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NASA releases composite images Pluto & Charon

MEXICO: NASA has published composite images showing Pluto and Charon as they turn around a full day. A day of Pluto is equivalent to 6.4 Earth days. The photos were snapped between July 7 and 13 by New Horizons from a range of between 400,000 and 5 million miles. The best view of Charon, which highlights the polar dark spot ... Read More »

How ocean fish magically disappear?

WASHINGTON: It makes sense that these open-water fish would need to hide in the ocean’s fluctuating polarized light, but no one had shown that it actually works. Polarized light is common underwater. Many fish-and sophisticated modern satellites-have the ability to detect variations in such polarized light. They identified the tissue structure that fish evolved to do this, which could be ... Read More »

Researchers found that blue-green algae responsible for earth’s vast oxygen atmosphere

WASHINGTON: Canadian and U.S. researchers found in a study that the abundance of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere surfaced in “whiffs” from a blue-green algae, which was found in the oceans 2.5 billion years ago. The researchers claimed that the “whiffs” of oxygen took place in the following 100 million years. This significantly changed the amount of oxygen in the ... Read More »

Cyborg rose can grow internal electronics

FRANCE: Materials scientists nonplussed by wired-up plants with color-changing leaves.Every rose has its thorn—but roses grown in a Swedish lab have transistors and electrodes too. Researchers at Linköping University have created bionic roses by incorporating plant-compatible electronic materials into them. One of their modified roses has simple digital circuits running through its stem: another’s leaf changes colour when a voltage ... Read More »

Endangered white rhino dies at California

MEXICO: The last four northern white rhinos in the world are now down to three, as San Diego Zoo Safari Park loses Nola Sunday. The 41-year-old female northern white rhino, already geriatric, was euthanized by the safari park team after a week of listlessness and a massive pelvic abscess and bacterial infection. “In the past 24 hours Nola’s condition had ... Read More »

More than half of Amazon tree species face extinction

LONDON: The Amazon has one of the world’s most diverse collections of tree species, but findings of a new study have revealed that more than half of this may be at risk of extinction due to deforestation. In a new study published in the journal Science Advances on Nov. 20, a team of 158 international researchers compared the data taken from ... Read More »

NASA is investing humanoid robots for Red planet missions

WASHINGTON: NASA revealed that it developed R5 to complete disaster-relief maneuvers, however, its main goal is to prove itself worthy of even trickier terrain — deep space exploration. Considering how helpful humanoid robots can be in deep space missions, NASA has awarded prototypes to two universities for advanced research and development work – Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, ... Read More »

India rises as global player in shipping market

MUMBAI: The rise of India as a global player in the shipping market could be just a couple of years away, as the country has the potential to become a second “China”, in terms of stimulating seaborne demand for commodities, mainly coal and iron ore, as well as energy-related products. If one takes a closer look at the latest country ... Read More »

About 42 Greek companies registered in Cyprus this year

HONG KONG: The crisis in Greece seems to have persuaded 42 Greek shipping companies to register in Cyprus this year, potentially giving a boost to Limassol, a city that is already leading Cyprus out of the crisis. Rumours that Greek shipping companies were thinking of moving to Cyprus have been circulating for a while, but there had previously been no ... Read More »

South Africa’s ports prepared for 2015/16 cruise season

LONDON: South Africa’s ports are ramping up for a bumper cruise season with at least eight luxury cruise lines and over ten passenger vessels of varying sizes set to ferry international and domestic tourists across the country’s port cities. The South African cruise season kicked off officially in October with a number of smaller vessels already having called at South ... Read More »

China works to create world’s fourth-largest container-shipping line

TOKYO: Beijing is working on a merger of gigantic proportions.Two state-owned container shipping giants—China Ocean Shipping Co. (a.k.a. COSCO) and China Shipping Group—are working on a combination to create the world’s fourth-largest container-shipping line. The merger is part of the Communist Party’s plan to reform its bloated state-owned enterprises (SOEs) to better compete with international rivals. While the two shipping ... Read More »

Belgium shipping company plans to build LNG port in India

MUMBAI: Indian energy company Swan Energy and Belgian shipping firm EXMAR will jointly develop and operate India’s first floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal, in the western Gujarat state, Kallanish Energy learns. The companies said last week they signed a binding agreement to work on the Jafrabad LNG port project, which will handle 5 million metric tonnes per annum (MTPA) ... Read More »

Scientists discover new species of Harvestman in Brazil

WASHINGTON: Scientists in Brazil have discovered a new species of Harvestman, which has been dubbed with a name of Daddy longlegs after a playful-but-accurate reference to a character from the Lords of Rings Saga. They have uncovered a new species of an eyeless, cave-dwelling Harvestman, Iandumoema smeagol, the hapless hobbit who became slimy cave-dweller Gollum in J.R.R. Tolkien’s series of ... Read More »

NASA discover many fascinating faces of Pluto, Charon

LONDON: A fascinating look at a day on Pluto and Charon, spotting bright “invisible” loops on the Sun and watching a passing storm stir up Lake Erie into a murky mess. It’s Science Pics of the Week. NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is currently speeding towards its next encounter in the Kuiper Belt, but here on Earth, we are still marveling ... Read More »

Almost 15,000 tree species in Amazon rain forest on the brink of extinction

WASHINGTON: A new study has revealed that more than half of the 15,000 species of tree found in the Amazon rain forest are now on the brink of extinction. Forests in the Amazon have been declining since the 1950s, but scientists still have a poor understanding of how this has affected populations of individual species. The new study compared data ... Read More »

Tropical fossil forests discovered in arctic Norway

MALI: In a fossilized forest in Arctic Norway, scientists find evidence of plants’ power to direct climate shifts. Researchers recently unearthed ancient forests in arctic Norway from 400 million years ago. And while the fossils themselves are exciting, UK scientists believe these trees were responsible for one of the greatest climate shifts in Earth’s history. Dr. Chris Berry, a senior ... Read More »

Amazon tropical forest could face the threat of extinction, research

LONDON: A new study reveals as many as half the tree species in the Amazon tropical forest could face the threat of extinction, but researchers say there may still be a way to save the rainforest. Nearly half the number of trees that grew on Earth when human civilization began still grace this planet, according to a tree census conducted ... Read More »

New study shows Earth may have got its oxygen from blue-green algae

WASHINGTON: According to a recent study, a whiff from blue-green algae was likely responsible for the Earth’s oxygen. Earth’s oxygen-rich atmosphere emerged in whiffs from a kind of blue-green algae in shallow oceans around 2.5 billion years ago, according to the study from Canadian and US scientists. These whiffs of oxygen likely happened in the following 100 million years, changing ... Read More »

Scientists found 1,900 planets outside of our solar system

WASHINGTON: Scientists have found 1,900 planets outside of our solar system.Until now, that is.“The researchers’ discovery provides stringent constraints on planet-formation theories”, Zhaohuan Zhu of Princeton University, who was not affiliated with the new study, wrote in an accompanying “News & Views” piece in the same issue of Nature. But the process to becoming a planet, or a natural satellite, ... Read More »

UW Scientists found a way to refrigerate liquid water

BEIJING: University of Washington scientists say they’ve found a way to refrigerate liquid water using infrared laser. Since the invention of lasers more than 50 years ago, they’ve almost if not always given off heat. We also see lasers in science fiction movies and television series as weapons that can melt metals or a whole building, or destroy a spacecraft larger than a ... Read More »