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Brazil’s iron ore exports rises in Mar 2015

Brazil’s iron ore exports rises in Mar 2015

BRASILIA: According to latest trade data published by the Secretariat of Foreign Trade (SECEX) of Brazil, the country’s iron ore exports surged higher during the month of March this year. China remained the top export destination, accounting for 48% of the total iron-ore exports by Brazil during the month.

The country’s exports of iron ore during Mar ’15 totaled 30.783 million mt, 25.8% higher when compared with the exports during Mar ‘14. Brazil had exported 24.467 million mt of iron ore during March last year. Brazil exported 26.224 million mt of non-agglomerated iron ore (lumps and fines), 29.66% higher when compared with 20.235 million mt during March last year. The agglomerated iron ore (pellets) exports were up by 7.7% over the previous year at 4.559 million mt during March 2015.

The value of exports totaled $ 1,387.464 million, down by 42% when compared with the total export value of $ 3,205 million recorded during Mar ’14. The average price per tonne dropped significantly by 53.9% from $97.8 per tonne in Mar ‘14 to $45.10 per tonne in Mar ‘15.

The largest export destination of Brazilian iron ore during March this year was China. The exports to China totaled 14.636 million tonnes. In second place was Japan with 2.552 million mt, followed by Malaysia with 1.925 million mt.

The other key importers of Brazil’s iron ore were S. Korea (1.227 million mt), Oman (1.174 million mt), Netherlands (1.164 million mt), Philippines (1.147 million mt), France (926,000 mt) and Taiwan (790,000 mt).