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iPhone7 available with latest gadgets , waterproof, solar-powered, A8 chip

LONDON: Most  Android devices are waterproof or water-resistant up to some degree. Apple has never added such a gadgets on its iconic smartphone. Company made  the iPhone 7 waterproof after the iPhone 6 was released without this added layer of protection. A waterproof device would allow users to handle their smartphones in the rain or other wet environment without hesitation. ... Read More »

FBI, National Intelligence call Sony hack most serious attack against US

LOS ANGELES: US Director of National Perspicacity James Clapper has verbally expressed the recent cyber attack against Sony Pictures, which Washington has inculpated on North Korea, is the most solemn such attack ever against US intrigues. Clapper verbally expressed the private sector needs to patch software apertures and segment data to forefend against further attacks. He withal verbally expressed the ... Read More »

‘The Interview’ becomes Sony’s top online film, earns $31 million

NEWYORK: Sony Pictures “The Interview” has made more than $31 million from its online and on-demand release, according to the studio. Guardians of Tranquility’ hackers invoked the 9/11 attacks in their most chilling threat yet against Sony Pictures, admonishing the Hollywood studio not to relinquish a film which has vexed North Korea. Here’s how much ‘The Interview’ is going to ... Read More »

Testing smart glasses with three-point sensors

BERLIN: What transpires when a company that makes antediluvian spectacles endeavors smart glasses? You get something like Meme, from Japanese glasses maker JINS. So while there are no cameras or infrared sensors, Meme is able to monitor blinks and ocular perceiver kineticism in eight directions. How? Three-point electroocculography sensors, residing inside the two nosepads and one on the bridge of ... Read More »

13 students at Dalhousie University suspended for posting remarks against women on Facebook

SASKATOON: These days a simple online post could influence your future. Sharing anything online comes with risks and yet, many don’t cerebrate twice afore posting. Aaron Streck optically canvasses the life-altering consequences of posting something offensive or worse. Posting the erroneous thing to gregarious media could result in life-altering consequences, according to a professional in Saskatoon. Posting degrading comments about ... Read More »

Philips, Sharp, Sony to run Android TV as Google’s effort to get foothold in living room pays off

CALIFORNIA: Google’s years-long effort to get a foothold in the living room is conclusively paying off. The search pioneer has promulgated that TVs from Sharp, Sony and TP Vision (aka Philips) will all run Android TV when they arrive this spring. Both Sharp and Sony will have multiple 4K models utilizing the cyber world-savvy software, and every single Philips set ... Read More »

Mercedes-Benz unveils connected, self-driving concept car

LAS VEGAS: Germany’s Daimler AG wants to reset consumers’ prospects about self-driving cars with its futuristic Mercedes-Benz F 015 concept, unveiled Monday evening at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. “The car is growing beyond its role as a mere betokens of convey and will ultimately become a mobile living space.” Until now, automakers such as Daimler and ... Read More »

Mark Zuckerberg launches reading project, creates Facebook page

NEWYORK: Mark Zuckerberg wants to integrate a little more “book” to Facebook. The Facebook founder and CEO promulgated on his page recently that he has vowed to read a book every other week in 2015, with an accentuation on learning about different credences, cultures and technologies. Zuckerberg engendered a page called “A Year of Books” and urged his friends to join him ... Read More »

South Korea’s LG plans to increase capacity of OLED panels for TVs

SEOUL: South Korea’s LG Exhibit Co Ltd plans to increment engenderment capacity of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels for TVs, seeking magnification in an incipient technology field that its rivals have dismissed as still too expensive to prosper. On Tuesday, LG Exhibit verbalized it would more than quadruple the monthly engenderment capacity of OLED TV panels to 34,000 units by ... Read More »

Toyota to encourage others to use its patented technologies for free

LAS VEGAS: Go ahead, peek at our patents. Toyota will allow others to use several thousand of its patented or patent-pending technologies for free to speed the development of its hydrogen-powered car dubbed the Mirai, due to be sold in the U.S. by October. Becoming James Bond may be easier than you think in the future. Connected cars, like a BMW ... Read More »

