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New Zealand

NZ Customs seizes $22m methampetamine, second biggest smuggling attempt

WALIGTON: The second largest methamphetamine border seizure in New Zealand’s history means a very large quantity of harmful drugs will not make it to New Zealand streets these holidays, says Customs Minister Nicky Wagner. On 5 December, Customs intercepted approximately 22.6 kilograms of methamphetamine, worth over $22 million. The drugs were hidden in the cargo of an international flight that ... Read More »

Lyttelton port buys 27-hectar land for develping inlaind container hub

WELLINGTON: The Lyttelton Port New Zealand has bought land in Rolleston, southwest of Christchurch, where it will develop an inland container hub. The 27-hectare site would be used as an exchange point for containers heading in and out of the port by road and rail. The port’s Chief Executive Peter Davie said Rolleston was an ideal location because of its ... Read More »

Online Christmas shopping: NZ Customs sets duty free limit to $6o   

WELLINGTON: On the eve of Christmas many people around the world started shopping online to send presents to their dear ones. The trend is practicing is New Zealand on a large scale as well. Seeking the trend Customs department impose import tax shopping exceeding $60 instead of   imports law showed duty free limit under $400. People who bought their presents ... Read More »

US, Cuba trade embargo settlement to effect NZ-Cuba trade

WELLINGTON: After the US President Barack Obama has announced a move to normalise relations between the United States and Cuba, saying it is time to “cut loose the shackles of the past”. The end of the United States’ trade embargo with Cuba will have little effect on New Zealand, an international trade expert says. Sarah Salmond, head of international trade ... Read More »

NZ Customs asks agencies to switch to online transactions by 2017

WELLINGTON: Customs of New Zealand was thinking to split country to statistics, which uses the data from departure cards and hoped to chart a way forward early next year, she said. For this purpose Customs has ordered all the government agencies to shift their as many transactions as they can from paper to digital channels by 2017. Rooting around for ... Read More »

NZ sets new tobacco limit: Customs collects $259,000 revenue on 810kg seized cigarettes    

WELLINGTON: New Zealand Customs Department has set a new limit of tobacco carrying at airports has set the fir among the travelers. The duty free limit has been change from 200 to 50 cigarettes. The change has resulted in $259,000 in tobacco revenue being raised. Inspecting the tobacco stockpile left with New Zealand Customs as a result of duty free ... Read More »

Lawyer of NZ’s alleged drug smuggler demands interrogation in his presence

BALI: Human Rights lawyer Craig Tuck  has been appointed as the lawyer of alleged New Zealand national drug smuggler Antony de Malmanche to defend his case facing the death penalty in Bali. Carig Tuck has concerned over police interrogated his client without his present. Antony Glen de Malmanche, 52, from Wanganui, was arrested at the international airport in Denpasar on December ... Read More »

74 fraud-related charges: Kiwi investment adviser Paul Mount sentenced for 6 years

WELLINGTON: Investment adviser Anthony Paul Mount was sentenced for six years and nine months in the Nelson District Court after being found guilty of 74 fraud-related charges, including theft by a person in a special relationship and obtaining by deception. The police during his trial said that Mount stole $510,617 from his clients over a decade by inflating the purchase ... Read More »

NZ dollar shows slight decline in value

WELLINGTON: The New Zealand dollar was little changed ahead of the next Global Dairy Trade auction, the first since dairy exporter Fonterra Cooperative Group slashed its forecast payout for the current season in the face of falling milk prices. The New Zealand dollar pared overnight gains in local trading as investors look to the outcome , local time, of the ... Read More »

New Zealand expects 2.8% YoY rise in economic growth   

WELLINGTON: New Zealand economy seems to be achieving high level as unemployment will continue falling from 6 percent in the year to March 2014 to 5.4 percent by next March and 4.5 per cent in March 2019. Economic growth is expected to average a historically high annual rate of 2.8 percent over the next five years, although growth will peak in ... Read More »

China delays case hearing of Kiwi smuggler

WELLINGTON: The New Zealand man Peter Gardner, 25 has been detained in Guangzhou, China, accused of smuggling 30kg of methamphetamine out of China may have to wait longer than thought to learn his fate. Gardner’s detention exceeds 37day, which is the longest amount of time Chinese authorities kept a person without releasing or charging them. But New Zealand’s Ministry of ... Read More »

New Zealand port workers demand 18pc rise in pay

WELLINGTON: Two hundred workers at Lyttelton Port are refusing to work overtime as they fight for an increase in their wages. The port is offering a 2 percent pay rise, but the workers said that was not enough and pointed to the 18 percent increase the port’s chief executive, Peter Davie, got this year. The industrial action is being taken ... Read More »

New Zealand man accused of smuggling drugs into Indonesia

INDONESIA: A Kiwi man accused of smuggling drugs into Bali insists he is innocent and has been set up by others. Antony De Malmanche, a 52 year old man welfare recipient from Whanganui, says he is the victim of a sophisticated dating scam involving a fictitious woman, a gang of drug smugglers and 1.7kg of methamphetamines. But Bali police insist ... Read More »

New Zealand citizen makes home delivery of drugs bought online

WELLINGTON: New Zealand Customs wedged three uncertain packages this week, which contained 201 ecstasy pills and 16 grams of cannabis and were sent to the buyer’s address through home delivery. However, the culprit’s lawyer defended the case by using ‘Pizza Delivery Defense’. The New Zealand Herald reports that Daniel Wayne Fowler, 23, pleads guilty to importing a class B drug ... Read More »