economy, but ignores to accept responsibility of its failures in various other fronts. At a time when the world economies are open up to foreign investment, Pakistan ... Read More »

Import of LNG from Qatar

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) is expected to give a go-ahead signal to the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources to sign an enormous deal worth $16 billion with the Qatar government to import liquefied natural gas (LNG). The US energy giant ExxonMobil and French firm Total, which share parts of the Qatar Petroleum, are also willing to supply gas ... Read More »

Low tax-to-GDP ratio

A tussle between the government and the business community is going on on the issue of withholding tax on bank transactions. The problem is not in a decision but in the method of its implementation. Despite having all the resources under its control such as policymakers, technocrats and more precisely a skilled manpower, the government often opts for “royal” decrees ... Read More »

Inviting US investors

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has invited US entrepreneurs to invest in Pakistan and take benefits of his government’s liberal policies which provide lucrative incentives to the foreign investors. According to him, three factors make Pakistan the most attractive investment destination all over the world as it offers perfect land, ideal geographical location and highly skilled and educated workforce. Addressing a ... Read More »