Honeywell trying to launch home security system

TORONTO: After Nest’s thermostat ostensibly caught it off sentinel, Honeywell came back solidly with its own snappy-looking Lyric thermostat. Now the home control veteran is endeavoring to build some more momentum with the launch of its second Lyric product: a “professional grade” home security system. It includes cameras, plus intruder, kineticism and smoke detectors, all controlled by a touchscreen controller. ... Read More »

Apple to get a sneak look at apple standard smartwatch specs

DUBLIN: Apple’s forthcoming smartwatch poses a conundrum for advertisers but advertisers see potential. They particularly like a watch feature that Apple calls “Force Push” that activates when a user taps the screen with extra pressure, opening up a menu with up to four actions. They envision coupons that when tapped can show directions to a store. Ad executives hope that ... Read More »

iOS 8 users file lawsuit against Apple over lack of storage space

TORONTO: Apple is facing licit action over the amount of recollection required by its latest mobile operating system iOS 8, after many users had trouble installing the update due to its size. Users with 8GB or 16GB contrivances had quandaries as the update took up a sizably voluminous chunk of their devices’ storage. The suit claims Apple failed to tell ... Read More »

Sony offers discounts to gamers after PlayStation hack on Christmas Day

TORONTO – Following the Christmas Day cyber-attack that took PlayStation’s network offline for days, Sony is endeavoring to make good with gamers by offering a five-day extension on PlayStation Plus memberships. “Since access to PlayStation Network was impacted during the holidays, we wanted to show our appreciation for your patience by offering all PlayStation Plus members that had an active ... Read More »

Xiaomi doubles revenue to $12 billion as phone sales triple

TAIWAN: Expeditious-growing Chinese tech firm Xiaomi Technology Ltd Co [XTC.UL] booked 74.3 billion Yuan in pre-tax sales last year, up 135 percent from 2013, the firm’s chief executive Lei Jun verbally expressed on his official microblog account on Sunday. The figures avails shine light on the rapid magnification of the privately-held tech firm which has risen to become the world’s ... Read More »

Philips uses Bluetooth speakers to add physical pop to music

BERLIN: Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen these days, so incipient products need an extra bit ofzing to make an impression on us. The FL3X is a pocket-sized circular speaker with sides that can be pulled out, transforming it from a disc into a diminutive cylinder that distributes richer bass than many kindred-sized portable speakers. Getting the speakers to ... Read More »

China’s Huawei predicts $46 billion annual sales revenues

EIJING: Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei Technologies [HWT.UL] expects advances in cloud computing and higher demand for keenly intellective contrivances to have hoisted 2014 sales revenue by 15 percent to $46 billion, CEO Ken Hu verbalized in an incipient year’s message on the company’s website. The Shenzhen-predicated company, for which three executives share CEO obligations in six-month rotation, had verbally ... Read More »

HTC takes step back with Desire Ocular perceiver

MOROCCO: The 2014 was the year that the word “selfie” conclusively and maybe haplessly found its way into veracious-to-goodness dictionaries. Is it genuinely any surprise, then, that smartphone makers are determinately starting to upgrade their front-facing cameras. With the Desire Ocular perceiver, HTC took a step back and wondered why a phone’s rear camera always had to be better than ... Read More »

Hybrid Tablets offer choice between Windows 8.1, Android

BELGIUM: eFun’s not one to miss out on CES festivities, and this year, the company is exhibiting off incipient Windows 8.1 and Android “Nextbook” models. They’re all laptop-tablet hybrids, with detachable keyboards sporting a USB connection, 32GB to 64GB internal storage (expandable with microSD) and 2GB of RAM. The 10.1-inch option additionally comes with something extra, though: a one-year Microsoft ... Read More »

Hyundai’s smartwatch app to help find, start & unlock car

SANFRANCISCO: Oh, you utilize an app on your phone to commence your car? How passé. Hyundai’s gearing up for CES by verbalizing up an Android Wear app that’ll let you remotely unlock, locate and commence your car with a tap on the wrist. Naturally, if you just can’t muster the energy to swipe on your smartwatch, you’ll be able to ... Read More »