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Cocaine seizures at the Port of Rotterdam skyrocket, already surpassing 2018 figures

Even with nearly two months left to go in the year, authorities at the Port of Rotterdam this year have already surpassed the record amount of cocaine caught there in 2018, according to an investigation by De Telegraaf. Some 23 thousand kilograms of cocaine was intercepted at the largest port in Europe, a 28 percent increase over the 18 thousand ... Read More »

Dutch Olympic athlete jailed for drugs smuggling by German court

A Dutch Olympic athlete has been jailed for 8.5 years in Germany for drugs smuggling. Madiea Ghafoor, who was part of the 2016 Olympic squad and the Dutch 4×400 metre team, was arrested on June 18 after a routine police check near the German border with Arnhem. The drugs, including 50 kilos of crystal meth and ecstasy, were found in ... Read More »

Drug smugglers caught hiding cannabis in stacks of pizza cheese

A plan by two Dutch men to hide half a tonne of cannabis in piles of pizza cheese was foiled when they were caught at the UK border. Henrik Ruben, 28, and Dominic Leeman, 30, attempted to smuggle drugs with a street value of £5m in two shipments of cheese, the National Crime Agency said. The pair were caught when ... Read More »

Dutch Big Business Profited Massively From Tax Relief Since 2008

Big businesses in the Netherlands paid significantly less taxes between 2008 and 2017. The so-called tax burden, the tax that large companies actually pay, decreased from 22.9 percent to 17.1 percent in the past year, while the rates have not changed, Statistics Netherlands concluded in a study commissioned by the parliamentary committee on finance. The stats office also found that ... Read More »

Prosecutors Push Up To 10 Years For €22m Cocaine Bust Hidden In Frozen Fish

Prosecutors alleged that a group of seven men were at least partly responsible for the importation of approximately 1,125 kilograms of cocaine hidden inside a shipment of frozen fish. The cocaine entered the Netherlands at the Port of Rotterdam and was then tracked to a worksite in Zaandam in July 2018. The drugs carried a street value of roughly 22 ... Read More »

Taghi Part Of “Super Cartel” Controlling Third Of Eu Cocaine Trafficking: Report

The police believe that fugitive Ridouan Taghi is part of a “super cartel” that controls around a third of the cocaine trade in Europe, AD reports based on police documents in its possession. Other members of this “super cartel” include leaders from the Italian, Irish and Bosnian mafias, the newspaper writes. According to AD, the authenticity of the documents in ... Read More »

Amsterdam to focus on people’s resilience in fight against drug crime

Amsterdam is stepping up the fight against drug crime with a package of measures focused on making neighborhoods and their residents more resilient, and on “actively disrupting” drug dealing. Dealers will be tackled at their hangouts and garage boxes, and young people who are in danger of entering the drug world will be better monitored, the city said in a ... Read More »

13 arrested in UK in British-Dutch drug ring bust

The British police arrested 13 people an investigation into drug trafficking from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom. The British and Dutch gang suspected of being behind this operation is believed to have smuggled over 50 tons of drugs from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom, AD reports. The British National Crime Agency believes this is the largest drug smuggling ... Read More »

Wage rises reach highest level in ten years but are eaten up by inflation

Pay rises agreed in collective bargaining with unions averaged 2.6% in the previous three months, the biggest rise in 10 years, national statistics agency CBS said. The biggest jump is for people working in the construction sector, where wages will rise by 4%, the CBS said. Hospitality industry wages will go up an average of 3.7%. The CBS warns that ... Read More »

Police fishing around aquarium shipment find liquid cocaine

An unusual delivery of live fish caught the attention of Amsterdam police hook, line, and sinker. Investigating officers found the aquatic animals swimming around hidden compartments filled with liquid cocaine. It started on Sept. 4 when police officers on stakeout witnessed dozens of boxes being loaded into vans at Schiphol airport. The delivery vehicles left a holding area for animal ... Read More »

