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Pakistan’s first in-depth newspaper that presents balanced news reports, analysis and reviews regarding Customs, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and Sales/Income Tax Departments beside covering import and export sectors comprehensively. Up-to-the-minute news bulletins regarding Customs and FBR departments are also displayed regularly on both website and face book for the interest of common people

Dilemma of structural reforms

The economy of Pakistan has been facing structural problems for the last many decades and needs structural reforms to move on the right track. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, in his first address to the nation after his faction of the Pakistan Muslim League won the elections, had said that his agenda was economy, economy and economy. Now consuming two third ... Read More »

Iron, gold and copper deposits in Chiniot

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has called the discovery of the huge mineral reserves near Chiniot district in Punjab as the great treasure which could change the lot of this nation. He announced the presence of rich deposits of copper, iron and gold contrary to former Punjab chief minister Chaudhry Pervez Elahi’s claims that the iron ore found in Chiniot is ... Read More »

Halal food market

Pakistan’s share is only around $28 million or just 0.5 percent of the total global halal food trade. A quarter of the world population is Muslim and Pakistan ranks 18th in the index of the halal meat production with a capacity to produce 650,402 tons chicken meat, 73,000 tons buffalo meat, 70,600 tons cattle meat, 270,000 tons goat meat and ... Read More »

Challenges to national economy

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has depicted a rosy picture of the economy and expressed the government’s resolve to confront the challenges facing the nation. He claims that 22 world financial institutions have projected the country’s economy as stable and the government has brought down the budget deficit from 8.8 percent to 4.3 percent of the gross domestic product. However, many ... Read More »

Potentials of regional economy

After suffering years of isolation, lifting of sanctions has heralded a new era of economic opportunities in Iran. Despite pressure from Zionists lobbies in the United States and pro-Israel stance of the European nations, Iran is emerging as a new economic power in the region having close economic relations with Russia and the south American countries. China, which is fast ... Read More »

Impact of human rights violations on economy

The terms of good or bad governance only apply when the government has the will and power to implement its writ across the board without giving least consideration to political expediencies. However, every government in the country seems to be marred by conflicts and confusions on every subject matter whether it is the economy, security or even the administrative affairs. ... Read More »

Revenue loss in mismanagement

A study paper of the International Monetary Fund reveals startling facts about the level of mismanagement in Pakistan which cost the nation Rs 3.3 trillion a year. The amount is higher than the annual tax collections and vindicates the government of its tax amnesty scheme. The current tax-to-GDP ratio in the country is 11.5 percent against tax capacity of 22.3 ... Read More »

LNG import

According to newspaper reports, the Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet has authorised the state-owned oil company to sign a deal with the Qatar government to import Liquefied Natural Gas to the country after the later agreed to cut its sale price to 13.39 percent of Brent. The deal will cost Pakistan $15 billion, spanning over 15 years from 2016 ... Read More »

Economy in global perspective

It is a common rhetoric in the official circles that Pakistan is on the verge of economic take off, but piling up debts, electricity shortage and law and order situation in various parts of the country come as a big hurdle in exploiting the huge potentials the country offers in the fields of trade and investment. The country has also ... Read More »

Power generation issue

Most of the government institutions in the country have become white elephants, causing annual loss to the tune of billions of rupees to the national exchequer. In others, the government officials have been given a free hand to fleece the people at their will and the Water and Power Authority is not an exception. Industry needs electricity, but per unit ... Read More »

Coal-based power project and global warming

According to newspaper reports, the federal and the Sindh governments have jointly envisaged coal mining and power generation projects involving local and foreign investors. A consortium led by China Machinery Engineering Corporation is ready to finance the coal-based power plant with two 330-megawatt units in Thar and a coal mining project for power generation. The Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company ... Read More »

Govt deserves kudos

The government has made a right decision at the right time by rejecting proposed amendments to the agreement on agriculture at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) which could prove to be boon for a few countries but bane for the others. According to an announcement made by the Ministry of Commerce, Pakistan has nullified efforts to amend the agreement on ... Read More »

New tranche of IMF loan programme

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has approved tenth loan tranche of the $6.2 billion loan programme apparently after the government bowed to its dictation and slapped Rs 40 billion additional taxes on the people to meet the shortfall in tax revenues. The history of loans, which started in 1951, reveals a compelling fact that the governments after governments in Pakistan ... Read More »

TAPI gas pipeline, challenges

The dream of regional integration has been transforming into a reality after leaders of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India joined hands in Mary city of Turkmenistan to formally launch the historic TAPI gas pipeline project. The project, which will cost $10 billion, will be completed by 2019 and will ensure supply of 1325mmcfd (million cubic feet per day) natural gas ... Read More »

Report on Global Microscope 2015

According to a report of the Economist magazine’s intelligence unit, the Global Microscope 2015, the financial inclusion ranking of the country has been elevated to number five in the global index on financial inclusion, two points up from its level in 2014. The report attributes the two point improvement to the top level commitment, consistency, and major financial inclusion initiatives ... Read More »

Declining exports

According to newspaper reports, the total exports of the country have further nosedived by 13.81 percent to $8.541 billion during the first five months, from July to November, of the current fiscal year. The total exports stood at $9.909 billion during the same period in the previous fiscal year. Experts hold the government responsible for the declining trends in exports ... Read More »

Dar’s narratives

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, the chief of staff of Nawaz Sharif on finance and economy, has boasted of the foreign exchange reserves which have crossed $21 billion due to what he believes dynamic policies of the government. He hopes a sustained pace of growth will turn Pakistan into an economically sovereign state by 2018, the year when the mandate of ... Read More »

Pak, China economic ties

Some top economists and social scientists have projected fasts economic growth in China, predicting that China will overtake the United States as the world’s leading economy by 2025. The United States has been reigning as undisputed economic power for the last over a century but its dominance is drawing to a close keeping in view the pace of development in ... Read More »

Poor water management

When it comes to water management, the policymakers are as worse as they are in financial discipline, industrial management and other economic sectors. Water is life but growing population and depletion of water resources are emerging as the biggest challenge not only for the economy of Pakistan but also for the economies in the rest of the world. Pakistan is ... Read More »

Cancellation of Pak-India Business Forum meeting

According to newspaper reports, the government has refused to participate in a proposed meeting of the Pak-Indian Business Forum in New Delhi for security reasons fearing that the high-profile business delegates from Islamabad could be targeted by Hindu extremist groups. The Pakistani high commission in New Delhi has officially informed the Indian government about the postponement of the meeting, seeking ... Read More »