Friday , July 10 2020
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Blu-ray discs to improve efficiency of solar panels

ENGLAND: Blu-ray discs have been recognized for storing some of the best excellence cinema and TV shows, though a new study has exposed that they could be used for another purpose. Researchers at Northwestern University have indicated that Blu-ray discs can be used to improve solar cell performances in conditions of efficiency. Solar cells are one of the most promising sources of renewable energy, however their cost to power output is quite low and would only be worth it in the long term.
Scientists, engineers and researchers alike have been searching for a way to improve the efficiency of solar cells in hopes of adopting a renewable source of energy. A professor at the McCormick School of Engineering has mentioned that their prediction that Blu-ray discs would improve solar cell efficiency turned out to be true as the results have been promising.
According to the study, the pattern or the data on the Blu-ray discs allow for better absorption of light allowing for a better performance in solar cells. A group researchers tested to see if the type of data stored would affect the efficiency of the Blu-ray discs solar cell performance, so far the data has indicated that there are no changes meaning the data stored is irrelevant to the performance. To further the study, they have tested whether or not a pattern affects the performance, when removing any pattern or data, the efficiency has decreased. A Blu-ray disc with some random pattern will allow for better solar cell efficiency, whether this was intended by the creators of Blu-ray discs or not, it surely helps.
The material used to create solar cells are one of the most important components and plays a big role when increasing the efficiency of light absorption, this new study has indicated that the material used in Blu-ray discs is another option to consider and could make the adoption of solar cells that much more popular.
Blu-ray discs and solar cells are some of the most innovative solutions to certain problems, it turns out that Blu-ray discs can be used to improve solar cells. Although Blu-ray discs were designed to be used to store large amounts of data to play quality movies and TV shows, scientists are considering the use of Blu-ray discs in solar cells to further improve its performance.