Rotterdam man arrested for cocaine trafficking linked to missing person

A 27-year-old man from Rotterdam was arrested in the investigation into a large batch of cocaine seized at the port of Rotterdam early. The police think that this batch of cocaine may also be linked to the disappearance of Mohamed Anaya, who disappeared from Rotterdam. Customs officers discovered the 720 kilograms of cocaine hidden in a banana shipment from Ecuador ... Read More »

Dutch man cleared of smuggling cocaine into Newlyn

A man has been cleared of helping to smuggle cocaine with a street value of £130m into Cornwall on a yacht. The Dutch registered Marcia was escorted into Newlyn harbour by UK Border Force last July. Dutchman Emile Schoemaker was not told about the drugs onboard and knew nothing of the smuggling plot, his trial at Bristol Crown Court heard. ... Read More »

Spending power crept up 0.3% last year, despite rise in economic growth

Spending power rose just 0.3% last year, despite the strong economy which grew 2.7%, according to new figures from national statistics office CBS. The increase in spending power was the lowest since the end of the economic crisis in 2013 and 48% of the population actually had less to spend, the CBS said. People in jobs saw their spending power ... Read More »

Come get your misplaced cocaine, say Rotterdam police

The Rotterdam police are looking for the person who misplaced a backpack on Witte de Withstraat on Friday night. The backpack contained multiple phones and a “a large amount of cocaine”. The police invite the owner to come pick up his bag. “Come and visit the Doelwater police station”, the Rotterdam police said on Twitter. This was only one of ... Read More »

Thai Court sentenced coffeeshop owner to 75 years in cassation

Johan van Laarhoven, a Dutch man who used to own coffeeshops The Grass Company in the Netherlands, was sentenced to 75 years in prison in cassation in Thailand. No further appeal is possible against this ruling, making the sentence final, his lawyer said to RTL Nieuws. It is important that the trial in Thailand has now come to an official ... Read More »

Criminal facilitators bust: 6 arrests, over €1.4 mil. in items seized

In a major investigation into so-called criminal facilitators, the FIOD uncovered a large network of drug, weapons and anabolic steroids traffickers. Six people from Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, Utrecht and Flevoland were arrested over the past months. The FIOD seized 450 thousand euros in cash and bank balances, and over a million euros worth of ecstasy, steroids and medicines, AD reports. The ... Read More »

Arrested customs officer linked to second suspected drug transport

A customs officer who was arrested in for releasing a container with 1,500 kilograms of cocaine inside, is also suspected of helping criminals import a large batch of drugs in at least one other case, the Public Prosecutor said during a pro-forma hearing against Hassan O. on Wednesday, NOS reports. Investigation into O. showed that he released a container through ... Read More »

Dutch athlete arrested in Germany with 13 kilos meth, 43 kilos ecstasy

A Dutch athlete is currently in custody in Germany after she was caught with a very large amount of drugs and cash on her. Madiea G. was arrested with dozens of kilograms of ecstasy and crystal meth and 12 thousand euros in cash in her car, AD reports. The German court announced on Wednesday that the athlete had 13.19 kilograms ... Read More »

Dutch man arrested in large German dark web drug bust

The German authorities arrested a total of 11 suspects, including a Dutch national and two persons from Poland, while shutting down Germany’s largest online drug shop called ‘Chemical Revolution’, the General Prosecutor’s Office in Frankfurt announced. The detainees are suspected drug trafficking and other drug related crimes. This investigation was launched with the arrest of a 26-year-old German in the ... Read More »

Drug ring suspected of smuggling 13kg cocaine from Netherlands to Finland

Police have concluded a pre-trial investigation into a group of smugglers they suspect of importing 13kg of cocaine into Finland from the Netherlands. Police said they seized more than 800g of cocaine during the probe. Police suspect that the cocaine was smuggled from the Netherlands to the southern Finnish city of Tampere. The drug was mainly distributed in Tampere, but ... Read More »