Wednesday , August 12 2020
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CAA charging extra amount as “round figures”  

CAA charging extra amount as “round figures”  

ISLAMABAD: Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) officials deputed at airport charging extra amount as airport tax in the name of “round figures” for issuing “Boarding Pass” while the officials have no documentary evidence or official notification to prove his stance authentic, is it learnt here.

According to details a recent video of a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) official of overcharging passengers at Islamabad International Airport has gone viral on social media; widely shared video shows a CAA official at Islamabad airport charging extra airport tax in the name of “round figures”. In the video, a passenger is being asked to pay Rs. 368 in tax by the desk officer for issuing “Boarding Pass”.

When the passenger gave him Rs1000, the officer returned Rs600, deducting Rs400 instead of Rs368. When the passenger demands to return the remaining amount, the official explained that they are charging the tax in the ’round figures’. The official refused to return the remaining amount despite protest by the individual. “We are charging the tax in the round figure and this is our policy,” the official stated.

It is important to mention here that over or extra charging is not a big deal in Pakistan everywhere in the country customers are exploited with such a hidden charges or taxes with any notified documents but charging extra at an international airport of the country, which is frequently visited by high officials, influential and well-connected people is rare.