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Pakistan’s first in-depth newspaper that presents balanced news reports, analysis and reviews regarding Customs, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and Sales/Income Tax Departments beside covering import and export sectors comprehensively. Up-to-the-minute news bulletins regarding Customs and FBR departments are also displayed regularly on both website and face book for the interest of common people

CPEC and Port Efficiency

The overall Global market activities are firming as anticipated. Manufacturing and trade are gaining momentum, investment confidence is improving, and international financing conditions also remain benevolent. As per the Global Economic Prospects (2017) the international growth is projected to increase to 2.7 percent by the end of year 2017. Whereas, it is also expected that the year 2018-19 would witness ... Read More »

Pakistan Economic Survey 2016-17

  Unveiled by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, Pakistan Economic Survey for the year 2016-17 shows the government has missed some vital economic targets but growth has finally returned to the country after years of recession and the total volume of the gross domestic product has crossed $300 billion. The overall economic growth of the country has been recorded at 5.28 ... Read More »

Border management a biggest challenge facing customs dept: Collector Saifuddin Junejo

KARACHI: The border management is one of the biggest challenges of our times and customs administrations all around the world are facing it with appropriate response. While talking to Customs Today exclusively, the collector said that the efficient and effective border management ensures security and smooth trade flow – import, export and transit of goods. The generally accepted mission of ... Read More »

CPEC to become lifeline of national economy: Collector Saeed Akram

KARACHI: Collector, Model Customs Collectorate MCC Gwadar Saeed Akram says China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is fast becoming life line of Pakistan. The size of the CPEC has been increased to more than $55 billion after China agreed to upgrade the main railway line from Karachi to Peshawar at a cost of $8bn. Major portion of CPEC program will be ... Read More »

Economy in the dock

The government ministers never feel a tinge of conscience when they lie to the nation about so-called economic development of the country. Since the present government came to power three years ago, exports started falling, industry began declining and debt burden is ever increasing. People are constantly being told that good days are ahead when electricity supply will be improved, ... Read More »

Closure of textile city

According to news reports, the Finance Division has obtained the approval of the prime minister to wind up the company which was responsible for the development of the Pakistan Textile City in Karachi. The prime minister has constituted a committee to prepare recommendations for the appropriate steps leading to the closure of the project. However, the National Assembly Committee on ... Read More »

Praise for equity market

At a time the country’s economy is facing multiple challenges, an international magazine has declaredthe Pakistan’s equity market as the best in Asia as it has been showing better performance than China and India for the last one year. According to Forbes, the trade fund of the Pakistan’s Stock Exchange increased by 16 percent in one year whereas the fund ... Read More »

Rising trade deficit

The trade deficit of the country crossed 8.4 percent during the financial year 2015-16 as exports have been declining drastically for the last three years. According to the latest trade data, the trade deficit increased to $9.3 billion during the first four months of the current financial year as imports grew by six percent during the period. The major items ... Read More »

Indian hostility to mar regional peace

An increasingly hostile posture by the Indian government has not only been putting a question mark on the future of Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project,but also giving a severe blow to efforts to achieve the regional integration and meet the growing demands of energy for the countries in the region. The project involves many countries, including Malaysia and China which are ... Read More »

Trade within Saarc

According to newspaper reports, trade volume within the member states of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperationis only 5 percent of the total regional trade after around three decades of the establishment of this forum. The figure also shows the member states have miserably failed to overcome their political differences and are still hostages to their bitter past. At ... Read More »

Implications of new World Bank loan

Pakistan has again sought a loan of $650 million from the World Bank to improve education, health and water conditions while a portion of the money will be spent on the disaster management in the country.At least $300million will be spent in low-performing districts of Punjab to ensure enrolment of one million out-of-school children besides capacity building of the government ... Read More »

Trade with US

As the US Secretary of State John Kerry is hobnobbing with Indian officials to consolidate trade and defense relations with New Delhi, aUS trade official for South Asia, Michael Delaney, is visiting Islamabad and has urged Pakistan to remove all the barriers which hinder business and trade relations between the two countries.In New Delhi, the United States and India have ... Read More »

Real estate sector

The government is apparently working in full gear to infringe upon every sector of the economy these days instead of supporting the business and trade activities to enhance its revenue through taxes and duties. The pathetic part of the situation is that it is trying to fix the scheme of things through bureaucratic manners and spoil the broth. As it ... Read More »

Pakistani wealth in Swiss banks

According to the latest data released by the Swiss National Bank, Pakistanis have stashed 1.5 billion francs in Swiss banks which shows a 16 percent rise in the deposits since 2015. However, the total Pakistan related funds stood at a record high level of 3.43 billion francs in 2001, which has now come down by half since then. On another ... Read More »

Tax exemptions for IT industry

The government has extended tax exemptions for another three years to boost information technology sector in the country. The step is taken at a time when every sector of the economy is under pressure due to various reasons. Pakistan has robust IT industry. Hundreds of thousands of young professionals are engaged in the business and earning billions of dollars foreign ... Read More »

Business with Iran

Iran is emerging as new economic power in the region and is expecting foreign investments of up to $185 billion in its oil and gas sector in coming years. Pakistan has signed gas pipeline dealt with Iran, India is investing in Chabahar port and China wants its share of business in that country by connecting with new Silk Road. Wary ... Read More »

Investment opportunities in Gwadar

According to newspaper reports, the Asian Development Bank is awaiting a formal request from the federal government to invest in the development projects in Gwadar as work on the construction of a free industrial zone has already started in the city. The ADB and various other financial institutions are keen to invest in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the ... Read More »

Need to attract foreign direct investment

Pakistan is probably the only country in the world which is resisting to become a developed economy despite the fact that all the indicators in its favour. Pakistan is the 6th largest populated country in the world, 26th largest economy with regard to purchasing power parity, have vast agriculture land, a strong cottage industry, huge mineral and coal reservoirs, and ... Read More »

$6 billion ADB loan

The Asian Development Bank has recently approved a $6 billion loan programme for Pakistan to complete various infrastructure projects in the country. The programme, which is spanning over five years’ time period, covers construction of Motorway, improvement of railway tracks and construction of a 660-megawatt coal power project in Jamshoro. Pakistan is facing an annual shortfall of around 4,000 megawatts ... Read More »

Chronic energy crisis

The country has been facing chronic energy crisis for the last over three decades and the successive governments in Islamabad have failed to take concrete steps to bolster energy supplies. Pakistan has lost precious time — one and half decade of General Pervez Musharraf and Asif Ali Zardari’s tenures – when it could have constructed new dams and find alternative ... Read More »