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90m years old snake skull discovered in Argentina

CANADA: A 90-million-year-old snake skull discovered in Argentina shed light on how snakes lost their legs. The widespread belief is that these animals shredded their legs to swim better when they inhabited aquatic settings. The newly unearthed fossil suggested that legs may have been a disadvantage in the animals’ evolution whose ancestors pursued preys in very narrow warrens. The researchers ... Read More »

Astronomers discovered hypergiant star is dropping 30 Earthloads of dust a year

MEXICO: Astronomers have discovered that the hypergiant star VY Canis Majoris is shedding 30 Earthloads of dust a year in a massive weight loss programme before it goes supernova. The supersized red star needs to lose huge amounts of its mass as it begins to die, eventually ending in an explosive supernova. To do this, it’s shedding dust and gas ... Read More »

MIT researchers concluded that Earth’s magnetic field won’t flip at least not in next 1,000 years

CANADA: After they studied dozens of ancient volcanic rocks on the Galapagos Islands a group of MIT and Columbia University researchers concluded that Earth’s magnetic field won’t flip…at least not in the next 1,000 years. The findings are at odds with previous research that had revealed that the weakness in the geomagnetic field was an omen that that the planetary ... Read More »

Earth surrounded by hairy dark matter: NASA

WASHINGTON: As the search for dark matter and dark energy continues, a new study has put forward an interested theory claiming that Earth and other planet are likely to have long filaments of dark matter, or “hairs.” Published in Astrophysical Journal and proposed by Gary Prézeau of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, planets and their gravitational influence on dark ... Read More »

Black widow spider web reveals DNA secrets

MEXICO: Spiders can be identified from the DNA they leave on webs, say US scientists. Analysis of genetic material stuck to spiders webs also reveals what they have eaten weeks after catching their prey. The research may have future uses in monitoring endangered species or tracking down spider pests, experts report in the journal, Plos One. The study looked at ... Read More »

Betrayals forced early humans to spread across the world

CANADA: Betrayals of trust resulting from moral disputes forced early humans to cross major geographical barriers, including deltas such as the Indus and the Ganges and spread across the world about 100,000 years ago, a new study has found. Penny Spikins from the University of York in the UK said that the speed and character of human dispersals changed significantly ... Read More »

Planet’s protection against solar winds might waning down from high rate, study

EUROPE: In the past two hundred years, the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field has experienced a continuous weakening state. This led some scientists to deliberate if the planet’s magnetic field is due for a reversal at a distant future. A new study revealed that the planet’s protection against solar winds might just be waning down from a high rate. ... Read More »

8 hours sleep can sharpen your memory, study

CANADA: People who sleep for eight hours at a stretch every night are significantly better at remembering faces and names after seeing them once, a study has found. Researchers at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston showed the 14 participants of the study 20 colour photographs of adult faces with corresponding names and asked to memorise them. After 12 ... Read More »

Mars to lose a moon and gets ring like Saturn

EUROPE: Mars’ largest moon Phobos is slowly falling towards the planet and is likely to be shredded into pieces that will be strewn about the red planet in a ring like those encircling Saturn and Jupiter, scientists say. Though inevitable, the demise of Phobos is not happening anytime soon. It will probably happen in 20-40 million years, leaving a ring ... Read More »

Archaeologists discovered 1,000 years old pre-Inca tombs from Lima

PERU: Archaeologists say they have discovered tombs that are more than 1,000 years old in a pyramid-shaped cemetery in the midst of Peru’s capital, Lima. “There are four human burial sites for adult individuals, three women and one man, who lived between the years 1000 to 1450,” said archaeologist Isabel Flores, director of the program in Huaca Pucllana, a ceremonial ... Read More »

Scientists caught glimpse of black hole swallowing a star

LONDON: Scientists for the first time caught a glimpse of a black hole swallowing a star and shooting out a high-speed flare of matter at the centre of a nearby galaxy. The finding, reported in the US journal Science, tracked this star — about the size of the Sun — as it shifted from its customary path, slipped into the ... Read More »

Pakistan 3rd on global climate risk index, UNDP

ISLAMABAD: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)Country Director Marc-André Franche has said that Pakistanis third on the Global Climate Risk Index, and faces devastating glacial melting, heat waves, flooding and drought. “As these events grow more frequent and intense, it is essential that we all work together to mitigate and adapt to climate change and to build resilience. Quick, effective action ... Read More »

Red hypergiant star one of the largest star ever found in Milky Way

NEW YORK: Astronomers using a telescope in Chile have observed a hypergiant star shedding massive amounts of mass, suggesting it is about to end its relatively short life in a massive supernova explosion. The red hypergiant star VY Canis Majoris, one of the largest stars ever found in the Milky Way, is losing enormous amounts of its mass as it ... Read More »

Water found in asteroids as blocks of ice

CANADA: U.S. President Barack Obama signed legislation on Wednesday providing a framework for space companies to mine ore from asteroids and other bodies, but legal critics are worried the measure could lead to violations of international law. The Space Resource Exploration and Utilization Act gives any American who successfully extracts natural resources fro that could mean anything from water found in ... Read More »

Alien megastructure orbiting around star KIC 8462852, astronomers

HONG KONG: Just when the world thought that signs of life outside of Earth have already been found, experts have to cut the excitement short. In a new study, astronomers found that the so-called alien megastructure orbiting around star KIC 8462852 is most probably just a swarm of comets. In October 2015, scientists discovered a distant star exuding unusual blinking ... Read More »

Scientists find a technique to harness electrical energy from blue-green algae

WASHINGTON: Amid the global mission to reduce fossil fuel dependence and explore new, renewable energy sources, researchers from Montreal’s Concordia University have blue-green algae as the answer. Research published in Technology journal introduced the team’s discovery: a power cell harnessing energy from blue-green algae’s photosynthesis as well as respiration. “Both photosynthesis and respiration … involve electron transfer chains,” said study ... Read More »

Scientists disclose how earth’s pacific plates collapsed

MEXICO: In geology, subduction is when a tectonic plate slides underneath another plate. The collective belief is that these tectonic plates stay rigid when they go under. A new study from the University of Southampton in the UK found this common belief does not apply to all instances of subduction. During subduction, the plates slide underneath at a steep slope. ... Read More »

2015 is likely to be the warmest year on record

MEXICO: Although some states have already experienced snowfall, with Chicago breaking a 120-year-old November record last week for getting more than 11 inches, many of those on the East Coast have been experiencing a milder fall this year. And after this Indian summer it should be no surprise that the World Meteorological Organization announced on Wednesday that 2015 is likely ... Read More »

NASA study reveals carbon content of temperate forests overestimated

CANADA: A new study conducted by NASA revealed that previous measurements of the carbon content of millions of trees which are found in temperate United States forests were most likely to have been overestimated. Trees can absorb and store carbon for a long time, but how much carbon is deposited in global forests is still unknown, researchers said. Laura Duncanson ... Read More »

NASA astronauts celebrate thanksgiving in space

LONDON: Astronauts Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren show how they will celebrate Thanksgiving in space aboard the International Space Station. Their holiday will be spent watching football, feasting on irradiated smoked turkey and having a glorious day off. Thanksgiving is a special day when people take time to appreciate all the things they are grateful for. This time of the ... Read More »