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Dar’s new push to boost exports

According to newspaper reports, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has given the go ahead to a new tax regime for five export-oriented sectors. The government has also decided to abolish sales tax on inputs in the textile sector and is likely to clear the outstanding refunds in a couple of months. The move is apparently being seen as the desperate effort ... Read More »

Bleak performance of agriculture sector

As the annual federal budget is due to be announced in the first week of June, a formal outlook of the economy shows that the government has achieved a blend of successes and failures during the year. The economic indicators show that the government has failed to achieve a growth target of 5.5 percent to its gross domestic product during ... Read More »

Declining leather exports

The leather sector is the most efficient foreign exchange earner of the country after textile sector, but the government seemed unaware of the fact that the leather exports have been declining for the last three years. The government policymakers often run out of options in quest for bringing positive changes in the economic outlook as they run after myths and ... Read More »

Economy in regional context

Participating in a panel discussion between Asia and Europe, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has pointed out the inherent resilience of the Pakistani economy which it has demonstrated on various occasions in the past and has successfully coped with security challenges, terrorism and natural calamities. According to him, Pakistan is trying to enhance regional cooperation and the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project ... Read More »

Saarc forum needs to be revived

Economic integration in the Saarc region is a dream but is destined to become a reality anytime in the future. India has already enhanced its area of influence in various countries of the region, ignoring the most important country of the Saarc region, Pakistan. Without understanding the importance of international obligations and bitter realities of the region, India has signed ... Read More »

Saying good bye to foreign loans

Fiscal independence always leads to political independence, but vicious web of loans has not only plunged the country into financial quagmire, but also staked its political independence. The country had rid itself of the International Monetary Fund during Musharraf regime, but the present government again opted for a $6.7 billion loan under a three-year extended facility programme. The makeshift arrangement ... Read More »

Prosperity without real growth

What this nation is going to make possible is to achieve prosperity without economic growth. The new housing projects in the private sector are pushing the construction industry to new heights, local, Japanese European brands cars have narrowed the streets of cities and markets are infested with imported consumer items, from smart phones to household electronics. The emerging middle class ... Read More »

Economic growth in South Asia

According to the latest report issued by the World Bank, many countries in South Asia are recording a high growth of over six percent except Pakistan, which is growing at 4.5 percent in 2016, down from 5.5 percent in 2015. However, its growth is projected at 4.8 percent in 2017 due to good performance of the industrial and services sectors ... Read More »

Question of real economic growth

At a time the government is trying to recover from the shockwaves of Panama leaks, another disappointing news has appeared in a section of the press that 60 million people are living below the poverty line in Pakistan. The startling fact has been revealed by none others but Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms Ahsan ... Read More »

Panama leaks and corruption

Panama leaks published a couple of days ago has shacked many capital around the world and revealed a startling fact that corruption is no more a local, personal or individual issue, but a global concern. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and an international coalition of media outlets investigated the trove of papers, which allegedly reveal a clandestine network of ... Read More »

Business with Italy

It is a good omen that over 40 Italian companies are interested to do business in Pakistan and are looking to explore opportunities in the local market. Italy is the member of G-8 countries, which is a group of the most industrialized nations in the world, and has huge investment in various developing countries across the globe. Many Italian companies ... Read More »

Loans vs economy

The International Monetary Fund has describe the inordinate delay in privatization of loss making public sector organizations as ‘unfortunate’. However, the fund has been going ahead with its $6.2 billion extended facility programme since September 2013 despite the failure of the government to introduce structural reforms in various sectors, including delaying the process of privatization. At least $5.5 billion have ... Read More »

Reality about macroeconomic indicators

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has claimed that macroeconomic indicators are showing a modest growth of 4.24 percent in the gross domestic product during the current fiscal year. The lower oil prices in the international market has resulted in the decline of consumer price index at 2.48 percent during July-February 2015-16 as compared to 5.45 percent in the same period last ... Read More »

Hopes from new auto policy

The government has come up with a new auto policy with a package of incentives for the European auto manufacturers to invest in the automobile sector in the country. The Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet has approved a five-year Automotive Development Policy after two and a half years of deliberations to ensure availability of vehicles at competitive rates. The ... Read More »

Need to revive gas pipeline project

The Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline project, which was once a media-hype like the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is today, went to oblivion after sanctions were imposed on Iran by the so-called ‘international community’. However, the situation has changed now and Iran is ready to enter the world economic market with full might. High hopes are pinned on the visit of Iran President ... Read More »

Next step after tax amnesty scheme

The lukewarm response to the government’s tax amnesty scheme reveals a bitter fact that the people having taxable income are not ready to enter the taxpayers’ club on easy terms. The government has extended the deadline twice without achieving the desired results and the effort that one million new taxpayers will be added into the tax net ended in fiasco. ... Read More »

World Bank loan for energy sector

According to newspaper reports, the World Bank has approved a loan of about $500 million to increase reliability and efficiency of the national transmission system after the government assured the donor agency that it will set up an independent organization to support structural reforms and improve financial, technical and commercial performance of the power sector. The government has already fulfilled ... Read More »

Effects of low oil prices

According to newspaper reports, the country will not be able to achieve the annual growth target of 5.5 percent this year mainly because of decline in cotton exports. The international financial institutions have already projected the growth in the gross domestic product at around 4.5 percent despite the fact that oil prices have recorded a significant decline this fiscal year. ... Read More »

WHT and tax amnesty scheme

According to newspaper reports, the economic coordination committee of the cabinet has decided to extend the date for concessional rate of withholding tax of 0.4 percent on banking transactions for non-filers up to the second week of March. The controversy started when the government imposed 0.6 percent withholding tax on banking transactions in the federal budget. However, in the wake ... Read More »

Power sector woes

The shortage of electricity and circular debt are two chronic issues the nation is facing for the last many years. Electricity is the basic requirement for economic development but the official hierarchy is showing bleak performance both at management as well as operational levels. At the management level, the officials have failed to come up with a workable solution to ... Read More »